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Learn More Techniques on How to Accelerate Fat Loss More EASILY & EFFICIENTLY

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Velocity ACCEL Protocol - Designed for Helping Make Weight Loss Much FASTER & EASIER...

Learn the Velocity Burn ACCEL Supplements & Foods Protocol for Fat Burning Super Powers!

We've discovered some effective fat burning and weight loss secrets over the years.  These secrets make the weight loss, fat stripping process so much easier. And when it comes to weight loss in modern times, anything we can do that is natural, healthy and logical to help make it easier to lose weight, to get lean, toned and for some of us, ripped, the better.

With a combination of research and experience, back and forth, continually improving, testing on our own selves in addition to interaction with other brilliant minds in health and fitness, we've made many breakthroughs, powerful level things that you just don't hear much about in the pop weight loss industry, probably because, they are too effective. 

And over time we gained more nuggets of knowledge and understanding and those nuggets of knowledge and understanding get even more nuggets of knowledge and understanding and the pace accelerated.   So that means we kept making better and better discoveries, protocols, strategies and systems. It's been pretty amazing.  And we want to share some of those discoveries here in Velocity ACCEL because we know they can help.

For many, Velocity ACCEL may finally be that one breakthrough they needed to be able to get the lean body they want now and whenever they want in the future.  Speaking from experience,  really, its that one helpful thing that can finally get you over the hump that makes the difference between chronic struggles and failure and continuous success and winning.    ACCEL is that type of product especially especially since it take barely any effort to use (as compared to dieting and fat burning exercise.)

You may ask why have we pursued trying to find faster better or just alternative solutions to health and fitness things? Well there are many reasons but largely for the challenge of it, for the personal need of it, as a fun challenge to solve issues others have, for prevention of problems because problems are no fun! - those reasons plus I'm sure many others.  Were just on a roll.

And what were discovering is that a lot of people need the knowledge, understanding, information, protocols, strategies and systems that we have, so we decided to start putting these out there the best we can in terms of presentation, at a nominal price.  So maybe we could help a few people, inspire a few people and so on...

We've decided to share a powerful protocol which is essentially and "abc123" check list (with explanation) of a list of things to do and not do for the sake of putting the body in position for accelerating the process of weight loss and fat burning while also looking to boost health at the same time.

Afterall, who doesn't want easier weight loss?!!

Learn Scientific Discoveries for Helping Weight Loss & Fat Burning Become More Efficient and Fast

If you eat certain foods and supplements at certain times and in timing with each other, than weight loss becomes MUCH easier.  I learned many advanced techniques regarding nutrient types and timing from the highly competitive bodybuilding world. 

A lot of people make losing weight, getting rid of extra body fat and junk fluids much more difficult because they don't know the tricks.  Losing weight should not be that hard.  It should not be some epic thing. 

  • Learn how you can get assistance in blocking fat storage.
  • Learn how to loose off stored body fat that seems stuck on you.
  • Find out how to block excess fat absorption.
  • Discover  how to block excess sugar absorption, how to block excess carb absorption.
  • Find out how to boost metabolism so you burn fat faster.
  • Discover how to convert stored white fat to burnable brown fat.
  • Find out how to reduce your appetite.
  • Learn how to change  your appetite so you stop craving those foods that keep making you fat, even while totally loosing interest in them. 

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Many People Fail In their Weight Loss Efforts Because they Don't Have the Cheats Of the Pros.

The professional body building industry has incredible amount of knowledge of how the body works!  And I'm talking about ADVANCED stuff, way outside of what you'll hear out there.

The professional bodybuilding community is much further ahead body understanding and manipulation than most people know. So I took notes.  I took notes for knowledge and  understanding purposes but also because I wanted to duplicate their success, but do that in natural and new creative ways. 

So I became determined to use this knowledge and understanding to create natural solutions, creative solutions that I could use and that other people could use for weight loss and shaping their ideal body shape to how they wanted it.  I wanted to create new ways that were far more efficient then the traditional methods and so I did. 

Now I'm sharing these methods one by one with you.  Learn from these discoveries and add to your personal power. 

Learn the NEW Velocity ACCEL protocol for the advancement in SPEED of fat burning.


Weight Loss Cheats

Fat Burning Tricks? They Will Seem Like Tricks But they Are Techniques, Specific Strategies. Many Advanced Pros In Fitness & Bodybuilding Use these Fat Storage Blocking Techniques.

