VELOCITY Burn High Velocity Fat Burning System v2 - Velocity Burn - Fat Burning System

I Found My 1 Easy Way to Get a Lean Body Fast and I Want to Share it with You...

Fat burning made easy. Why has fat burning been made easy? Because that's what I wanted so I invented it!

Yes you could say that I was looking for my one trick "magic pill" "push button" fat burning system - but in this case I actually found it! And right now you have an opportunity to learn this system and you will want to learn this system because:

  • You'll likely say this is the best fat burning method you've ever seen
  • You'll start winning the war on excess blubber since we all are tending to battle with excess blood over these days due to a variety of factors in modern living
  • Technically anyone at any age or ability just about will be able to do this system because this system has a special biofeedback harmonization method Incorporated within it. Learn this biofeedback harmonization method you'll be able to use it and all your other exercise Endeavors into the future to help you prevent injury while maximizing the Effectiveness and efficiency of your workout.
  • The workout usually last about 20 minutes. But then there's the Afterglow fat burning that occurs even into the next day. I call it free money fat burning.
  • Also this workout is really great on the joints since that became an issue for me after a bunch of knee surgeries and sitting in front of the computer too much.


Velocity BURN is a fat burning system that is extremely efficient. It was made efficient because it was made for me. I wanted a way the exercise that would cleanse my body of stagnant blood flow and junk materials that come from sitting in front of computer too long everyday. And I wanted a way that could take only 30 minutes that would burn fat that I could even do every other day only.

So I cracked this code and I'm extremely happy with it. And I want to teach you about it because this could help you achieve the lean body you want. I can do so very efficiently without the strain and drain that usually comes with other lean body programs.

Also this program does provide the velocity blood flow flushing that I like to talk about because it's such a critical Health Factor and most people don't even realize this.

So I was sick and tired of having to spend hours going to the gym and back blowing out so much time because I became super busy working out a lot of cool projects.

Even fat burning cardio was totally eating up my time from 1 to 2 hours a day when I wanted to get down cute a lean and mean or ripped state.

The goal of creating this system was to enable me to achieve a lean body (if I let it get a little bit too "puffy" which is easy to do in front of these computers!) and maintain that lean body with very little time, effort, pain or energy drain. So I invented this system.

Essentially you could say that this system was 30 years in the making. There is a lot that goes into it and I'm going to explain it to you when you by this Velocity Burn System - in video format and or audio format with some documens.

You'll have access to this system online so you can access it from wherever and so you won't lose it. Have you ever bought an ebook or course and lost it before? I do it all the time where I forget about it. Well here you'll have a members back office and we will be able to remind you and teach you other things when you become a Velocity customer.

So As I Was Looking for My 1 Easy Quickly Lean Body Way to Get Lean Fast While Also Getting Blood Flow for Health's Sake without Getting Drained I Stumbled Upon this Almost Magic Like Method that Would Have Rapid and Visible Fat Burning Results.

There is Indeed a Method of Fat Burning that Is Not Painful, That Doesn't Drain Your Energy, That Works and Can't Help But Work and Makes You Feel Really Good at the Same Time And I've Found it in a "Freak Discovery". Watch this Video to Find Out More...

  • 1. No Strain - Solved!
  • 2. No Dreariness or Energy Drain- Solved!  
  • 3. Gives Me More  Energy - Solved! 
  • 4. Burns Fat Super Fast so I Can Even See Results from Day to Day - Solved
  • 4. Doesn't Make Me Miserable & Cranky. Solved
  • 6. Requires Very Little Time - Solved
  • 7. Flushes Out My Muscles, Joints and Organs to Remove Waste Buildup and Pain from Sitting or Standing to Long in front of a Computer - Solved!
  • 8. Makes Me Actually Feel Good! - Solved!

Discover My 1 Trick NEW Secret Formula "Lean Body Code", the "Velocity Spark", that Took Me Years of Researching & Testing to Find, for my Easiest, Fastest, Laziest, Most Efficient with Least Strain and NO Emotional Drain, Fat Burning, Quick to a Lean Body Method EVER!


I Finally Found That 1 Genius Solution that I KNEW Existed for that Easy, Little Time Involved, that Bare Minimum Method that Got the Results in 20 Minutes Every Other Day vs. the Old Way of Hours of Working Out & Dieting (yuck) that VISIBLY Melted Fat of My Desk Potato Belly Returning My Flat Belly and More Chiseled Look I Used to Have...  And I Want to Show You How to Do It!  Watch this Video to See How You Can Access My Secret!

  • All While Making Me Feel Way Better with More Energy & Focus
  • This Easy Going Fat Burning I Had Always Been Looking for Took Me By Surprise...  I Didn't Expect it to Work This Well
  • My 1 20 Minute Workout Gave me FREE Fat Burning for Even 2 to 3 Days After
  • My Joints Became Strengthened in My Knees Which Was a Big Bonus from Excessive Computer Work Compounding on Top of Several Knee Surgeries
  • And I Never Strained Myself I Only Did Velocity Burn for Feeling GOOD

... And I Struck Fat Burning GOLD!    Today I'm Revealing My Secret That Took a Pudgy Middle Aged "Computer Potato" Who Looked More Like Homer Simpson Than Fabio, from Chubby Blob to Kinda Studly Looking with an Outline of Abs in 6 Weeks.  

