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Velocity Bunz - Big Butt Shaping Glutes Program

Do You Suffer from BUNZ Infinitesimalitis? If You Haven't Noticed, There's an Epidemic Going Around (Especially with Men!)

Discover How The "BUNZ" Complex (Glutes, Hips, Upper Legs, Lower Torso Connections) as Become the New Core Not Only for Attraction Factors But Also for Health?  

Now some people may think that a workout program, an educational program about growing strong robust shapely BUNZ is absurdly vain. Other people may think it's kind of funny. You could argue for both. That's okay.


When I learned of her time is that is actually EXTREMELY important to have a well-developed BUNZ complex.

What's the BUNZ Complext again? Of course it's the glue mussels but it's all the muscles that are i in the pelvis area and the muscles that tie into the pelvis area from the upper lakes to the lower back.

And really if you think about it the core of all your movement is right here in your BUNZ complex. It is your core of ability to:

Move around.
Go to the bathroom.
Avoid injury.
Exercise for total health.
A sign of strength and fertility.
A sign of "interactive intimacy" ability.
A significant point of attraction for males and females. For females is well-known. Males it's not as well known how important an attraction point the BUNZ complex actually is.

What's more serious though is that there are many health factors in modern times that are tied in or correlated to the general health and activity levels of the BUNZ complex, which is also related to your strength and shape of that area.

So many people end up collapsing, strangulated, debilitating, deteriorating their BUNZ complex here in these modern times especially due to computer use and anything related to city seem much.

The good news is that the awareness of smart strategic exercise whether that be with your own body from home or the use of cardio exercise in a smart way and of course the use of resistance training or, free weights or weight machines, has increased.

That said, unfortunately a lot of people don't know exactly how to move or what to do in order to safely and efficiently build up the strength and shape the muscles of their BUNZ Complex, of course particularly the gluteus maximus muscles (the butt), but also all muscle related to the pelvic region. Additionally a lot of people don't know how to coordinate in harmony all of those muscles in that region for shaping, manifesting the shape they want, strength and safety.

And since were particularly good at those concepts we made a course which is a system that will teach you inexact way how to move and how to manifest yes I said the word manifest as in bring it to reality the shape of the BUNZ complex that you want in combination with inexact way of moving every millimeter of the way for optimizing coordination, which increases safety and also increases overall strength through the whole range of motion which is a big deal for most people.

Through these exercises used will be able to increase your strength and agility through a range of motion before range of motion so you'll be able to move around better and more safely, but also with more speed and vigor.

Libdo Issues Rampant in Modern Times

Not part of the libido issue out there can be tied to toxins, xenoestrogens, excessive estrogen intake from wrong types of foods, for males and females, that psychology, bad behavior, bad experiences and so on and so forth... Now the psychological emotional side of things would be more appropriately addressed by someone else at this point in time. But what we can help you with is restoring life and blood flow into this pelvic area woods and then intends to stimulate libido, even significantly.

For example, those of you who are familiar with weightlifting usually recall that after late today particularly if you are doing squats, your libido increases quite a bit even dramatically. I noticed that over time...

And with this Velocity BUNZ I product we are not even going to need to use weights. Most people are not familiar with weights. But on this show you techniques on being able to shape your BUNZ from home in a fascinating new course that even teaches you how to become BUNZ Minded in that it teaches you how to change your mindset which then changes your habits that I do most things that can help in the process of shaping the bonds and making them stronger.

Big Beautiful Buns Are All The Rage These Days. You Better Make Sure You Have Yours!

Yes the trend for extravagant, bodacious buns has been hot. And what's great about that is new emphasis on the BUNZ is that it brings the importance of having great glute muscles into the spotlight. And I say that because not only is having great, strong and shapely BUNZ great for aesthetic purposes, it's actually really important for health.

The BUNZ area, the rear, rear tie ins, hips, pelvis, and the tie ins to the hams, quads, lower back, obliques and abdominals is really the real core of the body.  The abs only area is not your physical body core.  Some may say, that's the core of your soul, your spirit but it's not the core of your physical body.  The BUNZ complex is!

Unfortunately many personal trainers of the past have followed the bandwagon, saying what "everyone else was saying" and got that one wrong. A lot of these trainers even said that by focusing your abs, your midsection area, this would help you burn the most fat overall, which is not even close to being correct.

When you focus on your real core, your BUNZ, your pelvis area, your exercises will also involve the midsection, abs, lower back & side oblique as well.  And when you focus on your BUNZ complex instead of just your abs, the "love handles" area (and maybe some lower back) and you end up tying in the abs, lower back etc.  more holistically that better fits into the mechanics of your body and allows you to make a better shape.   Oh no, you don't want to just focus on your abdominal area and ignore the BUNZ because doing so sets you up for a funny shape, an imbalance of strength, making you more prone to injury, having poorer posture and an overall less attractive look.  But as you focus on the BUNZ you can tie in the upper legs, pelvis area, lower back and abdominal area for optimal strength balancing, better posture and a more attractive look.

When we make the BUNZ the real core of the body's strength and health, we open the door many more benefits including strength, health, fat burning and the additional aesthetic benefits plus the benefits that follow that...

And if one targets the BUNZ for size and shape in addition to strength, then arguably one will be strengthening the entire body most efficiently, while also increasing circulation in a greater way to the entire body (vs. an abs core focus), and while increasing the ability to have great agility, the ability to move better, faster, stronger, with more strength, to balance, to catch oneself and to prevent injury. And this is very important in today's modern sedentary lifestyle and it's also important for those who are aging.