We're going to look to release stored fat. We are going to look to burn the fat that was released from storage out of the body. We're going to look to burn stored fat.

We are going to look to make fat burning many times more easy to release, to burn stored fat out of the body.

Then from there, any diet or exercise program you do becomes more easy and effective for more quickly getting rid of extra body fat and puffiness.

When it Comes to Stripping Off the Body Fat Every Advantage Helps.

And with the Velocity ACCEL fat burning protocol we are going to look to hybrid accelerate the ability lose weight to give us an "unfair" advantage, compared to others who just don't know and understand the secrets in Velocity ACCEL.

Strip of Excess Body Fat

Because Burning Fat, is Not An Easy Process Unless You Know the Tricks Which Make it Easier.

Yes it has become harder than ever to burn fat hasn't it?

Not only does aging create problems but the modern lifestyle, modern toxins in modern foods make weight loss, fat burning so much more difficult.

So we decided to crack the code and come up with a solution. And we did. Actually we came up with multiple solutions and they are in Velocity ACCEL Protocol.

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Learn How to Increase the Speed Of Which Fat Is Released from Fat Cells to Be Burned.

Now this is an incredible new discovery. But while others look for ways to bash and smash excess body fat of the body we've decided to look for more intelligent, refined and efficient ways.  The smash and bash wild man/woman fat burning approach usually burns you out quickly.  You'll be tired in everything else you do and your life will suffer.  Then  you'll think it's too painful to lose weight in general into the future which may cause you to just give up and start to believe that you are "destined to be an overweight person".   Nonsense.  You just need to learn how to become more efficient and move at a well balanced pace, not slow but at a well balanced pace. 

By trying to go to fast in weight loss  you can actually end up with the opposite of what you want.  The more harshly you treat yourself usually the greater the snapback can go other way.  

You may be familiar with the concept of the yo-yo diet. The same applies the harsh exercise routines. Those approaches are not smart and usually make weight gain weight loss matters worse.

Slow Fat Burning Is Not the Most Fun. Tap Our Discoveries from Over Three Decades in Health & Fitness & from the World Bodybuilding to Make Fat Burning Faster... Burn Fat Faster

Who doesn't like faster fat burning? Who wants to spend large chunks of their life chasing after weight loss?  Why not just get it done and figured out instead?

Most of all never wanted this weight gain, this extra body fat mass in the first place. It has become an annoying,  It has become a nuisance thing. It's better to be able to get rid of it quickly.

No were not talking liposuction.  That's cheating and in come cases dangerous to the point of being deadly.  Plus there are many other health factors that go along with excess body weight that you'll want to correct through the natural weight loss process with good foods, exercise and herbs. 

The Velocity ACCEL Protocol looks to help increase the speed of weight loss and fat melting off the body but still works with the body in a harmonious way so we can work to lose weight more safely and healthily.

Additionally we want to lose weight and change the body so we don't gain the weight back. The Velocity ACCEL Protocol can help quite a bit by changing appetite and changing the cravings for certain foods that made us fat and are addictive, actual root causes that made us fat in the first place.

What We Are Concerned About Is the Rate At Which Fat Is Released & Burned from the Stored Fat, that Visible Fat that We All Want to Get Rid Of...

Lose Weight FasterThe Velocity ACCEL Protocol is design for increasing the speed of fat burning off the body, as the name of the products suggest. 

Yet our ways for accelerating fat burning still happen to be health boosting. 

We want faster fat burning and weight loss of junk in the body that we don't want.   But we want to be harmonious with the body too and that is an art, science and skill that requires learning great information like the Velocity ACCEL Protocol in combination with experience. 

Accelerating the Burning of Fat Is Not Necessarily the Same Thing Is Accelerating Weight Loss Which Some Say Can Be Problematic.

What is weight loss? How many different ways you can lose weight!

  • You can lose muscle weight.
  • You can lose bone mass weight.
  • You can lose water weight.

But here is the weight loss we are interested in achieving:

  • Excess fat mass loss.
  • The reduction of backed up pools of cellular sewage (you know, like the liquidy bags under the arms, that goes into  your chest and mid back areas, for example.
  • Mucoid plaque.
  • Hideous parasites. 
  • And junk tissue.