Burn Fat Fast & Look Better FASTER

Discover My NEW Fat Burning Method for Melting Pounds Of Visible "Puffiness" the Fastest Way that I've Experienced Over 25 Years in the Heath & Fitness Industry!

  • Helped me become more productive
  • Takes little time every other day
  • Made me more productive in work
  • Boost my sense of health and well being
  • Got me looking better, fast
  • I never saw fat disappear so quickly, visibly from day to day while looking in a mirror
"You've struck fat burning gold!

Discover My Minimalist Way for Burning Fat that Took Me From Grimace Looking, Pot Belly, Pear Shaped, Love Handle Sporting, "Squishy Chest" Flopping, Slob to V Shape Kinda Studly Looking with an Actual Outline of Six Pack Abs in 6 Weeks.


Ok. Ok. So I Let Myself Get a Little Out of Shape. It's easy to do you know. The good news is that my new "puffy" state gave me the spark to crack this NEW code I now call "Velocity BURN".

And man... this is THE BEST fat burning discovery I've made in a long time and it was so easy. Yes. For me it was so easy verse all the hours in the gym and or zombie forming, mindless making miserable diets.  After you get this program you won't have to torture yourself with trying to lose weight, get rid of excess fat through dieting only, which is very inefficient.



Velocity Burn Method is Arguably the Fastest Fat Burning Method I've Ever Done & the Easiest! ...And I Have Over 30 Years in the Fitness Industry of Testing, Tweaking and Creating All Sorts of Fat Burning Programs.


And these days since I've gotten myself so busy I look for ultra efficiency in fat burning with minimal energy drain and pain. So, I've gotten smarter and smarter at getting lean, toned and ripped when required.

  • Plus Velocity Burn program actually and very interestingly fixed up a bunch of old joint issues which was near miraculously strange.

  • Velocity Burn gave me way more energy.  Velocity Burn gave me a lot more agility and I'm no spring chicken. 

  • Velocity Burn jacked up my confidence and drive.

  • Velocity Burn made me start smiling more strangely enough. 

  • Velocity Burn lifted a huge mystery cloud over my head. 

  • Velocity Burn made me feel like I'm back in my 20's again. 

  • Velocity Burn was the fastest way of moving I ever discovered. 

  • Velocity Burn made me actually feel good while doing it. 

  • Velocity Burn made me get rid of a lot of stress. 

  • Velocity Burn only took me 20 minutes or so every other day (you young bucks could probably do this every day or even twice a day and melt a ton of fat in a couple, few weeks).  And from my experience, your metabolism will get so high that it would be hard to not burn fat even if you ate cupcakes for breakfast, lunch and dinner on the 2x a day program! I burned embarrassing amounts blubber off without any specific diet either.  Hmm what if I actually would have added a diet...

I'm All About Lazy Fat Loss So This is Why This Discovery Is So Significant and Important to You and Your Fat Burning Efforts

Look I'm Not Trying to Look All Shredded Out with 8 Pack Abs, Veins Popping Out, a Face that Makes You Look Like You're Sporting the "Skellator" Look... I"m Just Trying to Look Like a Natural Man with Some Nice Shape, with a V Shape, a Flat Belly, No Love Handles, no "Man Breasts", No Layerd Flubbered Pot Belly, No Jiggly Wigglies, No Cellulite...  

I'm Bet Most of You Guys & Girls Also Just Want to Look Good, Attractive, "Sexy"...  You Want People to Be Drawn to You and Not Repulsed. 

But You Don't Want to Spend 1/2 of Your Day Every Day Doing Meal Prep and Working Out!! That Super Shredded Look is Not Even Very Attractive Anyways.  Who Has the Time for all of that Nonsense These Days Anyways Right?


Well the good news is - I have a solution that has provided me with arguably the easiest fat burning ever with the least time involved with the least energy drain too which is a perfect combo!  And today I'm here to offer you the opportunity to access my Secret Formula called Velocity Burn!

"Weight Loss" - I hear this Term used all the time. That is kind of a broad concept. When one says lose weight well what kind of weight you want to lose?  There a lot of things that contribute to our body weight so I'm that we don't want to lose like muscle mass and bone mass. But unfortunately the way a lot of people approach weight loss actually loses that muscle, bone mass while draining many other important factors that are important for health.

Other people take approach for weight loss where they try different types of diets that focus on this or that. Unfortunately with most data prices they actually either contribute towards and putting more junk into your body which over the long-term makes you less healthy and more fat, more weight.  

Or they deprive themselves of important nutrients by may be focusing on one primary energy source. Of course you hear about low carb diets and low fat diets the most. These diets may have some benefit but they also anchor problems over the long term by cleaning you of important nutrients for your health getting you to ignore certain important foods.  Understand this: Your health is out of balance your body will be out of balance and so will your looks.

