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Learn Our Smarter More Physiologically and Psychologically Friendly Approach to Detoxing - Velocity DETOX 1

Learn our smarter detox & cleanse approach for helping the cleaning out the body's own cleansing mechanisms.   By doing so we can help to free the way for more rapid vanquishing of stored body fat burning and puffy (fluid) body weight reduction.

So by "detoxing", using techniques, protocols, methods of cleansing out the body to help it repair and regenerate better, we can help the body be healthier, more lean & toned.

The key though is using a systematic approach.  We need to be able to settle into a method that can just get the job done for us even becoming our habits.

There are all sorts of detoxification approaches out there and we have learned from many.  But then have evolved the process into our own processes which in our opinion is are more efficient and safe and doable and smart.  And we want to teach you about our methods, breakthroughs and discoveries so you can add to your arsenal of knowledge and understanding.

From our experience, the detoxification process is better done through a habit transformation process.  When we can establish a habit, we don't have to really think about "doing work"  much. A habit just seems automatic.  We we establish a cleansing habit, we can automatically do the things that help cleanse out the body and keep the body cleansed so we can be much more healthy and so we can burn off fat much more easily

Becoming Cleansed and Nutrified - It's in the Habits - Velocity DETOX 1

Learn habit changes that once set now, could help you become more lean and toned more automatically while potentially preventing many health problems.  

Yes, there is a coordination with "obesity" and many other popular "dis-ease" names that are  linked to an array of poor health habits.  The good news is that these habits can fairly easily be changed.  And you'll learn about those in Velocity DETOX I System.

As smart healthcare professionals will tell you, you have to stop the bad things in order to get better. The problem is these days is that not too many people know what the bad things are. And people have been brainwashed into thinking bad is good. On top of that bad has been made very convenient while good has been made more difficult to do.

So discover some of our tricks to get around the bad and get to the good while making the good, a habit, in addition to making the elimination of the bad, a habit.

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Modern Times Has Hid Many Nasty Things from You that Can Make You Sick and Fat, Sneakily, Little by Little, Layer by Layer. It Sneaks Up on You Slowly and Before You Know it You're Really "Puffy" or Have Maybe Even Triggered Your Very Own Health Crises...

Unfortunately, we speak from experience on this matter, both issues mentioned above. And we took that as "motivation" to develop a plan of action, a systematic one as opposed to a random one, to fix the problem.

And out of our research and testing, we developed Velocity DETOX 1. You'll learn a lot of valuable, helpful info from this course.

Discover how to reset hidden and not so hidden health habit fundamentals for good, solid health which just so happens to coordinate with the easier restoration of a lean body.

These days there are so many negative factors layered upon each other and compounded from so many angles that disrupt our bodies functioning. These disruptions cause dis-ease and also excess body weight.

And on the other hand, there are so many missing positive factors which also disrupts the body's functioning because they are missing. So therefore we are lacking in various things that are necessary for optimal body functioning in combination with taking in factors that disrupt the internal processes of the body. This is bad. And this one of the roots of why people are so excessively large and sick these days.

What we want to do is start to identify one by one all the negative factors and develop a plan for negating those negative factors. And then one by one, what we want to do is we want to develop a plan for making sure we obtain the positive factors on a daily basis even, so our bodies can work completely and efficiently helping us avoid problems while also helping us be able to be lean and toned.


Velocity Burn DETOX & Cleanse Protocol for Puffiness Elimination

There's a reason for that. There are multiple reasons for that. I can speak from my own experience on that issue as fat burning became more and more difficult for me over time. And guess what?

I found the primary root cause to be toxins. And even more specifically, toxins and toxifying foods ended up overloading and backing up my body's own detoxification systems and organs. And I was considered healthy versus the "average individual" but it's the little things in modern times that can throw you way off course over time.

So when I learned how to fix this detoxification load backup then weight loss, fat burning, puffy area elimination became so much easier. And any exercise I did afterwards ended up being highly effective in rapidly, really rapidly melting away the body fat. And... any muscle building exercise also became much more effective with much faster actual muscle growth.

