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Velocity BURN Core System

New fat burning method and system - Designed to become one of the fastest fat burning methods, most time efficient methods. Velocity BURN is a core, foundational product for many of the products on this site. This fat burning system was designed to replace old school cardio for faster fat burning, greater safety and joint strengthening as opposed to joint weakening usually experienced with monotonous bodybuilder cardio. A big time saver while burning even more fat. Done every OTHER day not even every day. Reduces pain caused by the modern lifestyle of sitting too much. Helped restore joints strength and agility as well.
  • Our new "stumbled upon" fat burning method and system for the easiest fat burning we've ever experienced.
  • The Velocity BURN method, the core method and system of this site, was discovered out of the pursuit of my perfect fat burning, lean body exercise system that could take very little time (25 minutes every other day) and that could also counter act the damaged caused by hours up upon hours of sitting or standing in front of a computer.
  • We invented a new "Intensity Engagement Method" for Accelerated Fat Burning Body Cleansing & Muscle Retention which is at the core of the Velocity BURN system.
  • Velocity BURN has become my go to exercise method for several years now and ALWAYS gets the job done.
  • Velocity BURN uses cardio as the tool of exercise such as running outside or the elliptical machine and can be completely done in about 25 minutes. And that 25 minutes is every OTHER day on top of it.
  • SAVE HOURS daily by working out from home and not having the go to the gym - from the preparation to the trip to the gym, the socializing, the cleanup, the post work meal, and then being all of a sudden too tired to do anything else... the gym, for many, ends up taking hours when you put it all together.
  • The good news is that we have developed exercise systems on this site that last 15 to 25 minutes and can be far more effective than the gym!
  • Fat burning perfection! Minimal time, effort while avoiding the emotional drain too. These workouts are fun for the body meaning that your physical body and your subconscious mind will likely be very happy with them (as opposed to unhappy from which the subconscious mind quickly gets you to sabotage what you're doing.)
  • The Velocity BURN approach has become one of the fastest ways of burning fat for me ever. Despite it's speed, it still met my "lazy" "ideal fat burning system" criteria which is: 1. Don't drain my energy so I can't focus on doing anything else. 2. No austerity & misery. 3. Increase my mood and energy. 4. Increase my confidence through rapid confidence. 5. Don't take a lot of my time! and 6. No going to a gym. 7. Get rid of pain in the body. 8. Keep muscle mass maintained.
  • Velocity BURN is must have fat burning system to learn! Velocity BURN is designed for anyone who can move, at any age, from whatever physical shape one is in because Velocity BURN is based on a certain biofeedback intensity method that we created.
  • "Tap my 30 years of experience in testing fitness methods, performance psychology and fat burning tricks..."
  • "This method has been absolutely huge for me - and I really only do it for 20-25 minutes every other day..."
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VELOCITY INFERNO - Hyper Fat Burning Metabolism Ramping System

Velocity INFERNO is fat burning exercise system for hyper accelerating fat burning to what feels like "fat burning inferno" status where you can even feel the fat being "sucked off" your body to be burned. This method is a hybrid related to Velocity BURN but also in combination with a discovery made in bodybuilding for accelerating results some time ago although we are using cardio exercise for this program instead of lifting weighs. 

We also incorporate a very interesting performance mindstate technique that helps us be able to keep in an optimal harmonious state in the body, mind and heart for continued and accelerated fat burning progress.

  • If you're looking to accelerate fat burning to maybe 2x, 3x or more vs Velocity BURN then get Velocity INFERNO Hyper Fat Burning System! That said you'll still need to get Velocity BURN system in order to understand INFERNO.
  • Velocity INFERNO can be called an "advanced version" of Velocity BURN for those of you who are looking to rapidly, even hyper accelerate fat burning in a doable way that coordinates with the body's own biofeedback.
  • Velocity INFERNO can be thought of as a fun challenge that enters the doer of the system into a new plane of performance and fitness. It is done in 3 week cycles and can really push the body forward into a hyper fat metabolizing state.
  • So if you're wanting to look for a way to "step up your fat burning game" and just start to more aggressively get that excess unwanted fat off your body then consider learning the Velocity INFERNO through our course.
  • Discover the secrets behind Velocity INFERNO to help you find hyper accelerated fat burning in a doable way.
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Velocity TORCH - High Thermal Fat Burn Acceleration Program with Body Weight Non-Cardio Workouts Only

Velocity TORCH is a Highly Effective & Potent 15 Minute or Less Body Weight Workout that Can be Done from Home that Can Help Rapidly Melt Away Fat in One of Our Fastest Fat Burning Methods to Date.