"So we figured that just maybe, if we published our Velocity BUNZ Systems that we could help inspire the saving of the health of a few people, maybe even help save their lives, help them get around more, help them maybe prevent a lot of future pain and suffering, help them gain agility and ability even into their old age, help them attract their ideal mate, help them even retain their relationships, help give them a major boost to their love life maybe even into their 100's, help them gain the agility to avoid injury, help them gain the strength, agility and mobility to be able to get around and exercise more vigorously even into old age in order to better maintain health, while helping also increase their self-confidence, their feeling of being attractive, helping them gain more positive feedback from others while even potentially helping some advance their career and have more success in life… then that could be a nice thing..."
butt workout

Big beautiful buns are all the rage these days. You better make sure you have yours!

Fortunately there's a way to do this very efficiently and quickly. That said majority of other information and training that we've seen out there are not very effective and will likely take a very long time. I'm sure you would rather see results rapidly wouldn't you?

Wouldn't you rather see results even day by day?

It's Important to Have Great Shapely Buns These Days - You Need to Keep up with the Competition!

We've developed are unique program, a "BUNZ Matrix" of sorts using a combination of certain exercises and different exercise types. But... What's important is the WAY those exercises are done. The secret that gets the results fast is a certain technique we use throughout a particular movement which gets us to shape the buttocks to fill out into the perfect shape that we want.

There are 4 aspects to having great buns:

1. Building muscle

2. Shaping the muscles

3. Burning fat

4. Cleansing out the junk tissue and puffy buildup or smooth and firm buns.


UH OH...

MEN You are NOT Immune from "MBS"! ("Missing BUNZ Syndrome")

Men. You think you can get way with having no bum don't you. Well I'll tell you right now, that is NOT the case! And if you've ever had the privilege of listening in on "girl talk" or if you've ever gotten the chance to know what goes on in a woman's mind, you would drop whatever you are doing right now, pick up a copy of Velocity BUNZ and start building those BUNZ as fast as you could!

In fact, did you know that some women get downright infuriated if you have no bum? Come on now and get with the program!

If you have a desk job and are not a pro at weight lifting then you'll want to get Velocity BUNZ and start putting this program to work!
So in our Velocity BUNZ System we address all four aspects for achieving the goal of the perfect set of buns in addition to beautiful proportioned legs.

Now so far it sounds like we are only talking to females. But this program is also for males. A lot of men are out there walking around with no bums! This can really frustrate a lot of women. They may have the perfect package except that they are missing a bum!

This is actually a common thing these days for men. Why so? Men tend not to have the fat stores in the gluteus as do women and so the compression of sitting too much in front of a computer or at a desk job wears out the glutes while choking off circulation and nutrition to sustain the muscles of the gluteus maximus, supporting muscles in addition to hamstrings and lower back. So with men, the buttocks tend to just shrink away and you can tell very easily by looking at a man's back side because the butt is just not there! And if they did not have a belt their pants would likely fall down. Hence this Velocity BUNZ program is also for men. (And men, pay attention! Most females do check our your "glutes". Most women love a great set of buns they squeeze and love upon. On the other hand many women get downright upset if you don't provide them the buns they so greatly desire! So take this advice seriously and start to grow and shape your BUNZ! You'll be way ahead of the competition if you do.
Another problem that comes with the modern day desk job lifestyle is that men and women will tend to accumulate more fat in the compression zones that come from sitting. Continual pressure, strangulating pressure is imposed on any part of the body that gets compressed due to sitting too long by having to support a body in front of a computer. These compression zones can also affect not only the butt and thighs but also the lower belly and love handles in addition to the back and lower chest, plus the triceps! (a lot of women these days are really worried and wonder why fat accumulates so easily upon the triceps - well now you know.) And what makes matters worse is that because of this continual compression pressure from sitting one will actually grow 50% more fat cells in those areas so that means we have 50% more fat cells to fill up very easily with fat! This is why you see so many puffy bodies in these compression zones these days in addition to other factors like being over toxified.
For females the problem from the desk job lifestyle,tends to be an excessive fat accumulation in the rear end area, the thighs, and love handles since that tends to be the primary fat accumulation zone on most women. So one of these stronger aspects of this program is the ridding of the excess body fat in that area. We have a method for this in the Velocity BUNZ program.

So if you're looking for a highly efficient you directly start building and shaping muscle for beutiful, desirable, robust, lean, firm, toned BUNZ, thighs and legs, consider purchasing our Velocity BUNZ System. Doing so could provide you considerable knowledge, understanding and strategy to help you get the job done in obtaining the BUNZ you want!

With Great BUNZ Comes a Lot of Benefits... for Women and Men!

$49.97 + Special In Cart Bonus Offers if You Order within the Next 5 Minutes!

It's time to Take Action!  Realize that Competition is Getting Fierce.  YOU Need to Keep Up and Make Sure that You're Sporting a GREAT Pair of BUNZ!

Not only that, remember that with great, strong bunz comes usually a great overall core of body strength and agility.  As the butt muscles build up in strength so will the rest of the center of your body's ability to move. And the more you will be able to move the better overall shape you will tend to obtain while doing so more quickly. 
$49.97 + Special In Cart Bonus Offers if You Order within the Next 5 Minutes!