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"NEW "80/20" High Efficiency, Ideal Fat Burning System for Faster Weight Loss, a Lean and Toned Body... Plus for Overall Health Boosting, Mood Boosting, Pain Elimination and Joint Strength Too..."

The ULTRA Quick Fix  Fat Burning System Designed Intentionally to Be the Ultimate Quick Fix!  - 24 Minutes Ever OTHER Day...

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Ready to Get the Job Done Velocity BURN WORKS!

If You Have a Need for SPEED, for Faster Fat Burning for Faster Weight Loss with Far LESS Time Spent Working Out then Check Out My NEW System Called Velocity BURN! It is Designed to Be Far More Efficient vs. the Old School "Gym Life" Fat Burning Approach.

The Velocity BURN Accelerated Fat Burning Workout System is an efficient way of working out that we created that is done in 24 minutes every other day.

When performed as instructed, Velocity BURN Accelerated Fat Burning System creates, accelerated fat burning, fat burning faster and weight loss faster.

For those who are worried about their ability to do exercise, no worries - we made this system special to work with you where you are, and where you are physically from day to day, even if you have to crawl. It teaches you how to move. And it provides a vast array of health benefits to help counteract sitting too much in front of the computer (another one of the reasons we made this PERFECT fat burning and health restoring exercise system!

In our new pursuit of ULTRA efficiency we have made these products in line with the Velocity BURN method on this website. So we wanted more results with less effort and less time spent while still being able to function to do many other things besides exercise.

I Wanted Really Easy, "Lazy" Weight Loss - the Most Efficient Fat Burning Ever.   And I Found It!    NOW I Will Teach You Today to Liberate You from Weight Loss Struggles for Good...

  • Fat burning.
  • Bloodflow.
  • Lymphatic flow.
  • Health restoration to the entire body particularly the legs and torso.
  • We use cardio and usually I just walk/run outside.
  • We use mind state performance techniques.
  • We use a very cool Intensity Engagement Matrix which puts this all together.
  • Joint strength increasing. Joint pain reducing. Whereas regular, old school fat burning cardio usually increases joint pain while decreasing joint strength.
  • Mood boost.
  • Clear the mind.
  • Get the lean body fast.
  • Keep excess fat from clinging.

We believe that you are going to love this program because it can help liberate you from "gym life" slavery. It's going to be able to help you get the lean and toned body you want pretty quickly.

Velocity BURN style of cardio can help you retain muscle mass (hey bodybuilders. I like this one!)(and no it's not HIIT). Velocity BURN can help you boost joint strength. HIIT and chronic moderate cardio wears down and tears up joints while Velocity BURN builds up and strengthens joints in an amazing way, from our own personal experience!  Actually it has done wonders for the joints!

It can give you a go to exercise program that doesn't require any equipment or any gym. It can free up a ton of time since it's only 24 min. every other day. It is plenty effective as you do the program at described.

Replaces 2 Hours a Day Cardio - VELOCITY BURN

Could Velocity BURN Rapid Fat Burning System Be Used with Swimming? Absolutely! You Could Use Velocity BURN Running in Place if You Wanted to Do So...

Time to BURN it Off!

NEW: How to Burn More Fat with Less Work & Less Time... Discover my New super efficiency fat burning system built as an ideal "lazy weight loss" method to save hours per week, or day,  from the gym.

"Falling Behind... Body Getting Puffy... The Skies Getting Darker... Belly Getting Fatter... Lean & Toned Body Disappearing... Health Deteriorating... Can't Keep Up... Getting Fatter and Fatter..."

Those are some of the feelings I had due to getting fatter as I started to change my lifestyle out of the "gym life" lifestyle, to computer geek lifestyle. Gym life just took out way too much time and energy. After getting into the computer geek lifestyle, I needed a solution to replace all of that working out plus the ridiculously, time consuming, body building eating lifestyle. I needed new way to replace gym life, in terms of keeping in shape and burning fat. I needed something far more time efficient and that preferably brought better results as well. Better results, faster, all done in far less time and even more safety was what I wanted. So I went to work on trying to figure out this new style, ideal, highly efficient fat burning system that did not take up much of my time but burned more fat faster. ​

Now I'm a big fan of weightlifting, but when the focus shifts to becoming more lean & toned, even ripped the old school moderate cardio thing we do in the bodybuilding world became just way too life inefficient. I mean, I was burning 2 hours plus per day just doing cardio. That was just not acceptable anymore. ​

I mean you can get sucked into "gym life" so bad that before you know it you've wasted years in productivity and then you have no more friends because gym life became number one in life. ​

And what's "gym life"? It's the old school bodybuilder approach which is great for full-time bodybuilders that has you working out with weights 4 to 6 times per week with a minimum time involvement of 1 hour, but usually 2 after clean up and recuperation from that workout. And for the average individual who just wanting to look good and be very healthy, gym life is way too inefficient. So you work out at least an hour a day, plus all the preparations to the gym, and then the cleanup and recuperation after you get back. It's cooking and eating 6 to 8 meals a day. It's another 2 hours of cardio a day when you need to burn the fat off... I mean, it's fun and interesting but when you've got other things in life to do then the body building lifestyle that a lot of trainers have their clients do is just way too time consuming, tiring and slow.​

So I Made this New Method for Faster Fat Burning in Far Less Time...