We deal with solutions in the The Velocity ACCEL Protocol targeting the weight loss you want to lose. Learn how to use ACCEL in combination with our workout systems or your own to become more efficient at getting rid of the excess junk on the body that you don't want or need while looking to retain your muscle.

Learn Techniques On How to Block Excess Carbs from Turning Into Blubber. 

Part of The Velocity ACCEL Protocol presents a sub protocol of its own to show you how to help the body stop absorbing excess carbohydrates.  Excess carbs that could turn into fat or higher blood sugar levels.

So as soon as you eat a bunch of carbohydrates (i.e. - pizza, or some cookies that you just couldn't stop yourself from eating...) you could perform this sub protocol to help you block excessive carbohydrates form being absorbed into your body so you don't have to worry about burning those blocked excess carbohydrates off later and we don't have to worry about them turning into stored body fat.

As you may know, carbohydrates can make you fatter the fastest.  But if you only ate protein you would not get fatter. And if you only ate fats, you would not get fatter.

Discover What Appetite Changing is All About & How You Can Use it to Your Advantage to Help You Much More Easily Lose Weight, But In A Healthy Way.

What if there was a way for you to you simply change the foods you craved so you would only crave foods that will make you lean and toned?  Now that's the ticket!  In fact, if you could just change the foods you crave to lean body getting foods only, then your weight loss would be automatic.  Your lean body would come automatically. 

That also implies that if you change your cravings, you also stop craving the bad foods that make you fat.

So what if you lost all appetite towards foods that make you fatter? What if foods that made you fat became disgusting to you?   Bingo.  You've made it!

If those fat making foods that now become disgusting to you, you will obviously stop eating them. When you stop eating the foods that make you fatter then will you remove a root cause what makes you fatter, those bad foods that chronically give you lean body getting struggles.

So the key is to simply figure out an easier way to change the appetite, change that set of foods that you crave. Well there's good news: we show you a protocol approach on how to do so in the Velocity ACCEL Protocol.

Receive Several Strategies For Hyper Accelerating the Burning Of Fat Without Extra Effort

In the Velocity Burn ACCEL Supplements & Foods Protocol for Lean Body Acceleration we are going to provide you several strategic approaches for accelerating the burning off of fat.

We have protocols for fat storage blocking, for stored body fat liberation to help loosen and push out fat to be burned off as fuel instead of just sitting there in the fat cells.

We have a new protocol to help us open up the stuck sewage pipes in our body so all of this backed up cellular junk and junk tissue can be purged out of the body.

All the protocols and system we have in the Velocity Burn ACCEL Supplements & Foods Protocol for Lean Body Acceleration all go towards helping accelerate, helping make easier and helping achieve lean body results faster with less effort.

Make Fat Burning Much More Efficient!  Work Less Burn More

Most people I see these days who are trying to lose weight and obtain the lean body they want is that they spend too much effort and time trying to get that lean body while struggling to make any results at all.  If you take too long you'll probably give up and go off course.   When you want that ideal lean body, you really have to go in a "B-line" and go get it, that is, if you know how to do so.

More Efficient Fat BurningAnd then you have those who make some results from their efforts, but because it's taking so long with so much work they rebound back the other way, hard, and become the same size or fatter than ever.  That process is often called "yo-yoing".  It's really easy to do...  so you'll want to learn how to avoid it. 

Many who are trying to lose weight experience many problems because they lack knowledge and understanding. They lack insight.  They lack the tricks we pros use because we either learned these tricks, keys and clues from other pros, docs, researchers or we stumbled upon our own discoveries from our own testings.

A lot of people also struggle because they lack any sort of guidance that could have told them the secrets to losing weight for burning fat off much more quickly and easily.

So then therefore we figured that the least we can do was to try and help you by publishing some knowledge, secrets and new breakthroughs that we have acquired over the years.  Therefor we can help you find the short cuts to success in making weight loss, fat  burning faster and easier so maybe this time, you'll actually get it all the way done and get it done pretty quickly.

Will Velocity ACCEL Make Fat Burning and Lean Body Getting EASY?  We Think it Will

Velocity Burn ACCEL Supplements & Foods Protocol for Lean Body Acceleration can make fat burning easier because it has for us firstly but also, logically, even in line with many clinical studies on the various nutrients we use, when you implement strategies that strategically enhance fat burning, weight loss, from many angles then your chances of success increase considerably.