Toxins most certainly make you fatter.
Do you live in the USA? I don't know what it's like in your country, if you don't know, we have a very large percentage of the populations that don't look like they are human anymore, at least to the point of this typing. They look like they are some sort of alien form of blowfish, in fact, maybe even a creature from the planet Grimace, or maybe Jabba the Hutt's planet. It's quite stunning what has happened over time.

And I remember from decades ago, it was pretty rare to see someone obese but obese in the way they look today. They don't really look only fat, they look swollen like a water balloon that's about to burst.

Modern weight gain is really strange-looking. It's not fat of yesteryear. That's because a lot of modern weight gain is not only fat, it's also backed up cellular sewage.

People septic tanks have become backed up on their insides and I'm not just talking about pee and poo of the entire body but of each individual cell. This has caused a bloating effect and an inability to digest fat out of the body amongst other disgusting and hideous health things.

So therefore people need to be taught and they need solutions. That's why in part we made this course.

Detox Protocol

Certain Toxins Will Change Your Hormones That Will Make You Fatter Amongst Other Strange Manifestations And Bad Health.

Oh yes it will. Have you ever heard of man boobs? Are you a man with a pear-shaped body? Those are two obvious examples.

Most certainly it's well-known that having your hormones messed up will indeed make you fat and sick. And these days we are bombarded by estrogens and fake estrogens called xenoestrogens that have been influencing us towards a more amorphous physique.

Did You Know That When You Learn Detoxification & Cleansing Secrets For Detoxifying The Right Way That Weight Loss And Fat Burning Become So Much Easier?

Most people are stuck with their body fat because they don't know they're loaded and overloaded with toxins that are making them fat while blocking the process of eliminating the excess body fat.

Additionally when your body takes in toxins your body needs more fat to hold onto those toxins in order to store these toxins that your body does not know how to process.

So therefore if we can reduce our toxic load we can reduce the need for the body to create and store fat in order to store these toxins in the fat.  Because your body does not know how to get them out. So we need techniques that will go into the cells and bind out those toxins carrying them out of the body.

Detox Foods

Back several years ago I entered into a health crisis was utterly shocking to me personally and perplexing at the same time. My health started to fall apart and for the first time I felt the sensation of getting close to death.

Of course the doctors had no clue what was going on, as usual. They wanted to blast me with some slightly related, nonsense "treatment". I smile nicely then ran from these freakazoids. I assumed that they would arrive at that conclusion (of 'duhhh lets just give you some pills and cut something out'...) after having grown up in the medical world and almost became one myself until destiny stepped in and stopped me. So therefore I applied my health solution methods (then I developed his age 14 where I reverse engineered and cured acne in myself) to reverse engineer the root cause of my problem which almost terminated me.

And now that I think more about this problem that I had back when, it is quite astounding at the time that such a problem could happen.

What was the problem?

A brand new carpet was installed and it had poisonous chemicals which started tearing up my health and even getting me close to a full-blown heart attack with sharp chest pains, delirium, no energy, even dark suicidal thoughts (which was really weird for me) amongst other quite negative symptoms like hardly being able to breathe at all. I developed severe asthma and could barely breathe at times. And I was about to go over the edge having to go to the emergency room as I sprung out of my bed one night having very strong chest pains, warning pains with my chest pounding. But right before that I realized something in the very last second and I stopped listening to everyone's baloney because I knew innately intuitively and by deduction what the problem was although it seemed pretty wild and crazy - a killer carpet.

I mean that sounds ridiculous right? A killer carpet? Yes! And I wasn't the only one. One of the installers who was actually honest said this was happening to other people too. He said it was the new chemicals they put in the carpet. 

This was my last wake up call.  It was time for me to get serious about my health. That got me wondering, what's going on inside me? Why did I have such a problem with a carpet?  Were the chemicals that hideous?  What about all of the rest of the chemicals I was taking in from ... shoot, just about everywhere, including my foods and bodybuilding supplements. 

