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The REAL CORE of your body believe it or not is your BUNZ

  1. The REAL CORE of your body believe it or not is your BUNZ (your glutes, upper thighs, lower abs, lower back, lower sides, your hips) and not your mid upper abs.  Your BUNZ are your central point for movement to the whole body.  Have great strong BUNZ and it’s likely you’ll also have great health. 
  2. And of course… having a great derriere has been quite a trend these days (at least as of this typing) and that’s great.  It’s great for girls but also guys because modern lifestyle sitting in front of a computer or other more sedentary endeavor has gotten many folks BUNZ much out of shape, or worse … M.I.A.!  Do you have a case of disappearing BUNZ? 
  3. BUNZ are an important attraction point (or can also be quite a turn off point even to other people are not in the attraction category).  BUNZ can also an important aspect in marriage and many neglect this usually because the opposite spouse is usually to chicken to say anything about this.  And again: having a great set of BUNZ is important for a girl but also a guy. (And ladies speak up!  Get your man this program!) 
  4. It is very easy to neglect our backside these days with modern living and excessive computer usage. It’s quite shocking how our BUNZ can shrink away leaving either nothing to be seen or an amorphous shape that becomes unattractive. It’s also very easy to neglect our BUNZ because we rarely see them! So it’s hard to visualize what other people see.
  5. But fortunately and unfortunately others are continually observing the shape of our BUNZ consciously or subconsciously. And they judge us accordingly! You know it’s true if you look into your own thoughts as you are out in public (not that you’re even looking but you notice don’t you).
  6. Additionally having great, bodacious fully shaped BUNZ have become a popular trend. And although it’s a trend it’s a good thing because the trend brings our attention to a set of very important muscles for our health and safety that need to be taken care of, optimize for health and shape.
  7. And if you don’t know or have not experienced what it’s like to have great BUNZ, having a great set of BUNZ can be a major attraction and respect factor. So by upgrading one’s BUNZ one can increase their own personal power and consequently comet increase their success in life.
  8. Yes with GREAT BUNZ comes GREAT POWER (Physically, agility wise and socially…).   Having great BUNZ can even open up new opportunities for you, in life and in your relationships.
  9. Discover our Velocity BUNZ System for a highly efficient BUNZ building system for restoring health and shape to the BUNZ area. Learn how to sculpt your perfect BUNZ. Try this product today!

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