We have a lot of experience and we do a lot of testing plus we do a lot of testing with the average individual in mind.   And that's how we shaped this protocol educational course. 

We focus on the fundamentals of the human body based on our bodybuilding knowledge, athletic knowledge, performance knowledge and health knowledge. We use these certain logical health fundamentals that a lot of others in popular health don't talk about or seem to understand. By doing this we have been able to consistently achieve various health goals over time, even if that health goal was to overcome this or that problem. And that's why we've been able to obtain so many results.

So we found some fundamental health based concepts to optimize on a habitual basis and therefore we have made some great fat-burning acceleration breakthroughs.

Bonus Protocol Method  Added For One Of the Most Rapid Ways Of Draining Body Fat Even Without Exercise (Although Exercise Always Increases the Fat Burning Rate.

If you've been struggling with excess body fat that you just can't seem to get rid of no matter what you've tried then we've added this bonus protocol for you. It is the "blubber doomsday option"  whereas the doom is for your excess blubber that just won't go away.

It is powerful method is so fat obliterative that you'll be shocked at its immediate day by day hour by hour power as you look in front of the mirror shocked that that really tough to remove excess body fat and puffiness finally started leaving...  

This is our secret weight loss protocol.  It's included for a limited time to make sure if you see the add to cart button below that you take advantage of obtaining this powerful protocol Within the  Velocity ACCEL protocol while you can.  Again, If you have been struggling for a long time and getting rid of body fat that just won't seem to go away then this is your protocol!

Learn How to Turn White Fat Into Brown Fat,  from Stored Fat Into Fat That Can Be Burned

Part of the acceleration optimization for burning off that more quickly is the approach to optimizing the turning of white stored fat brown fat to be burned.  This can be done nutritionally through supplementation. 

So we have incorporated a protocol that has components that have been associated and studied towards the assisting of the conversion of the white stored fat brown fat for burning. This means that by optimizing this conversion of turning stored fat into burnable fat then we can then therefore look to have more efficient stored fat burning and lean body getting.

Most People Struggle With Weight Loss & Fat Burning Because they Don't Know What the Pros Know

Yes most people don't know and understand what the pros know. On top of that the pros don't usually let out their secrets.  But we're going to let out some of those secrets and even better ones. 

I'll tell you what... what a lot of the pros know and do is not something that you necessarily you want to be doing for health sake and legal sake. Because that can catch up to you in both ways and you don't want to experience that.  I call that cheating.  You CAN achieve amazing results naturally; you just need the insight and creative techniques to do so. 

There are more efficient ways that are natural and logical that a lot of pros don't even seem to know on average and that a lot of pros these days are rushing off to learn about after severe damage to their colons and organs due to what I call "cheating" plus their diets.  Some have better tweaked the average body building style diet to help balance out the damaging effect, many others have not.   

Liberate yourself from the tyranny of excessive body fat that has become a particular struggle in this modern age. Learn the secrets and put yourself in a greater probability position for a lean and toned body in addition to a better probability position for greater health.

Losing Weight Can Be a Hard Thing to Do For Most People But Not You Anymore After You Learn the Techniques In Velocity ACCEL - Sign Up and Get Started!  Take Action. Click the Add to Cart Button and Start ACCELERATING the Pace to Getting Your Ideal Lean Body...


Learn how to block fat storage with a few simple tricks tricks?

They will seem like tricks but they are techniques. Many advanced Pros in Fitness and bodybuilding use these fat storage blocking techniques. When it comes to stripping off the body fat every Advantage helps. Because burning fat kamala wait it's not an easy process unless you know the tricks which make it easier.

Learn how to increase the speed of which fat is released from fat cells to be burned...

The faster you can release fat from your fat storage to be burned the faster you can get to the lean body you want.. Now as you are releasing the stored fat you also need to block it from going back into fat storage and burn it off instead. That can be done in a couple different ways. We'll talk about that more in the course.

Slow fat burning is not fun - faster is better!

Therefore tap our discoveries from over three decades in health and fitness and from the world bodybuilding to make fat burning faster.

What we are concerned about is the rate at which fat is released and burned from the excess fat storage zones. The stored fat is what we all want to get rid of.