Another note dieting has another problem - Your body gets used to it fast. So unless you always change up your diet you're going to continually fall behind on a diet. And the problem is what most people do is that they eat less and less trying to lose that weight. And unfortunately but eating less unless you slow your metabolism down more and more. So your metabolism down more and more you get better faster and faster.

Also when you use a calorie-restricted type of diet you can enter a vicious cycle. Recycle similar to the anorexic cycle whereas one slows down their metabolism so any mistake makes them fatter fast. What's even worse is that usually on a calorie-restricted most people don't do it very well and they lose muscle mass and that makes them look more flabby. The flabby look gets mistaken as fat and the anorexic cycle kicks in.

"Skinny" is not an attractive look nor was it ever an attractive look.  Looking like you're about to die is not attractive.  Many people have been tricked into this type of thinking. It's a vicious cycle.  It does not work.  It creates only misery.  It makes you less attractive.  

People are attracted to lean but shapely looks. What is shapely? Shapely means you have muscle tone. Being shapely represents you being healthy and active.  Bean shapely means subconsciously to others that you eat healthy and you physically work, moving the body, using it, enabling the body to be " useful" for "other" more fun activities.

On the other hand excessive body fat simply represents a state of illness two others. This state of illness can represent a poison body whereas the body retains fat in order to deal with excessive poison and imbalances.  Excessive body fat also can represent emotional illness in many different forms that can translate into excessive eating or hormonal imbalance which causes the body to retain fat.

Hormonal imbalances a big factor these days for excessive unattractive fat gain and placement throughout the body.  Stress causes hormone which makes our body break down muscle and store fat which is the ultimate worse for looking good.  Excessive estrogen can't get fat stored and all sorts of strange places.

Excessive contaminants from the environment, packaging, foods ect... are poisons to our body that cause our body to store fat.  There are a variety of ways to help and it is these toxins, and we have several of those available for you but... Nothing flushes out toxins like a High VELOCITY Blood Flush that comes from a type of workout works with you from where you are physically to hit that peak velocity blood flush.  And it is quite a rush!  This is a core component of the Velocity Burn CORE System 1 that you'll be getting when you purchase fat burning course.

But with the era of chemicals, xeno estrogens, pharmaceuticals in the water, heavy metal poisoning, GMO's, pesticides, plust a bunch of other nasty things being thrown at us we Americans have been blowing up like blow fish in defense mode.   It looks terrible and it makes us all depressed.   We need a fix for this.  We need a solution, a method, a simple system we can do to combat this squishy, sludgey puff we need...

Velocity Burn!

Discover My Minimalist Way for Burning Fat that Anyone Can Do That Works with Tons of Health Benefits

New Discovery in Ultra Fast Fat Burning Anyone Can Do Starting Where You Are That Is Not Time Consuming & Does Not Drain Your Energy

The Ultimate Method for Computer Desk Potatoes that takes 20 Minutes, Activates Fat Burning for 1 to 3 Days Following, Helps Reverse Computer Desk Damage and Strengthens Joints in a Mysteriously Amazing Way... Watch the Video to Find Out More!

This System Has a Special Mechanism that Allows Anyone Who Can Move or Anyone Who is Even Super Out of Shape to Experience the Fat Burning Torch Effect Even if You Haven't Excerciesed in Decades...


Bonus: Just for Signing Up You'll Receive This Special Cheatsheet


Frequently Asked Questions

How long per workout?

20 Minutes was my average.  You could do more or less.

Can I do this in my home?

Yes. We have variations. You can use cardio machines, yes.  You can run in place even.  You can use other natural body exercises.  You could even jump rope if you can handle it. 

Is this a set of exercises?

No, you take one exercise into the Velocity Fat Burning Matrix.  The secret happens in the WAY the program is done.   Yes the way we teach you is the secret sauce that not many have understood before.

Is this a diet?

No.  We do sell some great diets though.  Join our newsletter to find out. 


Is This Weight Lifting

No.  Not at all.  We have some great lifting programs for shaping an awesome looking body at This is about doing exercise in the "laziest", least energy draining and time draining way possible so we can have hyper accelerated fat burning.   You just need a place where you can run, walk, crawl or hop on a cardio machine.  My favorite method was to walk, jog, trot, run outside especially when the sun was out.  Frankly you could do this method by walking, jogging, running in place without even going anywhere which for some may actually be even more effective.

What if I'm really out of shape?

Great! This is a perfect method to learn from starting where you are and advancing from there since you are learning how to "read your own bio feedback" from our version of a perceived exertion scale.  We used a modified perceived exertion scale as part of the program so technically you could do the program crawling.   The method is totally relative to where you are in agility and even perfectly matches for optimal gains on days you are sore or tired.   This approach was great for me because I had gotten my self way out of cardio shape, the ability to actively run around, keep up with nephews and nieces etc because of sitting in front of a computer way too many hours a day on top several knee surgeries.

Can I do this with a weight lifting program?

Yes.  It's quite complimentary with weight lifting and Velocity Burn can help you get ripped much more quickly.  Plus the "velocity flush" has recuperative "powers" that can help recuperate from weight workouts more quickly.  This method can be much more beneficial vs. an hour of boring treadmill walking or stair stepping which is usually done with weights when cutting.