Oh yes! Discover my new breakthrough system that finally gave me the perfect workout for fat burning and health!  With this Velocity BURN method I saw DAILY fat burning results.  When you can see daily fat burning results in the mirror, well, that's encouraging!  And it gets you to stick with the program.

Now that doesn't mean you can go take daily trips to Krispy Kreme and McDonald's of course.   Some people like to say that they do their work out so they can go eat junk food.   Before I go off on a tangent on how bad of an idea that is for one's health...  let's just say that you'll want to keep your diet at par.  And if you can get on a great  diet for helping lose weight and burn fat like Velocity FURNACE or Velocity LEAN,  well then, you could just put your fat burning in  hyperdrive  enabling you to  much more quickly attain your Lean body aspirations.

It's so good that I decided to teach other people about it. It saves so much time. It burns so much fat. It makes my whole body feel good and it makes my joints stronger and more agile. It just gets my body's exercise requirements done!  And I believe that Velocity BURN can work for you too!

Become More Efficient at Burning Fat & Losing Weight!
Become More Efficient at Burning Fat & Losing Weight!

"I Want Faster Fat Burning!"

That's what I wanted. I come from the old school bodybuilding world. And most of the fat burning there was highly inefficient in my opinion and to what I needed.  Their way took up a couple hours a day in order to strip the body fat. 

Or it was too intense,  like HIIT,  not very well coordinated or thought out. And those types of approaches never really lasted long for most people, burning them out too quickly or injuring them.   Both the slow moderate cardio and the HIIT were not a long term solution for MOST people.  Those aren't a general lifestyle type of exercise that could be repeated for life.

But with the New Velocity BURN System you know have a method, a program, a system that you can use for life providing you an incredible time-saving array of benefits that solves the problems that other forms of cardio fat burning exercise, and even other forms of exercise had.  Velocity BURN makes be feel BETTER, not worse like the old school ways.  Velocity BURN makes me feel STRONGER not weaker, worn down and miserable like the old school cardio methods.   Velocity BURN makes my joints feel BETTER while old school cardio makes my joints ache....

Safety and joint strength increasing was a priority in addition to fat burning so I thought I'd mention that because this method has brilliant new techniques for optimizing safety and for increasing joint strength and agility.

"I Don't Want to Be Drained from My Workout!"

Yes old-school methods took up way too much time and energy.  those workouts are not efficient for most people. Most people are not full-time fitness professionals and have lots of other things to do in life.

I bet you are one of those people. You need a method that will be highly effective but won't leave you mindless and exhausted for the rest of the day.

Also if you need a method that is highly effective but won't trigger you to overcompensate in your eating.  Other non perfected fat burning exercises do that and they just do not coordinate well with the physical body not like Velocity BURN.

"Belly Fat Must Disappear!"

Belly fat the big problem out there these days. You see a lot of pot bellies walking around, not to be critical, but I'm sure most would love to finally get rid of those pot bellies.  Plus, those types of bellies are associated with being highly dangerous in their link to visceral fat around the organs. . There are different reasons for this but one of the most obvious ones is from sitting in front of a computer all day long. Humans are you really were not designed to be desk potatoes.

"NEW Ideal Fat Burning System for Weight Loss, a Lean and Toned Body, Health, Mood, Pain Elimination and Joint Strength Too..."

"A Pain Eliminator! Get Rid of my Desk Job Pain!"

Now this is a nice added bonus! You know that stagnation breeds pain right? Well sitting around in front of a computer or just being tied up and working without getting out and exercising leads to stagnation which brings pain.

Stagnation creates that sensation of us having "tar in our veins", a commonly used expression.  Not only is that painful, it is actually very dangerous as this tar like feeling is actually related to a build up of junk between the cells.  Too match the buildup of junk between cells can start stacking and compounding going on to create some more serious problems in the body.

"Increase My Agility in a New Special Way!"

The VELOCITY BURN Method and System was the first fat burning cardio system that started helping my joints feel better and stronger versus almost all other forms of cardio fat burning exercises in the past. I thought that was quite interesting!

