"NEW! Velocity BURN High Efficiency Fat Burning Program to Burn More Fat More Easily & Quickly with Less Effort.  Save Time.  Boost Health.  Boost Mood and Use to Get Lean & Toned..."

Boost Health, Reduce Overall Body Pain from Stagnation, Help Retain Muscle Mass, Trigger Fat Burning when Not Exercising the Following Day ... Have a System for Moving that is More Save and Builds Joint Strength Too! 

"Is the Velocity BURN Method Finally the "Easy Ticket", the "Secret Trick" to Weight Loss, for a Lean & Toned Body?"

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Yes!  I Would Say it IS!

I Created What I Now Call The Perfect, Ideal Fat Burning System, 25 Years in the Making, that is Easily Repeatable, Not Boring, Triggers and Afterglow of Fat Burning, Works Well with the Joints, Maintains Muscle and is a Huge Time Saver. 

When you just get tired of blowing 4 to 5 hours a day, net, doing the whole "gym thing" - then you can turn to Velocity BURN!

This is that one go to method that takes care of:

  • Fat burning.
  • Body cleansing.
  • Joint activation.
  • Bone density strength triggering.
  • Muscle retaining.
  • Pain vanquishing...
  • ...in an exercise method fit into 25 minutes and done, every other day!

Coming out of the body building and the personal training worlds into the business world, I needed an exercise method that was more efficient, that would help me obtain, maintain and maintain an attractive an attractive looking physique in VERY Little Time.

I didn't have the time that I used to have workout, what 2 to 3 hours and more when all put together by going to the gym. Plus I didn't have the time to recuperate from some maniac weight workout in the gym. Something much more efficient was needed. I wanted it all.  I wanted the perfect workout for busy people who wanted to retain muscle mass and look good, lean and toned in far less time.   I stayed focused on this ideal and eventually... I cracked the code with Velocity BURN!


What If YOU Were Able to Burn a Ton of Excess Body Fat Working Out for 25 Minutes Every Other Day?

Today I'm making my new, what I call,  "The Perfect Fat Burning and Health Boost Restoration System" available for you.  While it's still available, you can quickly pick up a copy of what I now call "Velocity BURN Fat Burning System" and add it to your rapid fat burning, health boosting, pain from sitting vanquishing support arsenal. 

Free up a bunch of time from going to the gym every day.  Imaging adding back 2 to 3 hours or more back to your day by having to only exercise 25 minutes every OTHER day.    You see, you may only workout in the gym for 40 to 60 minutes, but the preparation to go there, the cleanse off, then the cleanse off at home, the recuperation all while hoping you have some energy left to do something productive may all come out to hours when you put it all together!

And when I became super busy with business, I discovered how much time the gym as costing me. And if you translate time to money, going to the gym was costing me a fortune. 

So I started developed advanced and creative methods I, you, can do from home using far more efficient exercise techniques that gets a BETTER workout than the gym in far less time without getting you dirty from nasty germ gyms and who knows what else... and while not taking up much time and without draining all your energy so you can stay productive and lively doing other things!

Learn the Velocity BURN Method & You'll Obtain a Skill for Fat Burning that Maybe up to 10x Faster or More at Burning Fat vs. the Old Ways