Now granted the area this new carpet was in was a bedroom and the bedroom did not have good circulation. So maybe I experienced these new carpet poisonous fumes more intensely. But still it woke me up and made me more where to question what's going on inside of me and if a carpet can cause me such a problem what about so many other things such as laundry soaps, air fresheners, body soaps, toothpaste, toilet paper, my bathing water, my drinking water, cleaners, other furniture, city water in sinks and toilets, outside pollution etc & so on.. What was I actually putting in my body?  What other toxins was I taking in with my foods and drinks?... And the lists go on and on and we will start to cover these with a plan for replacement in Velocity DETOX I and Velocity DETOX II. 

And on the other hand what were the good things that I actually not putting in my body such as needed nutrients and internal cleansing factors? Just like a car without gasoline and oil and the other various fluids your body is not going to function correctly especially when you need it if you're missing the critical essential nutrients.  So your body needs essential nutrients.

Essential nutrients for example are called essential because they are essential! How many people actually get these amounts of essential nutrients to the levels they need every day? Your could probably guess accurately that not very many. Your body is pretty resilient but eventually things start to break down and before you know it you have some new disease name condition causing you a major health crisis if you don't have your daily essential nutrients.

So after much research and testing, and then confirmation from one of the product installers the root cause was confirmed. And then I eliminated this root cause problem with the help of one of the workers at the product installer who knew what was going on and wasn't going to buy in to the lies his boss was telling everyone. I got a hold of their support and they were just blatantly making excuses. It was pretty bad and I felt that these people were pretty shady.

So yes, it was indeed that carpet. So I got away from it and then got rid of it. Shortly after, my symptoms cleared up in my health return to normal for the most part. But intuitively I felt so close to death that this experience was enough to give me a big wake up call to the wide world of toxins.

I also sensed there had to be other issues deep down in my system with my health because I went on several years taking in a lot of toxins and eating garbage processed foods believe it or not.

Plus I developed this terrible habit of using pre-workout drinks with sucralose and I was drinking way too many of those to compound the problem. I noticed that my asthma and wheezing issues seemed to go away when I stopped using sucralose while then then came right back after I started using sucralose again.  I tested this back and forth and I found this to be the case.  I was shocked!   Although it is logical, it never dawned on my before at that time that chemical exposure, even though the FDA said it was "safe",  was causing me asthma symptoms.  Although there's more to why sucralose can be correlated with asthma symptoms, we'll have to discuss that more later.

And then my diet highly acidic overloaded with protein and very low in fruits and vegetables was causing me creeping problems.  It was "the body builders diet" so "it must be healthy".  Yeah right. And it wasn't until I tried a diet that was essentially the opposite that I noticed a huge difference in the state of my health, recuperation and general body operation for the better which also helped clear up other health issues too.

So as reality started setting in I started realizing and admitting that I was most likely loaded with all sorts of other toxins, poisonous chemicals, artificial sweeteners, xenoestrogens heavy metals and so on and so forth. I realized that my deep internal plumbing was very likely quite clogged up and I was continually clogging it through my various habits and toxin exposure.

I was slowly developing little signs over my body proving that my body's systems were not working optimally. And since such a large swath of population was sick, obese and dying from all sorts of diseases I figured that things are not normal and there's a bigger problem going on with these toxins. 

And guess what? You likely are flooded with your own known and unknown array of toxins that are slowing wreaking havoc in your body.  And before you have to endure your very own health crisis you may want to start learning new, smarter, more efficient approaches to cleaning out your body on the insides while keeping it clean. And the problem with a health crises is that, for some, they don't survive it.  You don't want to put yourself in that position.  So by using your will power to conquer setting up your detox methods, you can set yourself on a better course for great health long into the future.

So after years of research and testing in combination with my own experience, knowledge and understanding and that other knowledgeable and successful healthcare professionals I created Velocity DETOX 1.  It is designed as an initial way to start cleansing out all the various levels and layers of toxins floating around in my body or stuck into deep crevices within my tissues.