So after several knee surgeries, general wear and tear plus stagnation from too much computer work, having a system of exercise that can help actually boost my joint strength and make my joints feel better instead of worse has been absolutely wonderful!

Joint Strength too?  A Fat Burning Cardio Method that Actually Increases Joint Strength instead of Weakening it??

Yes finally my joints, particularly my surgically operated knee, was creating chronic problems for a long time. But it was this method, this method I call Velocity BURN Method, that finally got me making joint strength progress where my joints started feeling stronger and better, pretty much all the way back to how it once was before I had the knee injury. And as I mentioned already, that was pretty mind blowing!  And in combination with a good diet supplement program I finally started making great progress with my joints in general plus this injured one.

Velocity BURN -- Great on the Joints!

"Give Me a Speedy Fat Burning System Saving Hours of Time!"

Time! Time became one of my biggest issues. I felt my life being sucked away in the gym through the whole "gym life" thing. So I wanted this more ideal approach where I would save a drastic amount of time while actually getting more results for the time I get put into exercise.

And with the VELOCITY BURN Method and System I reduced roughly a net four hours a day into 25 min. every other day, really. 

You can get started with Velocity BURN right here!

"Gym Life" Was Taking Up Way too Much time Just to Get Lean, Toned and Even Ripped Looking... We Need Something Faster, Smarter..."

Now I'm a big fan of lifting weights don't get me wrong. but lifting weights can go many different directions. bringing you all sorts of different results (or lack of results). You can lift weights for different reasons.

Not everyone who lifts weights is a bodybuilder trying to look like a bodybuilder.  And of course weightlifting has many of its own excellent health benefits. And when you know how to weight lift smartly you can do so efficiently while actually getting results that you can see and experience.  Unfortunately, a lot of people put in a lot of time and still look the same 10 years later, and that's sad.

So we wanted to have a method here that would help bring us visual results. We wanted to burn fat but look more rugged doing so.  A lot of fat burning processes that are common can make a person look soggy, anemic, flimsy wall reducing muscle tissue which is a big problem for bodybuilders when they are trying to get ripped for a show.  So therefore we also wanted to develop the VELOCITY BURN Method and System and mechanism that helps retain muscle mass and even build a little arguably. 

And quite frankly in my opinion, bodybuilders may want to try the VELOCITY BURN Method and System and see if they can get better results than doing the old 2 hour cardio a day thing which really wears down the joints and decreases muscle mass.  Whereas from my experience with the VELOCITY BURN Method and System I actually had a maintenance and muscle mass or slight increase in muscle mass while also having greater joint strength, agility and the removal of pain in the joints and throughout the body.

Leg Degeneration... They're Dying....  These Dang Chairs.. Strangling My Legs....

If you sit in a chair or even stand all day your legs will lack the optimal circulation they need. Studies now show sitting too much, over 6 hours a day, is considered to be very dangerous.  It creates all sorts of problems in the body while actually increasing your fat cell count up to 50% if you sent more than six hours a day (yikes!).

Degenerating the legs are dangerous is a dangerous thing to do.  There are conditions  where too much sitting can even cause blood clots which can even be deadly.   

As you age leg health become more important than ever.  You need to build up strength and agility of your legs to counteract aging and to help you not only only be able to move around with agility but also to help you avoid injury better.

Bones Get Weaker without Exercise the Velocity BURN way - Bodybuilding Has Certain Benefits But Not the "Shock Pounding" Needed for Bone Health, Regeneration and Density

Bodybuilding certainly has its benefits and there are many different ways and approaches to lift weights versus just trying to build muscle size and shape. The various forms of resistance training certainly have their health benefits for the bones.

But this system is about a general exercise approach and a fat burning approach for high efficiency and overall body health.  And it offers bone health benefits especially when running that are related to stimulating  bone health and bone density.

And another interesting factor which is easy to forget although most people don't even know about it is that bones can become weak especially in modern times for a variety of factors. You can't forget about bone and joint strength. 

And  one factor that does increase bone strength dramatically is natural form of exercise that involves some sort of shock pounding to the body such as walking, jumping and running especially.  In fact there was a clinical study once done in Europe where a number of women who had osteoporosis simply jumped up and down 10 times in the morning and 10 times in the evening and increase their bones density by roughly 40%!  

So allow a super efficient and effective exercise method to become our time saving way of exercise every other day to help provide your bones a health boost from the "shock pounding" stimulation that comes with this exercise system.  And what's even more important is that the Velocity BURN system works with the body in a way that increases safety and bone and joint readiness for more intense stimulation. 