  • The Velocity BURN Method is arguably the only method cardio I could do that would actually make my joints after multiple knee surgeries, actually feel good and then get stronger.
  • Old school fat burning cardio makes joint ache and is mindlessly boring. Velocity BURN is fast and fun.
  • It increases my joint strength.
  • It reduces my joint pain. It's exciting. It's an adventure.
  • Velocity BURN increases my agility and mobility.
  • Velocity BURN cleanses my body and helps remove aches and pains I accumulated from too much computer work, especially in the legs but also in the shoulders.
  • On top of that it was encouraging to see a visible difference from day to day of fat disappearing from my body, even without dietary changes.
  • Feel Good. Easy. Invigorating. Joint Activating. Deep down fat burning. Easy. Full body workout. Simple cardio. Don't need a gym. Run outside. Or use elipitcal or stairs. Can apply method to any cardio to turn into an enjoyable effective fat burning machine. But will it help me get all the way lean?
  • Replaces 2 hours a day cardio. Replaces the mediocre 30 to 60 minute some cardio some weights workouts.
  • Involves types of movement that can trigger bone mass strengthening.
  • Involves types of movement that can trigger joint strengthening.
  • The focus here is fat burning and Velocity BURN focuses on trigger FAT BURNING especially. Lifting weights can cause too much deep damage to quickly that is very focused and which can easily cause us to over eat to 'take away the pain' and recuperate thereby making us fatter. Velocity BURN triggers a peak in intensity engagement 4 times in a session which then activates big to little muscles all over the body deeply triggering a broad cascade of demand across the body of energy need which then can draw upon fat storage throughout the body once blood sugar gets used up.
  • Velocity BURN helps move the lymph which means that it helps push out cellular waste thereby allowing your body to speed up recuperation and repair from your last workout and from your weight lifting workout.
  • Velocity BURN provides scouring, cleansing, deep down blood flow through the intensity engagement cycle which helps feed and oxygenate tissue, also accelerating recuperation.
  • The Intensity Engagement MATRIX.
  • Velocity BURN just works. It puts everything needed into a convenient 25 minute workout every other day which allows us to skip the multi hour gym process while burning fat, cleansing the body while still maintaining muscle mass. That also means that Velocity BURN could be a better method of fat burning for bodybuilders, fitness models and models in general as well.

Learn the Velocity BURN Method & You'll Obtain a Skill for Fat Burning that Maybe up to 10x Faster or More at Burning Fat vs. the Old Ways

  • The Velocity BURN Method is arguably the only method cardio I could do that would actually make my joints after multiple knee surgeries, actually feel good and then get stronger.
  • Old school fat burning cardio makes joint ache and is mindlessly boring. Velocity BURN is fast and fun.
  • It increases my joint strength.
  • It reduces my joint pain. It's exciting. It's an adventure.
  • Velocity BURN increases my agility and mobility.
  • Velocity BURN cleanses my body and helps remove aches and pains I accumulated from too much computer work, especially in the legs but also in the shoulders.
  • On top of that it was encouraging to see a visible difference from day to day of fat disappearing from my body, even without dietary changes.
  • Feel Good. Easy. Invigorating. Joint Activating. Deep down fat burning. Easy. Full body workout. Simple cardio. Don't need a gym. Run outside. Or use elipitcal or stairs. Can apply method to any cardio to turn into an enjoyable effective fat burning machine. But will it help me get all the way lean?
  • Replaces 2 hours a day cardio. Replaces the mediocre 30 to 60 minute some cardio some weights workouts.
  • Involves types of movement that can trigger bone mass strengthening.
  • Involves types of movement that can trigger joint strengthening.
  • The focus here is fat burning and Velocity BURN focuses on trigger FAT BURNING especially. Lifting weights can cause too much deep damage to quickly that is very focused and which can easily cause us to over eat to 'take away the pain' and recuperate thereby making us fatter. Velocity BURN triggers a peak in intensity engagement 4 times in a session which then activates big to little muscles all over the body deeply triggering a broad cascade of demand across the body of energy need which then can draw upon fat storage throughout the body once blood sugar gets used up.
  • Velocity BURN helps move the lymph which means that it helps push out cellular waste thereby allowing your body to speed up recuperation and repair from your last workout and from your weight lifting workout.
  • Velocity BURN provides scouring, cleansing, deep down blood flow through the intensity engagement cycle which helps feed and oxygenate tissue, also accelerating recuperation.
  • The Intensity Engagement MATRIX.
  • Velocity BURN just works. It puts everything needed into a convenient 25 minute workout every other day which allows us to skip the multi hour gym process while burning fat, cleansing the body while still maintaining muscle mass. That also means that Velocity BURN could be a better method of fat burning for bodybuilders, fitness models and models in general as well.

Discover How I Now Save a Ton of Time Burning the Fat I Need to Burn While Getting that Needed Health & Mood Boost in Just 24 Minutes Ever Other Day Saving Me Tons of Hours that Get Blown by Going to the Gym...