I'm not a big fan of dramatic detoxification. Drama or overly strong detoxing can cause problems, extra uncomfortable experiences while inspiring a yo-yo bounce.  They also tend to get people thinking that they can simply keep up their bad habits since they "can just do a detox" - and that type of thinking is not wise at all, especially in modern toxic times.

As a side note,  it's important to know that one must have strong nutrient and mineral stores in their body before they begin any sort of strong detoxification program. And they also need a steady supply of essential nutrients as they are going through the detoxification process.

Fortunately, we don't do dramatic detoxification and cleansing programs here but rather what we do is that we do an easier way by first identifying the input of bad things and stopping those bad things while then starting a habit of the good things that cleanse out the body little by little and layer-by-layer, turning these things into a habit so we become more of a "clean be-ing" instead of a "dirty be-ing" that needs to get cleaned up over and over again.

We also look to create the habit because the habit brings automation and ease to the whole process. The habit implies that we continually perform cleansing activities on a regular basis and it doesn't feel like work because it has become a habit.

Intensity can be varied from times where cleansing and detoxing are needed more strongly vs. times where cleansing and detoxification needs only a maintenance level of activity.

And since up to the point of this typing there has been an explosion of health problems in our society whereas most of these problems have then produced by toxic substances or events, well, it has become more important than ever to detoxify the body and keep it clean. The trick is to find ways that become easy for you personally so you'll actually do them on a regular basis.

And in order for you to accept a body cleansing habit you'll need to make it and keep it a non stressful thing to do.  It needs to be enjoyable at the same time.

Detoxification and prevention of toxin infection is so critical at this time because there are so many negative factors bombarding us health-wise that we all the help we can get. Removing the toxins is and keeping them away as much as possible massive.

Have you heard that having heavy metals in the body increases the power of other bad substances or infections from viruses and bacteria by hundreds or even thousands of fold? Yes we need to get these heavy metals out of our body starting with lead.

Then as a family member got himself into a cancer scenario I really became extra serious about researching and testing out detoxification for many levels and layers and approaches.  And some of the techniques we've developed from that adventure will be in our products over time.  And what's critical to understand about cancer is that cleansing out the body and detoxification are  core components to making cancer disappear, as many successful health care professionals have found.

So for your education and understanding get potentially life saving information from our Velocity DETOX Protocol 1 and master it.

Take what you learn and work with your own knowledge successful healthcare professional to individualize new detoxification habits for yourself. In the meantime you'll learn to identify a list of major bad things for you to stop and replace immediately that many people don't seem to know much about Doing so can make everything so much more easy for health restoration and good health retention.

Detox Drink

If you are continually running at an energy deficit and if you are tiring yourself out too much physically, and then emotionally, from your exercise method, then your subconscious mind will look to kick in and take over thereby removing you from the exercise program since the exercise program is "damaging" you according to the subconscious mind's safety protocols.

So therefore your fat burning efforts will be sabotaged by the subconscious mind and you will quit and maybe go back the opposite way (getting "puffier"), hard.  And you certainly don't want that to happen.

Velocity DETOX Protocol Was Designed To Give A Powerful Yet Harmonious Strategic Attack On Toxins In The Body While Being Highly Efficient, Yet Not Dramatic.

We are not fans of the drama cleanses. We've seen too often people get themselves in the yo-yo back and forth cycle of toxing and detoxing, toxing and detoxing.  And when they detox, they usually do something dramatic. And for one we are not big fans of dramatic cleanses. And for two, why toxify your body in the first place!?   

Toxifying your body or detoxifying your body can go too fast too far sometimes we don't want to do that to your body.

Those who look to do these hard cleanses often do so with the mindset and that they're going to do a hard cleanse and then just returned to their old ways. If the old ways brought toxic buildup in the body then what happens if you decide to stop doing drama cleanses because they are so uncomfortable in the future? That's right, trouble.