Mood Boosting- Can Velocity BURN Make Me More Happy??

Another fantastic benefit of the VELOCITY BURN Method and System was that it was immediately able to boost my mood and make me feel happier.

It was as if the "dark clouds" over my body and mind, caused by stagnation from being in front of a computer,  simply blew away... by simply doing the VELOCITY BURN Method and System.

I usually always experience tremendous mood boost probably mostly because I was able to move intercellular waste and get the flow of blood going to cleanse out the body while providing nutrients and oxygen to cells throughout the body in a better way.   So my choking starving cells end up getting a dose of life force by simply doing Velocity BURN!

Also through this the VELOCITY BURN Method and System exercise process I get good fluids going to the body and the joint fluids which help lubricate, feel better and reduce pain.


"INTRODUCING: My NEW! Ultra Most IDEAL Fat Burning System Ever"

Are You Looking to Save Time? Burn More Fat Faster? Lose Weight in a Smarter Way? A New Fat Burning Exercise that Can Actually Boost Joint Strengthen? Maybe Something You Could Do Every OTHER Day for 30 Minutes that Totally Gets the Job of Fat Burning Exercise Done?

"I Found a New Ultra Efficient Way to BURN Fat More Easily & Quickly with Less Effort Saving Me TONS of Workout Time While Helping Boost the Feeling of Good Health,  Boost Mood, Get Rid of Pain and Of Course for Getting Lean and Staying Lean all Masterfully Crafted into a Simple System You Can Execute Simply... And I'll Teach You My System So You'll Have Fat Burning Super Powers that  You Can Use for the Rest of Your Life in Just 24 Minutes Ever OTHER Day! "

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So I Needed a New Much More Time Efficient Fat Burning & Health Boosting Exercise SYSTEM, Yes a System So I Didn't Have to Think About or Figure Out What to Do Every Day  to Reduce Overall Body Pain from Stagnation, Help Retain Muscle Mass, Build Joint Strength, Trigger Fat Burning Even when Not Exercising the Following Day all Done in UNDER 30 Minutes Every OTHER Day ... And After Actually Many Years of Testing... EUREKA!  

"Is the Velocity BURN Method Finally the "Easy Ticket", the "Secret Trick" to Weight Loss, for a Lean & Toned Body?"

Yes!  I Can Say that from My Experience.   It Has Become that Goto Fat Burning and Health Boosting System That I Can Do as an Automatic "No Thinking" Habit.  It's Just So Effective.  It Saves So Much Time.  Maybe Velocity BURN Could Be that for You Too!

It's taken me a long time to try to find a go to ideal fat burning exercise system that could also help me retain muscle mass while helping me take care of all the health needs and my physical body needs to reverse the aches and pains caused by sitting in front of computer a bit too much per day. Velocity BURN saves me so much time. I now have a replacement exercise method that is critical for many people lean and toned body and keep my health up.  

Velocity BURN has been great for boosting my mood, getting rid of pain, strengthening my joints, fat burning support even for days after in the "afterglow" of the workout session done every other day.  Of course you can do this system is much as you want but it's pretty powerful or as once every other day works out great for me.


I Created What I Now Call My Perfect, Ideal Fat Burning System, 25 Years in the Making, that is Easily Repeatable, Not Boring, Triggers and Afterglow of Fat Burning, Works Well with the Joints, Maintains Muscle and is a Huge Time Saver. And Now I'm Sharing My Secrets with YOU! 

"When You Just Get Tired Of Blowing 4 To 5 Hours A Day, Net, Doing The Whole "Gym Thing" - Then You Can Turn to Velocity BURN!..."

Okay okay you don't have to give up weightlifting.  But if you're weightlifting, Velocity BURN in our opinion and experience is a far more efficient and effective and weightlifting recuperative technique, plus fat burning you can use than a. nothing and b. just about any other form of cardio.   And it's GREAT for Bodybuilders too!

Yes that's right,  you can use Velocity BURN System to help you recuperate more quickly from a weight workout even after leg day. 

How so?  Well the Velocity BURN method is designed to fit to your physical bodies need and even from milliseconds to millisecond.

So technically you have a new method with Velocity BURN that you can use to burn off fat, while moving lymph to help get the waste and the lactic acids out of your muscles and joints while getting a blood flow this to increase nutrient delivery plus oxygen and  for more rapid tissue repair. 

And because the Velocity BURN method itself adaptable to you any day you do it, it is a method that you can employ with your weightlifting. Also remember that this Velocity BURN System is executed only every other day - and you could do it every third day if you want or whatever.

But for those who want to take a break from the whole gym thing, the bodybuilder lifestyle 2nd full time job thing then consider what I did which was do just do Velocity BURN which worked out great, burned off fat, my health going and help retain muscle.