I Finally Reveal My New Hidden Secret Method to Maybe Help Save Some Physical Lives, Emotional Lives by Making Simple Cardio Exercise Much More POTENT, SO Much More Efficient, Even Easy and Much More Doable (for Anyone, Even if You Can Only Crawl!)

Learn My New "Easy Ticket" my "New Trick" in my Discovery of the Velocity BURN Intensity Engagement MATRIX  that Goes Against the Logic as I Discover the Fat Burning POWER of Stepping Up Into this MATRIX of Fat Burning Acceleration.

How has Velocity BURN become my "easy ticket" or "new trick"? Well, Velocity BURN works for fat burning. It saves me a ton of time vs. going to the gym every day. I can do the workout from home. It only takes me 20 to 30 minutes. I only need to do a good job of it every other day, not even everyday. It cleanses my body. Velocity BURN fat burning system gets the circulation into the "dead zones" on my body that obtain poor circulation due to computer work. It helps remove the pain caused by sitting or standing too much. It boost my mood. It retains my muscle mass. It gets me more focused. It even gets me more aggressive in my work which has been great. It helps cleanse my body. It even helps boost my eyesight they get strain from staring at a computer screen too much. So yeah... I would say that Velocity BURN has become my "easy ticket" to fitness, health and fat burning. Learn the system and see for yourself!

What is Velocity BURN?

Velocity BURN Fat Burning System is a new way of doing cardio vascular exercise. It is highly efficient and can trigger deep down fat burning with a fat burning afterglow that can last for days. It is done every other day. That's it. It frees up a lot of time! The Velocity BURN fat burning system has become a great fat burning habit and health habit that gets rid of the pain cause by sitting or standing too much all day due to work. It also helps preserve muscle mass.

Why Does Velocity Burn Work?

Velocity Burn   fat burning system activates deep down  fat burning and flow   Velocity Burn uses an intensity engagement cycle that is relative to each individual's state of being at the moment.    And in fact then perform correctly  the fat burning  can last multiple days afterwards.

Velocity Burn  established FLOW - that is the flow of blood and lymph - both of which help cleanse out the body of junk tissue, toxins while helping the  fat digestion process.   Velocity Burn helps loose fat off the body helping you open up the  channels of elimination of stored body fat and cellular waste. 

How does Velocity Burn Work?

Velocity Burn triggers deep down body engagement (in a layered way) that activates the need of your cells to gobble up and burn a lot of energy.   One you run out of sugar to burn, your body starts tapped into stored body fat  which is what we want. But  Velocity Burn does so in a fun and enjoyable way that seems relatively easy compared to most fat burning workouts, and in our opinion. 

Velocity Burn uses a body communication,  intuitive synergistically harmonious method to  moving in real time that creates not only harmony with the body but also with the subconscious mind.    Before the workout becomes her money selling to a bed with means that when is more likely to do that workout more and more into the future since it feels good.

The Velocity Burn workout also coordinates  with the state of one's ability and feel at that moment every day.   So speed does not matter. We use intensity engagement as our variable.   And this approach works extremely well!

 Best weight loss and fat burning system  uses modified form of exercise that is a cardio exercise that my opinion is doable by all even if one has to crawl!   So therefore this is NOT some crazy insaneo workout  that beats you to a pet and put you in the high degree of probability realm of injury as some popular workouts for the past have done.

Will Velocity Burn Work for Me?

Although we can not not tell you that we are designing a program for you specifically or individually unless you were a personal training client of ours, Velocity BURN is a universal system exercise for the desired benefits effect meaning, rather, fat burning. It's a new smart way exercising that involved the way of movement, a new type of definitely perceived exertion method, a new way of listening to, connecting to your body so you can continually here what it's saying, a new approach to safety in exercise, a new way of coordinating with the body that works with the muscles and joints harmoniously, a new way of inducing healthy blood flow that can go deep and a new way of cleansing the "tar" out of the body restoring "light", "life", good feelings and helping lessen certain aches and pains and a new way of fat burning within a fat burning matrix that has been highly effective for us.

How Does the Afterglow of Fat Burning Work?