  • Shocking speed of fat burning by modifying and making more effecient, using one of the most agreed upon "fastest fat burning techniques", modifying it so it becomes more efficient developing more of the body at the same time while shaping the muscles involved at the same time. So Velocity TORCH is a fat burning body shaping workout you can do from home in under 15 min. or less.
  • Use Velocity TORCH to Shape your body to how you want while doing the method! So we get the fastest fat burning method there is as most trainers would agree combined with a body shaping method for manifesting a lean and toned shapely body the way you want.
  • This is an all body weight workout standing in front of a mirror. Actually you don't even need to stand in front of a mirror but it's helpful to do so for body shaping purposes. So there are no machines and there are no weights. You do the whole workout while standing on your 2 feet and you can do it in a small area inside or outside.
  • Finally blast through that huge oppressive physical and emotional burden caused by nagging blubber. 
  • And this Velocity TORCH system may finally bring the breakthrough approach and concept that you've been looking for, maybe for a long time...
  • Velocity TORCH Accelerated Fat Burning System is a highly effective new method for fat burning that is also highly efficient as well.
  • We sought to identify one of the fastest fat burning methods, a method agreed upon by other fitness professionals as the fastest fat burning method while transforming that method into an exercise system that works the entire body all at the same time.   
  • You can do Velocity TORCH from home too! You can do Velocity TORCH from anywhere really. You don't need a gym nor do you need weights.
  • But do you understand that Velocity TORCH is actually highly intense. Although it is self coordinating and adaptive exactly to each individual thorugh our approach Velocity TORCH is very intense. Yes, there is an adjustment mechanism within the system that fits the system to any amount of inshapeness / outofshapeness and works with you from where you are. 
  • Some of our most rapid fat burning has come through using our new Velocity TORCH method from our own experience.
  • But wait there's more! We've incorporated some advanced strategies that allows us to actually shape our body and build-out shaping our bodies into exactly how we want it to look while excercising!  Yes we can shape our body and build muscles WITHOUT weights which is pretty amazing, at least to a certain degree without weights.
  • The proof is in the pudding. Watching the body transform rapidly even over the first week it is exciting to see.
  • And this all fits into around a 15-minute work approximately.
  • It's a mind blowing new method.  Learn it fast and put it to use right away!
  • Additionally Velocity TORCH has tremendous health benefits associated with the type of exercise movements. This method provides High Velocity blood flow while helping lymphatic flow to clean out the body and nourish the cells which is a very healthy thing to do!
  • Velocity TORCH helps break up bio-sludge and restore life to our various body parts that were under chronic aches and pains in prior in our experience.
  • Also Velocity TORCH helps provide a new type of strength that increases our ability to move and react while becoming more flexible and more agile.
  • You can check out more information about this incredible new program or just simply click the add to cart button started below.
  • The Velocity FURNACE Diet was Designed to Help Accelerate Fat Burning when On Exercise and Muscle Building Programs.
  • For Increasing Energy.
  • For Increasing Focus.
  • For Helping Cleanse & Detox.
  • For Helping Reshape the Gut Biome.
  • For Helping Recuperate & Repair
  • Powerful Diet.
  • Effective as a Lifestyle Diet as Well.

Velocity Burn Supplement & Foods Protocol for Helping Tone Up MUCH More Rapidly

  • Any professional body builder or fitness model knows that fat burning supplements can help provide a substantial advantage for getting lean, ripped or shredded.
  • We will present protocols for accelerated fat burning from MULTIPLE angles making it much more EASY to lose weight, putting many ADVANTAGES on our side making the whole weight loss process much more efficient.
  • You'll certainly want to learn our NEW Velocity ACCEL Method - why not make weight loss much easier? Why not position yourself for more and better results for all of your fat burning efforts?
  • Learn professional weight loss supplementation in line with what many professional bodybuilders use.
  • Discover amazing clinical studies discoveries with the various nutrients used in our various supplement protocol items.