How does Velocity BURN help retain muscle?  By the Velocity BURN Intensity Engagement MATRIX.

Velocity BURN has become my one go to method that takes care of the following for me that you can now use too:

  • My fat burning needs which became more needed than ever as I went from "gym life" to "computer life".   Yes, the Velocity BURN  system got me the results of weight loss, fat burning, that I wanted to see especially for doing so little exercise relatively speaking vs. "gym life".
  • Body cleansing needs:  Through the velocity circulation of blood to deliver nutrients and O2 plus the moving of lymph to eradicate inter-cellular waste Velocity BURN did wonders for vanquishing "the tar" feeling of sluggishness and pain from sitting in front of a computer too much. 
  • Joint activation, joint stimulation, joint fluid stimulation, joint strengthening joint tissue joint area cleansing helping push outs scar tissue and other junk that easily accumulates particularly and post-surgical joint.
  • Bone strengthening from electrical shock pounding created by running assumed from the concepts that associates jumping and pounding with the increase of bone density. 
  • Muscle retaining due to the Velocity BURN Intensity Engagement MATRIX.
  • an exercise method fit into 25 minutes and done, every other day! 

And the time saving for exercise that can even be more effective than my usual gym life exercise has been huge for me. I'm not saying that this is gonna replace bodybuilding but at least it gives me a way to get a really good workout, to target burning fat whereas I don't get that with the weight training workout, and to incorporate the health of my entire body and not just parts as he have any weight training workout. 

And compared to Velocity BURN, old school fat burning cardio is GARBAGE when compared to Velocity BURN.  Old school cardio is mindlessly painful, boring, slow in fat burning, wears on the joint and drains you of precious muscle mass. 

Velocity BURN is the exact opposite from my experience which means that it's fun, relatively quick, entertaining, fast in burning, makes joints actually feel better and stronger and preserves muscle mass while maybe even building a little in the process. 

Once you hit that "life spark" point in the Velocity BURN Intensity Engagement MATRIX (which is part of the Velocity BURN system) I feel that a cascade of positive things are triggered such as: regeneration, incredible oxygenation, a "pressure washing" of the lymphatic system of inter-cellular sewage ("tar" = pain), joint fluid activation, brain fog clears, light shines brighter on the insides, my mood skyrockets, my productivity also skyrockets afterwards, my speed at work increases and even my speed in running increases!

Plus my recuperation time is quick and I don't have to ruin the rest of my day because I'm too tired from the gym with weight training workout. 

So I would say I get more health benefits as a whole and I save a ton of time with Velocity BURN. 

Coming out of the body building and the personal training worlds into the business world, I needed an exercise method that was more efficient, that would help me obtain, maintain and maintain an attractive an attractive looking physique in VERY Little Time.

I didn't have the time that I used to have to workout, what 2 to 3 hours and more when all put together by going to the gym and that's not even counting fat burning season where you would have to add on another 2 hours of cardio a day plus time it takes to get there, come back, recuperate and cleanup assuming I don't start socializing while I'm there.

Plus I didn't have the time to recuperate from some maniac weight workout in the gym (and I love maniac workouts!!). Something much more efficient was needed. And I wanted it all.  I wanted the perfect workout for busy people who wanted to retain muscle mass and look good, lean and toned in far less time.   I stayed focused on this ideal and eventually... I cracked the code with Velocity BURN!


What If YOU Were Able to Burn Excess Body Fat to the Levels You Want by Working Out for 25 Minutes Every OTHER Day?

Ready to Get the Job Done Velocity BURN WORKS!
Velocity BURN -- Great on the Joints!
Become More Efficient at Burning Fat & Losing Weight!

Learn the Velocity BURN Method & You'll Obtain a Life Long Skill for Optimized Faster Fat Burning and Health Boosting...