The afterglow of fat burning works because the intensity engagement matrix and peak trigger switch we turn on that happens upon correct execution of the system.

Why Velocity Burn is Better Than Old School Body Building Fat Burning Cardio.

The old school fat burning cardio that we use for bodybuilding, or rather for preparation for a bodybuilding show is monotonous, painful, boring and takes forever. It is very slow and it is very inefficient. And usually it's done well at least 2 hours a day.

Also old school fat burning cardio crudites aches and pains and joint problems. And plus it's so boring! We have found that our Velocity BURN fat-burning exercise method does the opposite where as it has ended up strengthening the joints while making us feel good. It's fun and exciting. Plus it's more efficient and less time intensive. And that's our experience quite a while now.

Why Velocity Burn is Better that Weight Training Based Fat Burning Methods.

There  a fine balance that is needed in order to optimally burn fat.  If we go too far in our weight lifting efforts then we create much damage in the muscles that needs to be repaired (because that's just  what weight lifting does)  in the body but usually comes from weight lifting or extreme exercise program that then cause the body to need too much nutrition too quickly. And then one must eat in a perfect way to give your body all the nutrients it needs without eating foods that the turn into stored body fat.  So then by lifting, most people are more likely to simply get fat and "bulky" instead of lean, toned and hot looking.. 

 And this is the actual problem that happens when people say they "get bulky" from lifting weights. You may have said this yourself. You may have said you don't want to lift weights because it makes you bulky.   And it's not necessarily the weights that make you bulky it's likely the imperfect eating to compensate for the tissue damage done.   

It's very difficult to eat perfectly to compensate for weight training  so therefore it's better for most people to do a smart, efficient cardio exercise method for optimal fat-burning instead of relying on weight training, unless you are a professional bodybuilder or fitness model and know perfectly what you are doing.

INTRODUCING: The Velocity BURN Fat Burning & Health Boosting Workout System...

Here's my story: I became really busy with work. This caused me to become less active and I tended to eat more junk food and caffeine. And you can guess what happened next...

That's right! The flubber and blubber started to grow in all sorts of strange places started slowly creeping over and covering my body. It was so slow and methodical that is hard to notice until one day I woke up and realized I look like a blimp! It was disgusting. I wasn't used to this new look. I did not like it. Is was making me depressed. It made me feel sickish. I had squishy parts that I wasn't used to that were just gross. And the visual and internal result was taking a toll on my life from many angles. So I had to do something about it.

I started sitting a lot more and had less and less time to work out. The way I usually worked out took me a couple hours a day all said and done. That was just way too much time for exercising and the results we're just not fast enough. In fact my old gym days what all can cause me to eat a little too much to recuperate faster leaving me with a harder time in becoming ripped and staying ripped. But instead I wanted a new way that would save me time, save me a lot of time, while making me feel better with more energy.

I wanted a near "instant presto" fast new fat burning method that retains muscle and causes a lean body shape. I wanted a way that was highly efficient so I didn't even have to work out everyday. And a method that I can do simply every other day and burn a ton of fat off while feeling good again after all that computer work would be even better!

So it now takes just 24 minutes every other day for my clever new fat burning strategy to do its thing which is, rapid, pain free, feel good, little time invested, little effort invested, fat melting that I could even see disappear in the mirror day by day.

Does knowing and mastering such a method sound good to you? It would certainly be a powerful weapon in the battle against excess blubber and pain caused by the modern lifestyle.

May I suggest to you that you learn this Velocity BURN system for yourself and get it down pat. And you can learn my new breakthrough principles that will open your eyes to a whole new world of fitness efficiency, lean body getting, rapid weight loss, rapid fat burning (fat burning that even builders with love and would highly benefit by doing versus the old muscle burning slow fat burning 2 hours a day cardio sessions...) and feeling good, cleansing out that body biosludge that causes pain in the process.

So I searched and tested for years... For this one ideal method. Of course I was ridiculously idealistic wanting to have it all well being relatively lazy at the same time. Now I'm not an advocate of being lazy and looking to do the bare minimum but because I became so busy with so many other things that I needed a high efficiency exercise system that would burn my fat off and help me retain muscle and body shape in the process.