Accelerating the burning of fat is not the same thing as accelerating weight loss which some say can be problematic. Of course losing excess body fluids that are waste products that have been trapped within the body is good. But losing muscle weight is not good. No one wants to lose muscle weight! 

We are specifically targeting the elimination of body fat and not just the generalized concept  of "weight loss" which in our opinion is the wrong terminology square the result most people want.  

For example with the anorexic phenomenon, people would starve themselves or eat only low nutrient foods while wasting away their muscles. So even though they lost weight and are skinny they still look fat because they don't have muscle shape and size anymore, if they had any in the first place.

Learn Techniques on How to Block Excess Carbs from Turning into Blubber.

There are techniques for helping prevent the blocking of carbohydrates from turning into fat. There also techniques For helping reduce blood sugar and cravings for carbohydrates which many people have these days.

Discover What Appetite Changing Is All about and How You Can Use It to Your Advantage to Help You Much More Easily Lose Weight but in a Healthy Way.

When looking to change one's appetite you want to change your cravings for bad things. That's the secret key.  We show you new techniques on how to do that.


What is Velocity ACCEL exactly?  

    1.  It's a set of protocols all within one protocol. You can take the individual protocols and use as needed.   This is an informational educational course. These are protocols we have made for ourselves from testing overtime and research -  from over three decades worth.   

    2. These protocols have the potential to do wonders for helping you make breakthroughs to getting a lean body you want.

    3. Especially in modern times, a lot of people are struggling with excess body weight that either won't go away or that just seems to come back on so quickly. Well there are reasons for that and we'll expose those reasons and we'll reveal what we use for solution.

    4. We have found that in modern times losing weight is greatly enhanced by using nutrition in a very strategic way. You can help the physical body get rid of excess fat while helping motivate you in many ways for being excited about going all the way to the finish line of obtaining the lean body you want wall reprogramming your habits so you retain that lean body.

Will Velocity ACCEL work for me?

    1. We're not allowed to make you promises of future results. But we've designed the program to provide you advanced  knowledge and techniques that put you in a very high probability position for better getting rid of the excess body weight that you want to vanquish from your body.

Do I Have to do All of ACCEL or can I just pick and choose parts?

    1. Velocity ACCEL is a grouping of protocol strategies.  It's not a system so you can choose the protocols you want for targeted optimization that you want.




Learn How to Block Excess Fat Storage

Well who doesn't want to block excess body fat storage!? That would make our job so much easier in general but also in particular for losing weight now. If we can help block new fat storage while burning off the old stored body fat then we can make faster progress.

Unfortunately those you don't have a lot of experience in losing weight and getting rid of the excess body fat tend to "shoot themselves in the foot" as the expression goes meaning that they can easily put body fat on while they are trying to lose weight due to a variety of factors.

There are a lot of details to go into play when trying to lose weight in
as linear a process as they can make it. Is very easy to make mistakes and go offcourse. It's also very easy to undernourish yourself which then causes other problems that could get us to mess up your weight loss efforts.

Learn about what we found that has been clinically studied the help block fat storage. So help block new fat storage and then you can focus on burning off excess body fat in a more beeline fashion.

How to ACCELerate The Releasing of Stored Body Fat for Burning

Stored body fat, it's the stuff we want to get rid of. Did you know that there are natural substances that help accelerate the release of stored body fat so it can be burned? Oh yes there are! We certainly want to be using these substances to give us an advantage in our fat burning weight loss pursuits.

So this means that you can do things and take natural things that will go into the fat cells and trigger them to simply give up that fat that is just sitting in their, making you look pudgy.

A lot of people struggle with body fat that just seem to go away these days. Well, get help! Get ACCEL!

How to ACCELerate the Actual Burning of the fat

When you are able to remove negative factors and install positive factors habitually then you have a greater logical chance for success. In part that's what we do here with this protocol.

But the question is - what are you using and what exactly do you do and how do you do it?

That's we answer here in this course teaching you the protocols for success.

How to Block Excess Carbs from Turning into Blubbet


It's time to Take Action!  Make Fat Burning Easier

In modern times you really don't want to use the brute force method for trying to get lean and toned or even ripped.

There are too many negative factors stacked against you. Therefore learn the information that will give you an edge, a large edge to help you get rid of the excess weight that you don't want and get that lean and toned body that you do want.