  • The Velocity BURN Method is arguably the only method cardio I could do that would actually make my joints after multiple knee surgeries, actually feel good and then get stronger.  What if you could actually start making your joints stronger? 
  • Old school fat burning cardio makes joint ache and is mindlessly boring. It burns up so much time.  2 hours a day?!  It's so interruptive too. Velocity BURN is fast and fun.  It's only 24 minutes every other day which very much gets the job done.  All you need to do is learn the system and do it as described. (And not some half baked variation of it in order to experience the excellent results I have.)
  • It also reduces my joint pain. It's exciting. It's an adventure.
  • Velocity BURN increases my agility and mobility.
  • Velocity BURN cleanses my body and helps remove aches and pains I accumulated from too much computer work, especially in the legs but also in the shoulders.
  • On top of that it was encouraging to see a visible difference from day to day of fat disappearing from my body, even without dietary changes.
  • Make Feeling Good a Regular Occurrence. Easy. Invigorating. Joint Activating. Deep down fat burning. Easy. Full body workout. Simple cardio. Don't need a gym. Run outside. Or use elipitcal or stairs. Can apply method to any cardio to turn into an enjoyable effective fat burning machine. But will it help me get all the way lean?
  • Replaces 2 hours a day cardio. Replaces the mediocre 30 to 60 minute some cardio plus some weights workouts.
  • Involves types of movement that can trigger bone mass strengthening.
  • The focus here is fat burning not body building.  You can get one of our other programs for more efficient body building. Velocity BURN focuses on trigger FAT BURNING especially. Lifting weights can cause too much deep damage too quickly that which can easily cause us to over eat to 'take away the pain' for the sake of recuperating thereby making us fatter.
  • Velocity BURN triggers a peak in intensity trigger 4 times in a session which then, as we call it,  triggers a "primal activation spark", that triggers a cascade of physiological actions and reactions while activating big to little muscles all over the body.  When we do this (and we build up to it in a safe way through our MATRIX and through the way we tell you how to move) i's like this trigger point sets off broad cascade of energy demand across the body which then can tend to draw upon fat storage throughout the body once blood sugar gets used up.  These trigger points also seem to really get things flowing in the body and activated for cleansing and regeneration. 
  • Velocity BURN helps move the lymph which means that it helps push out cellular waste thereby allowing your body to speed up recuperation and repair from your last workout and from your weight lifting workout.
  • Velocity BURN provides scouring, cleansing, deep down blood flow through the intensity engagement cycle which helps feed and oxygenate tissue, also accelerating recuperation.
  • The Intensity Engagement MATRIX is the genius core engine behind Velocity BURN and we'll teach you this matrix method so you'll have a powerful skill for life no matter what shape you're in at the time or how old you are. 
  • Velocity BURN just works excellently. It puts everything I need for lean body getting and keeping (plus health boosting) into a convenient 25 minute workout every other day which allows us to skip the multi hour gym process, or at least not be dependent on the gym for fat burning and health based exercise while burning fat, cleansing the body while helping maintaining muscle mass vs. other cardio methods.
  • That also means that Velocity BURN could be a better method of fat burning for bodybuilders, fitness models and models in general as well.  It's great on the joints too as a bodybuilder, you'll want that! Maintain your muscles.  Velocity BURN works with your physical body no matter how sore you are from your weight lifting workout.
  • You can, of course, do Velocity BURN from home.  You could use running outside if your neighborhood is good for that too.  You can do cardio machines from home.  You could even, technically, do this workout by using the Velocity BURN system while running in place!
Time to BURN it Off!
Replaces 2 Hours a Day Cardio - VELOCITY BURN
Weight Loss Isolated Weight Loss  - outsideclick / Pixabay

Today I'm making my new, what I call,  "The Perfect Fat Burning and Health Boost Restoration System" available for you. 

While it's still available, you can quickly pick up a copy of what I now call "Velocity BURN Fat Burning System" and add it to your fat burning, health boosting, pain from sitting vanquishing support arsenal. 

Free up a bunch of time from going to the gym every day.  Imaging adding back 2 to 3 hours or more back to your day by having to only exercise 25 minutes every OTHER day.   

You see, you may only workout in the gym for 40 to 60 minutes, but the preparation to go there, the cleanse off, then the cleanse off at home, the recuperation all while hoping you have some energy left to do something productive may all come out to hours when you put it all together!

And when I became super busy with business, I discovered how much time the gym as costing me. And if you translate time to money, going to the gym was costing me a fortune. 

So I started developed advanced and creative methods I, you, can do from home using far more efficient exercise techniques that gets a BETTER workout than the gym in far less time without getting you dirty from nasty germ gyms and who knows what else... and while not taking up much time and without draining all your energy so you can stay productive and lively doing other things!


Learn the Velocity BURN Method & You'll Obtain a Skill for Fat Burning that Maybe up to 10x Faster or More at Burning Fat vs. the Old Ways...