So I kept pursuing my search for this one ideal perfect method of fat burning. And after being in the health and fitness industry for a little over 30 years there was no messing around and I demanded something real and genuine. I needed a system that just flat out worked.

And then finally one day I had that Eureka moment and then the concept of Velocity BURN was born. In the more I think about it, Velocity BURN is a concept that took many life experiences and discoveries and put them all together in one moment, in one flash of inspiration. I knew I had my ONE method and I started hammering out the details.

What is velocity burn? It's an exercise method and system designed for maximum fat burning and minimal time and minimal effort. It's also an exercise method that helps me reduce and eliminate pain and bad health that comes from too much computer work.

So I decided that I should share and teach others this method, this fat burning system, after keeping this method to myself for a few years. I mean I just had to. I had to help people out. People are really struggling these days with their health and weight. It seems like most everyone else has gotten super busy too. So today you can access my system for a small fee. Really I could charge a couple k for it. I mean it's going to cost you that if you were a client of mine just to get rolling. But due to technology these days I can teach many people at once by putting my method into an explanatory video and print course.

"Learn the BURN! Learn Velocity BURN & Learn a Powerful Lean Body Getting & Health Restoration Skill for LIFE! I Want to Teach You My NEW Fat Burning System for Getting a Lean Body Fast!"

So... As I Was Looking for My 1 Easy Quick Way Way to my Get Lean Body Back Fast I Found this Almost Magic Like Method that Would Have Rapid and Visible Fat Burning Results in Just 25 Minutes a Day - it Was Brilliant - I Couldn't Believe I Finally Found It ! Finally! And You Could Have this Method Today Too!

So I put together this course that will teach you this method. The Velocity BURN  method that has become so consistently valuable to me and  has become the core of all of my fat burning cardio, it has become my general health  exercise boosting mechanism,  it is my core pain reduction methods from pain caused from too much computer us  and Velocity BURN method is even the core of my joint strengthening method after a few surgeries...

 Not only does Velocity BURN  have the potential to make you lean and tone on its own it has the potential to keep you out of a lot of future health problems due to the effective exercise method that is doable relative to each individual where are there at in terms of being in shape and their own personal agility, due to its ability to trigger  what I call the physical body life spark that triggers cleansing and regeneration.  Velocity BURN also for me:

  •  Boosts mood.
  •  Increases joint strength.
  •  Increases speed.
  •  Increases agility.
  •  Increase is Clarity of thought.
  •  Decreases overall body pain.
  •  Decreases overall joint pain.
  •  Triggers in Afterglow of fat-burning so your workout yesterday is burning fat today without even having to work out.
  •  Boost metabolism.
  •  Increases libido.
  •  Supports muscle mass retention and even some growth whereas Old School Boring Monotonous Cardio depletes muscle mass,  causes chronic aches and pains,  wastes a lot of time and is super boring.

There is Indeed a Method of Fat Burning that Is Not Painful, That Doesn't Drain Your Energy, That Works and Can't Help But Work and Makes You Feel Really Good at the Same Time And I've Found it in a "Freak Discovery". Watch this Video to Find Out More...

Yes Velocity BURN Fat Burning System is Actually Something Real. We Have Discovered a What We Call, Well,  a Genius New Highly Efficient Fat Burning Method Because It Was the Perfect Breakthrough of Quantity of Fat Burning with Visible Results, Health Restoration from After Working All Day, Could Be Done Every OTHER Day, Didn't Have to Waste Hours for the Whole Gym While Boosting Mood and Increasing Productivity

Velocity BURN Fat Burning System, You Can Say is for the Busy, for the 'Fairly Lazy', or Those Who Don't Want to Strain or Burn Themselves Out But Want a Lean Hot Body & Even Six Pack Abs...


Velocity BURN Helps Cleanse Out the Body of Biosludge Junk Waste Build Up and Toxins too. 

A lot of us are backed up on the cellular level. Things are stuck. Due to a lack of any sort of vigorous body movement people have gotten themselves into scenarios that enable them to get fat fast.