So therefore, we have found that it is more wise and long-term effective to know and understand why certain things are toxic and disruptive to body's  optimal functioning and then look to form new habits to replace the old bad habits. And eventually the habit becomes an automatic thing that you don't even need to think about.  And so you are continually helping the body stay clean and run well. 

On the other hand some things are just bad and most people don't know that they are bad. Those bad things need to be identified as an enemy and then eliminated in your life. The old habit was there due to some need.  So when there's a need associated with a bad habit we always look to replace an old habit with a new more positive habit.

We have an in-depth strategic battle plan that we've developed for Velocity website, tweaking it from starting out from a fat burning, weight loss focus onto health  solutions related to also helping you open the floodgates of fat-burning, making the weight loss you need and want now possible and more easily attainable.

Most people have no idea that they struggle with excess body fat and puffiness because the channels of body fat elimination are clogged up or disrupted due to toxins and the effects of toxins on the body.

When you're able to open up, cleanse out and heal the pathways of detoxification then losing weight become so much more easy. And when you master having a clean body then weight loss, fat burning becomes near effortless and very quick. Plus also, genuine muscle building and muscle recuperation from workouts becomes more effective as well.

Even professional bodybuilders would benefit by obtaining our Velocity DETOX Protocol program.

Today's world is so highly toxic, particularly in the USA. Although pop health pretends everything is normal, fine and dandy, things are not okay. Want proof? Look at the disease rates charts over the past few decades, especially cancer and obesity. Secondly, look around!

Cleanse method
What's in this course?
  • Top 10 Health destroying things to stop action plan. Stopping these alone makes weight loss and health getting dramatically easier!
  • Discover things around you that are sneakily poisoning you and making you fat. We identify many of these things and provide you an action plan for fixing them. You can't just stop the bad you have to have a replacement for the bad that is good.
  • Core cleanse supplement protocol - list of easily supplementable nutrients that are known to cleanse and boost the health of our various parts in the body that cleanse out the body. So we cleanse the cleanse organs in order to free up their ability to cleanse the body.
  • Anyone who tells you these days that the body can handle all the toxins on it's own and you don't need to cleanse or stop putting bad things into your body is either not very knowledgeable or wants you sick. Have you encountered this? It's as if these people say this are salivating at the hopes that you get sick...
  • Discover a new way how to use different types of supplements to hunt down and lock up toxins in the body and while pulling them out of the body.
  • Discover a powerful but simple drink protocol formula that provides a whole host of benefits and is quite tasty!
  • We provide a juicing protocol formula for powerful cleansing and nutrient delivery. If you like getting "high", you'll like juicing! Juicing can provide a natural high from the powerful and near immediate impact with so many good nutrients. Juicing is one of the most powerful ways to deliver nutrients, vitamins and minerals in their platform quickly and directly into the bloodstream, avoiding the decay that happens to the longer digestive process.
  • We have a mineral boost intake protocol, plant based minerals of course. Some successful healthcare professionals contribute most of their healing, they're near miraculous healing results success by strategically raising mineral intake.
  • We provide 2 powerful super detox recipes for convenience and ease, to make it easy.
  • We give you some habit replacements that will make a dramatic change in the body in a very positive way, making weight loss so much more easier, health as well.
  • Learn about the secret hidden booby traps that have been making people really sick and super fat over the past few decades.

Here's why you'll most certainly want to get the Velocity DETOX I program

We actually over packed this product with extremely powerful yet easy and doable, and smarter detoxification strategies and protocols.

By learning how to detox in a methodical way, in a mild way and in an incremental way, we believe powerful levels of health can be obtained in a much better and more likely way.

A lot of people these days assume that you have to be sick and weak and that you're supposed to fall apart when you get older. That's not true. We've been fed a bunch of bull and ignorance. But now the bull gets exposed and the ignorance gets resolved.