  • The Velocity BURN Method is arguably the only method cardio I could do that would actually make my joints after multiple knee surgeries, actually feel good and then get stronger vs.  other cardio methods make my joints ache and cause more pain. 
  • Old school fat burning cardio makes joints ache and is mindnumbing boring. Velocity BURN is fast and fun.
  • It increases my joint strength.
  • It reduces my joint pain. It's exciting. It's an adventure.
  • Velocity BURN increases my agility and mobility.
  • Velocity BURN cleanses my body and helps remove aches and pains I accumulated from too much computer work, especially in the legs but also in the shoulders.
  • On top of that it was encouraging to see a visible difference from day to day of fat disappearing from my body, even without dietary changes.
  • Feel Good. Easy. Invigorating. Joint Activating. Deep down fat burning. Easy. Full body workout. Simple cardio. Don't need a gym. Run outside. Or use elliptical or stairs.
  • You can apply the Velocity BURN method to any cardio to turn into an enjoyable, effective fat burning machine. 
  • Replaces 2 hours a day cardio used in traditional fat burning, body fat stripping approaches. 
  • Involves types of movement that is associated with triggering bone mass strengthening.
  • Involves types of movement that is associated with triggering joint strengthening.
  • The focus here is fat burning and Velocity BURN focuses on triggering FAT BURNING especially. Lifting weights can cause too much deep damage too quickly which can easily cause us to over eat to 'take away the pain' and recuperate thereby making us fatter.
  • Velocity BURN triggers a peak in intensity engagement 4 times in a session which then activates big to little muscles all over the body deeply triggering a broad cascade of demand across the body for energy which then can draw upon fat storage throughout the body once blood sugar gets used up.
  • Velocity BURN helps move the lymph which means that it helps push out cellular waste thereby allowing your body to speed up recuperation and repair from your last workout and from your weight lifting workout.
  • Velocity BURN provides scouring, cleansing, deep down blood flow through the intensity engagement cycle which helps feed and oxygenate tissue, also accelerating recuperation.
  • The Intensity Engagement MATRIX.
  • Velocity BURN works really really well - it's my 3 decade in the works ideal fat burning health boosting exercising system! It puts everything needed into a convenient 25 minute workout every other day which allows us to skip the multi hour gym process while burning fat, cleansing the body while still maintaining muscle mass. That also means that Velocity BURN could also be a better method of fat burning for bodybuilders, fitness models and models in general as well from my experience and opinion.

Yes Velocity BURN Fat Burning System is Actually Something Real.

We have found Velocity BURN to be GENIUS after several years of testing and using the method,  the system.   How so?   

For the time involved:  the quantity of fat that gets burned even the day after the workout with visible results, the  feeling of health restoration, the removal of pain throughout the body, the boost in mood, the saving of time, the overall increase in productivity across the board...

Velocity BURN Fat Burning System, You Can Say is for the Busy, or for the 'Fairly Lazy', or Those Who Don't Want to Strain Themselves or Burn Themselves Out Yet Still Want a Lean, Hot Looking Body & Even Six Pack Abs...

Velocity BURN Helps Cleanse Out the Body of "Biosludge Junk", Waste Build Up and Toxins too within the Body. 

A lot of us are backed up on the cellular level. Things are stuck. Due to a lack of any sort of vigorous body movement people have gotten themselves into scenarios that enable them to get fat fast, sick too.

And without vigorous movement our body craves stimulation and life. And what that gets us to do is to seek out stimulant drinks and stimulant foods, especially convenience foods, fast foods, fats and sweets,  which then makes us even fatter.

Fortunately, I 'stumbled upon' (almost literally, but that's another story...),  this new method that helps me cleans my body in a way that lasts 2 days, discovered after over 30 years of testing so there's actually something quite interesting behind this new method.   This is why we do the Velocity BURN method every other day.   It works our great and gets the job done. 

Enjoy this spark of brilliance given to me that can now potentially greatly enhance your life, health and  your ambitions for your ideal body.

Hmmm... Let's Try a Little Velocity BURN!
Now That's a Lean & Toned Body!
$39.99 + Special In Cart Bonus Offers if You Order within the Next 5 Minutes!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long per workout?

20-25 Minutes was my average.  Now it's technically 24 minutes. You could do more or less.

Can I do this in my home?

Yes. We have variations. You can use cardio machines, yes.  You can even run in place for the ultimate in cardio exercise efficiency! The secret is in the WAY we move in Velocity BURN in combination with the Velocity BURN MATRIX.    

You could even jump rope if you can handle it; yes in fact, you could use our newer count method instead of time method we invented so we didn't have to look at a watch while running.   Our favorite is running outside. That will depend on your neighborhood. 

We have a lot of nice weather and sunshine on average so we can get a great dose of vitamin D3 while burning fat, restoring good feelings to our body and health.   We also get a lot of results by using the elliptical cardio machine first thing in the morning. 

Is this a set of exercises?

No, you take just one exercise into the Velocity Fat Burning Matrix (the matrix is the workout).  The secret happens in the WAY the program is done.  Remember that.  For example, you can have 2 guys working out in the gym.