And without vigorous movement our body craves stimulation and life. And what that gets us to do is to seek out stimulant drinks and stimulant foods which then makes this even fatter.

And  I 'stumbled upon' (almost literally but that's another story...),  this new method, discovered after over 30 years of testing so there's actually something quite interesting behind this new method. 

Enjoy this spark of brilliance given to me that can now potentially greatly enhance your life, health and  your ambitions for your ideal body.

Velocity BURN Just So Happens to Be Great for the Joints.  It is the Only Type of Cardio Exercise to Date That I Can Do that Makes My Multiple Knee Surgery Knee Actually Feel BETTER vs. Worse.   The Secret is in the WAY We Move in Combination with the Velocity BURN MATRIX.

Now being great on the joints is a big deal especially if you have had several surgeries from waist down. And I'm not necessarily talking about being "easy" on the joints I am talking about a stimulation activation trigger which brings life and strength for the joints, agility too. Joint pain starts to go away and it is been great.

So as I continue to do Velocity BURN Fat Burning System I also happened to be strengthening my joints and getting them to feel better and move around better. I thought I'd share this for fellow joint pain and stiff joint sufferers and those who have endured injuries particularly in the knees..

A Workout That Will Boost Your Mood And Make You Feel Happy And Free.

Yes did you know that having a lot of backed up biosludge, cellular waste build up, a feeling like tar is running through your veins, a general overall achy feel, even a feeling of dark clouds overhead can be completely lifted and obliterated wow inducing a state of happy euphoria with a simple smart workout? You see, Velocity BURN uses a particular new type of cyclic intensity engagement method that really works well and helping cleanse out the body and get those good endorphins going. After doing the workout, it's such a relief, you feel great, ismile returns, mood is boosted, you feel more happy, you feel like you just did something good without doing something too harsh or draining and then you know from experience by doing Velocity BURN that's Phat will steadily and automatically melt off your body.

Finally An Effective Cardio Workout That Works And That Is Not Boring...

...that is highly efficient for fat burning, that is not some insane, too intense, spaz workout that makes you never want to do that workout again and that has multiple safety protocols automatically ingrained (i.e. The Velocity BURN approach is only method that I can do with a older knee injury, or even slight new injuries, even slight muscle pulls for tight muscles whereas the Velocity BURN method helps loosen up the problems, strengthens them and relieve any pain as incredible as that sounds. This is due to the way we use intensity systematically).

Looking for an ultimate health workout that will cleanse the sludge, free the pain, boost your mood, burn a lot of fat, help you detox, be able to be done quickly, has some intensity but not too much intensity so it keeps you happy, helps you retain muscle.

Efficiency. I set a goal to make the ideal workout that would make me feel better, burn fat, retain muscle, clear out the bio sludge, remove the pain from working in front of a desk and strengthen my body through a cardiovascular type of system. And if you do the Velocity BURN system correctly to scale then really you don't need to do it every day but every other day as I found.

Now that saves a ton of time for me personally. Because going to the gym which does have its own benefits of course with all the weights, usually when you put it all together was taking me 3 to 4 hours a day. So basically I save 6 to 8 hours by replacing it in 30 min. a day with Velocity BURN - at least for the essential fat burning and health type of exercise.

A fat burning workout that is highly efficient and helps you retain muscle.

Retaining muscle is important from a cardio style workout especially two bodybuilders and fitness models but really, everyone today because the general public has learned about building muscle and how it's so effective, healthy and attractive. The scrawny, wasting away, anorexic look is totally out; it was a look that manifested from the ignorance of yesteryear.

Additionally for some of you Velocity BURN will increase your muscle mass some due to the cyclic intensity engagement method we have developed for this fat burning system.

Free fat burning - Velocity BURN causes you to burn fat the next day while doing nothing.

Yes the great thing about Velocity BURN is that you get up to today a free fat burning which means that you have an over lapping "fat burning glow" period. This helped accelerate the process of helping us obtain a lean body.