Velocity LEAN Diet

  • Keeps the metabolism high. Metabolic slowdown is a big no-no in the dieting process because if your metabolism slows down then it becomes a massive struggle to lose additional weight and it also makes you vulnerable to swelling up like a blowfish after you finish the diet and go back to a more regular eating approach.
  • Maximizes autophagy for cleaning out junk from the body, helping us lose weight while also helping unclogged pathways of excess body fluids and fat elimination.
  • Cleanses the body while helping all the inner workings of the body.
  • Burns off visceral body fat which is the dangerous hard to remove body fat that grows between your organs.
  • Shrinks that potbelly, belly fat especially.
  • Be a fun and exciting adventure instead of the old school monotonous mountain of misery. For most people, if a diet seems too big and daunting, too complicated with too much work, well then, what's going to happen? Nothing! Most people won't do it or stay on it long. So instead we made the Velocity LEAN Diet - it's only 10 days in duration!
  • Increases my cognitive ability and helps me focus better while becoming more productive instead of less as with most diets.
  • Saves me more time – whereas I have been used to diets in the past that simply take up a ton of time. – The Velocity LEAN Diet helps me save more time than ever, it’s one of the most efficient diets, least time involved diets on the planet in my opinion and in my personal experience with this diet.

Velocity JAKKD - Simultaneous Muscle Building & Fat Burning System

  • Use Velocity JAKKD to Increase Strength, Agility & Power with a New, Highly Efficient and Time Saving Approach to Lifting Weights and Building Muscle into Shape.
  • Learn a New Way of Lifting Weights that Can Make Lifting Weights More Safe.
  • Learn How to More Effectively Lift Weights for Better Results Faster with Less Overall Work
  • Save a Ton of Time in the Gym or in Your Home Workout, Reducing Your Workout to Roughly 10-15 Minutes While Potentially Growing & Shaping Muscle Development with Faster & Better Results.
  • Much Greater Muscle & Strength Building Results in Much Less Time from Our Experience.

Velocity MAXIMUS Bodyweight Workout from Home Method

  • Learn Our New "Muscle Manifestation" Method. Learn How to Bring Your Muscle into Being, into the Shape You Want in Coordination with the Overall Body Shape You Want.
  • This is a highly efficient muscle building and body shaping method with NO WEIGHTS that can replace some of the other popular exercise methods out there while skipping the woo woo nonsense that usually comes with those workout methods. 
  • And with MAXIMUS you can shape your body much more specifically to the way you want to look, all without weights, using a new self generated resistance method that builds out the shape of your muscles into your personal ideal look. 
  • It's pretty wild when you start seeing your muscles growing FASTER than they ever had with weights!
  • You've gotta try MAXIMUS and see for yourself!
  • My arms grew faster than ever using... no weights! It was quite surprising to say the least!
  • Now weights can certainly be used to achieve incredible results. It's just in the way that you use it... HOW you move the weights which is what counts.
  • But have you ever heard of a method of bodybuilding WITHOUT WEIGHTS? Now you have with MAXIMUS!
  • There is a particular interesting new WAY of moving that is behind this MAXIMUS Method that is highly effective which is the core of what makes MAXIMUS highly effective.
  • MAXIMUS brings stretching to the muscles and joints & helps with the release of muscle knots.
  • MAXIMUS brings strength through the full range of movement so this can help you increase your overall strength, your flexibility, your agility and ability to react to different things in real time.
  • Also this is a great body shaping method that can actually help you build muscle without weights.
  • You can do the entire workout while standing. This workout also provides valuable blood flow for your health and recuperation and repair.
  • This workout can be done from home and takes roughly 10 to 15 minutes. 
  • This workout can replace the gym and is far more efficient (unless... you applly this method to weights!). 
  • Start learning how to shape your body into your ideal body image that you're looking for in a more highly efficient way. Click the Add to Cart Button below to get started!
  • Increase muscle mass more rapidly.
  • Recuperate from workouts more quickly.
  • Become highly efficient at building muscle
  • Learn how to gain muscle without gaining excess fat.
  • Learn alternative techniques that are also healthy at rapidly recuperating and healing muscle and joint tissue so you can be ready for the next workout more quickly.
  • You can even use this program help you become more productive in your work.

Learn the Velocity DETOX Cleanse Protocol for Helping Accelerate Obtaining a Lean, Toned Body with Tighter Younger Looking Skin. Discover How Velocity DETOX Your Secret Weapon for MUCH EASIER Fat Loss & Body "Puffiness" Eradication (with the added bonus of potential much greater health).