One of the other great parts about our Velocity DETOX program is that we also focus on ammping up mineral levels and vitamin levels in the body through our strategic methods. It's very important to have adequate mineral levels in the body especially these days since most people are mineral deficient. Mineral deficiency produces lack of functionality in your body. When functionality in your body goes bad, then cells do not develop well which then leads to all sorts of problems.


Methodical Potent Body Inner Body Cleanse Methods for Combination with Our High Velocity Blood Flow Excercise Programs

Struggling with tough to Vanquish fat? Well there's more than meets the eye for what we are told when it comes to modern weight gain and excess puffiness.

As our bodies become more polluted they also become more fat and puffy. So we need a smart way for cleansing out the body of these tough to remove toxins in order to unleash our lean body and free our health.

Discover The Hidden Toxic Factors That Could Be Making You Fatter, Puffier And Sicker

Is utterly shocking the variety and massive quantity of toxins that have been set free in our society and everything we do, everything we touch, everything we eat, everything in our home, our soaps, our cleaners, our water, our air...

And most people have no clue what they are or what to do about them so they just dismiss it because they don't want to deal with it. Well that's a formula for disaster as many are unfortunately finding out, as they get their very own personal health crisis. Then people go with their health crisis to those who do not know how to cure them but only make them worse. The carnage is horrendous. All you need to do is look at the statistics.

These toxins are mostly chemicals and heavy metals, but also one could argue frequencies, EMF, including and especially your cell phone, wifi and even negative emotions and so on... Disrupt your biological processes which then go on to cause breakdown in the body.  And this is  where first you start getting fatter, more swollen, then you sick and die early.

So therefore it's better to take "cerebral action" now, put a plan in place and execute the plan turning it into a habit. Or as a mocking family member found out, your own personal health crisis is lurking around the corner....  and when you get that health crisis and then end up going to the wrong health care philosophy practitioner, that could be all for you, unfortunately... Don't be that guy, or gal!

Is Your Air Making You Fatter? Huh??

Well you heard about air pollution complaints over time from "factories and industries".  So they shut down most industry and factories in the USA.  But at the same time for the past 70 or so years, they have been spraying our skies with chemicals and heavy metals, often claiming the need for "weather modification". 

But at least to the point this typing, the various chemicals they were springing in the air and heavy metals have been reduced, if not stopped.  Those chemical sprays were really, really bad... They were sprayed over the whole planet.  They have infected our foods and waterways. Yet unfortunately most people have those chemicals and heavy metals lodged deep within their body. And only very strategic detoxification methods can get them out.

These chemicals and heavy metals are disastrous for the health of body. They can disrupt all sorts of body processes while making infections tens of thousands of times more potent as reported. Even through the spraying and the skies has slowed down and changed quite a bit, people still have the built-up toxins in their bodies as reported.  So therefore they need to get on top of getting that stuff cleansed out from being stuck in the body, or they keep themselves in a high probability position for their own personal health crisis.

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Discover How to Make Cleansing Far More Efficient Through a Protocol That Helps Suck Toxins Out Of The Body, Lock Them Up And Completely Eliminate Them Out Of The Body So That These Toxins Can't Recirculate Back Through Your Bloodstream Into Some Other Part Of Your Body. Also Discover How This Method Has the Potential To Help Accelerate Healing

$47 + Special In Cart Bonus Offers if You Order within the Next 5 Minutes!

Is Your Water Making You Fatter?

If The Liver Is Our Main Source Of Internal Body Detoxification Wouldn't It Be A Good Idea To Make Sure Our Liver Gets Help and Is In a Super Healthy State? Discover Concepts Of Liver Cleansing and Liver Regeneration.

Do You Know What The Xenoestrogens Are And What They Can Do To You? Discover Our Methodical Approach For Helping Cleanse These Evil Invaders

When you crave something did you know that maybe it's not actually you or maybe it's not your physical body doing the craving?

Learn How to Free Yourself of Toxins with the More Doable, the More Strategic, the More Smart Velocity DETOX Way... Get Started Today! Click the Add to Cart Button Below:

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