After 2 years 1 looks the same and the other looks jacked with the same trainer and same regiment:  what's the difference?  It's the WAY one lifts a weight and works out.  We are very good with the WAY, the secret head to heart to body synergy, that makes one move in a certain way that produces fantastic results.  Yes the way we teach you is the secret sauce that not many have understood before.

Is this a diet?

No.  We do sell some great diets though.  Join our newsletter to find out. 

How Fast Can I Get Lean & Toned with Velocity BURN?

Velocity BURN is highly efficient for a fat burning method that could help you get lean and toned rapidly.  The speed at which you get lean and toned will depend on other factors such as your diet, your toxin levels and so on.

We have other programs that can help you accelerate fat burning once you're ready for them. From our experience, we find it's best to master Velocity BURN first, then graduate to programs such as Velocity INFERNO and Velocity TORCH.

Can I Do Velocity BURN with the KETO Diet?

Yes.  Velocity BURN is arguably a perfect match with keto diet to help accelerate fat burning while on the keto diet. 

Velocity BURN uses a physiological + psychological synergistically harmonious method that works with the physical body so you don't push too hard too fast, but you do optimize your exercise to meet what your physical body wants to do for accelerated fat burning. 

Remember that your physical body wants to not get injured yet it also wants to experience vigorous motion and intense flexation, relative to your current ability at that moment to move, because that brings health, blood flow and lymphatic drainage (body's waste products cleansing is through the lymph). 

This also means that Velocity BURN can coordinate with your energy levels while you are on the keto diet because while on the keto diet you may or may not have the same energy levels as you're used to with other diets or no diet.   

Is This Weight Lifting

No.  Not at all.  We have some great lifting programs for shaping an awesome looking body  (join our newsletter to find out). This is about doing exercise in the "laziest", least energy draining and time draining way possible while actually accelerating fat burning faster than just about any other fat burning exercise method. 

You just need a place where you can run, walk, crawl or hop on a cardio machine.  This method is so effective that you could even run in place just as long as you mimic actually walking, jogging, running action, and burn a ton of fat. 

It's the Velocity BURN Secret Method plus System that makes it SO EFFECTIVE.  My favorite method was to walk, jog, trot, run outside, especially when the sun was out.  We teach you about the best types of cardio exercise that are most effective in the course.

What If I'm Really Out Of Shape?

Great! This is a perfect method to learn from starting where you are and advancing from there.  Being in shape does not matter at all.  We use a special method we invented that allows for a perfect workout if: out of shape, tired, sore, significantly overweight, "well up there in years", man, woman, kid etc...

It does not matter since every single workout and every single set are relative to you at that moment in time.  It's quite ingenious how it works.   And this Velocity BURN method was ultimately born out of a program I developed to fix my joint problems which worked really well!

Can I Do This With A Weight Lifting Program?

Yes.  It's quite complimentary with weight lifting and Velocity BURN can help you get ripped much more quickly.  Plus the "velocity flush" has recuperative "powers" that can help recuperate from weight workouts more quickly.  

This method can be much more beneficial vs. an hour of boring treadmill walking or stair stepping which is usually done with by bodybuilders when cutting the fat.   And if you're sore, it doesn't not matter because your workout will be relative to your physical state of being's biofeedback at that moment in time. 

Also Velocity BURN is much more effective, time efficient and SAFE for body builders & fitness models who are looking to get very toned, if not ripped for a show.  Consider learning the Velocity BURN way to start making far more progress (while helping retain muscle mass in the process!) 

Click Add to Cart to Get Started! Velocity BURN System & Philosophy Could Become One of the Most Valuable Health Boosters & Fat Burning Weapons Giving You a Most Efficient & High Saftey Approach WAY for Getting & Staying Healthy & Lean for Life...
Disclaimer: I can't promise you future fat burning results. Can't even tell you that this program is for you because this is a system I developed for myself and I can't diagnose and prescribe for you and method of action for health or weight loss personally. But you can use this information for educational, learning and understanding purposes and either develop your own system or you can use this system after you get the approval and monitoring of your license Healthcare professional and certified personal trainer you see how that works? There is risk in exercise and there was risk and not exercising. Although our Velocity BURN Fat Burning System educates the students on how to moving more coordinated ways and avoid injury even better from our own extended experience, and although the Velocity BURN way of exercising has shown to help reduce pain & injury and personal experience that is often associated with cardio fat burning exercise there is risk in exercising which could cause you to get injured especially if you do not learn our system well and especially if you weren't paying attention while you are exercising. So therefore if you decide to do this program you are assuming any risk that may be associated with this exercise program.
Through your purchase you agree to all disclaimers on our website. Thank you.

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