  • Learn our smarter detox & cleanse approach system for helping cleaning out the body's cleansing mechanisms & organs which can help to free the way for much more rapid stored body fat burning and puffy (fluid) body weight reduction.
  • Discover how to reset hidden and not so hidden fundamentals for good, solid health which just so happens to coordinate with easier lean body restoration.
  • Learn habit changes that could potentially help you prevent various serious health problems that have skyrocketed in popularity. Yes there is a coordination with "obesity" and many other popular "disease" names linked to an array of poor habits that can pretty easily be changed, that you'll learn about in Velocity DETOX I System.
  • Discover secrets of detoxing that are much more effective than what you see in general.
  • Learn about the smarter way to detox versus the yo-yo detox plans that most people get themselves into whereas yo-yo detoxing may cause more harm than good.
  • Discover how to create certain detoxification cleansing habits for yourself in order to make detoxing feel automatic to you. Yes just these little changes can make massive differences in your life, maybe even helping set you up for a vigorous life well into your 100's...
  • Learn the secrets of how to eradicate those hard to remove body fat areas. Oh yes. It has been harder than ever to remove those tough body fat areas hasn't it! Well we going to unveil the secrets why and what to do about it.
  • Discover fundamental bad things to remove that seem to be hidden from most people but significantly and negatively impact one's health.
  • Find out how to make burning fat maybe 3x 10x 100x easier than before and we speak from experience!

Take a Step Up in Your Detoxification Habits & Strategies. Detoxification & Toxic Prevention Can Go a Long Way in Helping You Achieve Your Health & Fitness Goals with a Lot Less Effort!

  • Liver restoration and power amplification.
  • Toxic EMF cleansing and strategies
  • Hidden toxin removal.
  • Oxygenation strategies for detoxification cleansing and alkalization.
  • Liver regeneration acceleration.
  • Xenoestrogen targeting and cleansing.
  • High Velocity blood flow flush cleansing.
  • Blood purification herbal strategy.
  • Mucus detoxification.
  • Emotion cleansing - as goes one's emotions goes the soul goes the physical body.

Velocity BUNZ Workout - Activating Your REAL Core for Greater Overall Strength, Agility, Speed, Muscle and More Robustly Shaped Glutes

Velocity BUNZ is a great product that gives a specific highly effective and efficient plan for restoring strength and shape to the rear end, the glute muscles, the bottocks, the bum... the BUNZ as we call them.

  • The REAL CORE of your body believe it or not is your BUNZ (your glutes, upper thighs, lower abs, lower back, lower sides, your hips) and not your mid upper abs.  Your BUNZ are your central point for movement to the whole body.  Have great strong BUNZ and it's likely you'll also have great health. 
  • And of course... having a great derriere has been quite a trend these days (at least as of this typing) and that's great.  It's great for girls but also guys because modern lifestyle sitting in front of a computer or other more sedentary endeavor has gotten many folks BUNZ much out of shape, or worse ... M.I.A.!  Do you have a case of disappearing BUNZ? 
  • BUNZ are an important attraction point (or can also be quite a turn off point even to other people are not in the attraction category).  BUNZ can also an important aspect in marriage and many neglect this usually because the opposite spouse is usually to chicken to say anything about this.  And again: having a great set of BUNZ is important for a girl but also a guy. (And ladies speak up!  Get your man this program!) 
  • It is very easy to neglect our backside these days with modern living and excessive computer usage. It's quite shocking how our BUNZ can shrink away leaving either nothing to be seen or an amorphous shape that becomes unattractive. It's also very easy to neglect our BUNZ because we rarely see them! So it's hard to visualize what other people see.
  • But fortunately and unfortunately others are continually observing the shape of our BUNZ consciously or subconsciously. And they judge us accordingly! You know it's true if you look into your own thoughts as you are out in public (not that you're even looking but you notice don't you).
  • Additionally having great, bodacious fully shaped BUNZ have become a popular trend. And although it's a trend it's a good thing because the trend brings our attention to a set of very important muscles for our health and safety that need to be taken care of, optimize for health and shape.
  • And if you don't know or have not experienced what it's like to have great BUNZ, having a great set of BUNZ can be a major attraction and respect factor. So by upgrading one's BUNZ one can increase their own personal power and consequently comet increase their success in life.
  • Yes with GREAT BUNZ comes GREAT POWER (Physically, agility wise and socially...).   Having great BUNZ can even open up new opportunities for you, in life and in your relationships.
  • Discover our Velocity BUNZ System for a highly efficient BUNZ building system for restoring health and shape to the BUNZ area. Learn how to sculpt your perfect BUNZ. Try this product today!