Velocity BURN is automatically adaptable to each individual, where they are at physically

How is Velocity BURN fat burning method automatically adaptable to each individual? It's the way we have designed the method do not only be adaptable to each individual but to be adaptable to each individual on a daily basis and even a moment-by-moment basis. It's in the way we do movement that coordinates the body parts down to the smallest level in a harmonious way which allows for coordination, awkwardness avoidance and better injury avoidance (from minor ache two major pull).

We use a body harmonizing, synergistic method that coordinates with the body quite well. It brings coordination together which is great for effectiveness in addition to great for being more safe. It also helps with increasing agility and the ability to move. As we do the Velocity BURN program more and more we're able to get around, move more and move faster, more and more and do more activities that involve more agility and skills such as sports. As we build strength and coordination were able to do more various exercise and athletic activities better and better.

Conversely, by lifting weights only we don't necessarily build much coordination for bodyweight movement nor do we build agility nor necessarily increase our ability to move around especially at faster paces. This is also why I like the change-up of doing the Velocity BURN fat burning weight loss system for weight loss and health but also agility and Mobility, in addition to speed as well. Yes I'm able to get around much faster versus just doing weight lifting. It's been quite a nice change-up.

So what this means is that also Velocity BURN has been extraordinary good on the joints as well.

Velocity BURN can be easily scaled!

Whether you can barely walk whether you're a competitive endurance Runner or Sprinter, a severely out of shape desk potato or a bodybuilder with lots of heavy muscle mass Velocity BURN is automatically adaptable to you and relative to you in the moment and from day-to-day. Even from day-to-day our ability and energy levels, are body Health levels or slight injury levels will vary. Our ability 2/2 speed and movement will vary from day to day (for example, if you did Heavy squats the day before you're probably not going to be able to run so fast the next day)

How Would You Like To Have a Fast Fat Burning Way Of Doing Cardio That Is Entertaining And Not Boring And That Saves You A Lot Of Time.

This is another important point. saving a lot of time is something we talked about already quite a bit. But not being boring is a big issue when it comes to cardio. The Velocity BURN fat burning system has the boring part solved because you're always engaged, you are always tuning into your physical body. I can't think over time of ever been bored doing this fat burning method, and I get bored really easily doing cardio. And since I'm all about efficiency these days that must also be why I like Velocity BURN fat burning method so much; plus it is entertaining and it gets done pretty quickly and then am done with exercise for the day and the next day!
Velocity BURN System is So Effective on Getting Exercise Done that It Could Be Your Key Trigger to Success in Other Areas of Life
  • Velocity BURN could very well be your trigger that gets you back into shape that makes you feel good which allows you to be more productive. 

  • Velocity BURN maybe your trigger to loosen your energy and productivity to help give more successful in life. 

  • Velocity BURN maybe your spark to help you get the confidence to develop a great relationship to keep that relationship going.

  • Velocity BURN maybe the spark that gets your juices going again so your current relationships and  love life can start doing well we're better than ever.
Velocity BURN Core System is So Doable and So Effective that It Just May Help Spark Your Health Breakthrough...

It seems like a lot of people don't really have the proper perspective on the severe importance of exercise and health. When looking to maximize health you need the right type of exercise that will trigger the needed health activators,  the cleansing of the body and the regenerative processes.

 There are even a variety of healthcare professionals who are selling their approach who don't understand exercise and imply to their patients that they don't need to exercise. Now they don't have the knowledge and understanding I do so I can understand maybe psychologically why they would say that but because they are saying that they are putting people in a much lower probability for good health because they don't know and understand a method like Velocity BURN.

Yes some healthcare experts emphasize the dangers of some sort of exercise like these extended workouts and extra long cardio sessions that are not met well with electrolytes,  minerals,  other various nutrients and hydration.   And yes people can get themselves in trouble by being dehydrated. Also a people can get themselves overwhelmed by trying to do super vigorous exercise when being clogged up inside and toxin loaded.  But ultimately a part of the process of opening up the inside clogs is actually by doing a smart exercise method in combination with a smart diet and some good nutritional supplement protocols.

Velocity BURN is So Efficient that in Only 25 Minutes Every Other Day Your Exercise Needs Could Be Taken Care of Where that's All You Have to Do at Least to Get By for a Lean, Toned & Much More Healthy Body

Now for those of you just want to do the "bare minimum exercise" to get by to maintain a lean and toned body or even get a lean and toned body while helping supply the body with the vigorous activity it needs to cleanse and be healthy then doing Velocity BURN would be a most efficient and most excellent work out for you. And I speak from experience.

Yes you can do the Velocity BURN exercise workout every other day and feel great.   Because of the "Intensity Engagement MATRIX" and the "spark activator factor", the effectiveness of the workout last maybe even up to three or four days granted you do the actual system as described in the course verses a "half job" of the system.

So I'd like to share with you my highly-efficient fat burning exercise discovery.
No it's not going to cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars does your doctor trip may (or more), it's going to cost you far less but the health impact could save you thousands to maybe even hundreds of thousands for some to the Future.

Velocity Burn Core System Boost My Mood Taking Me From Cloudy And Gray To Sunshine And Happy Bright.

As silly as that may sound to some,  that's how it feels. I go from scowl & growl to ease and happiness, even letting out of smile here and there.
And that's a big deal to most people, the ability to change one's mood so quickly. A lot of people have been struggling with gloominess, depression and so on.  Well forget all that dark gloomy junk!  Just clear it out with Velocity BURN!  Yes stop being depressed and get out there with highly efficient exercise methods.

Looking for an ultimate health workout method to free the PAIN?

Looking for an ultimate health workout that will cleanse the sludge, free the pain, boost your mood, burn a lot of fat, help you detox, be able to be done quickly, has some intensity but not too much intensity so it keeps you happy, helps you retain muscle and gets you done with exercise in just 25 minutes every OTHER day?
Hmmm then you may want to try Velocity BURN

Velocity BURN can be done easily from home without a gym.

Granted you can use the Velocity BURN method on any type of cardio equipment but my favorite method and the method that makes me feel the best and is one of the most effective although other cardio machine types are effective in their own way, is simply running outside. Running outside allows me to get fresh air and some sunshine usually. Of course you have to have a safe neighborhood and you can't have dog chasing you around. But technically, you can use this method even running in place which adds a new dynamic and a new angle using slightly different muscles versus running forward and using momentum.

Are you looking for a way to increase bone density and burn fat at the same time?

Bone density increasing? Absolutely. Especially from running outside. Studies have shown that even jumping up and down 20 times a day can increase bone density by up to 40%. So the key is to have a habit that makes sure we get this type of body pounding activity, which certainly can come from running, jogging, which is a bouncing, one leg at a time somewhat jumping activity. So whether you're male or female it's important call Ma especially as we age, and especially in these modern times of lack of a vigorous physical activity, that we all have some sort of physical body engaging and pounding exercise habit for the sake of maintaining and or strengthening bone density.

Are you looking for a way to boost your immune system through exercise that is highly efficient and enjoyable to do?

Lean Body Code Cracked with a New Fat Burning Discovery...

So I stumbled upon this new workout and I could literally say "stumbled upon" because I just about tripped into it. It was a certain jostling of the feet and the catching of myself that's parked part of the idea of the core Velocity BURN concept, but more on that later. I made this discovery while testing, searching for different ways of creating more highly efficient exercise methods for fat burning and muscle development over the past 30 years.

And I entered this point in life where I became extremely busy with all of this computer work just z due to new goal setting strategies that one could argue got me carried away, or rather very creative, yet busy very busy. So I needed something better faster quicker that brought me results for fat burning in an extremely efficient way.

I didn't have time to blow out a net 4 hours a day anymore from prep, workout, clean up to post workout recovery, trying to get my senses back from going to the gym everyday (although going to the gym is fun don't get me wrong and can have its own Effectiveness with its own effectiveness with its own types of workouts). So I needed this method that would burn fat in very little time while helping me retain muscle. But I needed an exercise method that would also help me clean out my inside, as in shake up and shake out my painful "biosludge" that made me feel like I have tar on my insides from standing or sitting in front of computer so long.


Want to Learn How to Burn Fat Faster Than Ever Before without Burning Yourself Out & in a Max 20 to 30 Minutes Every Other Day?

  • Without Blowing Out a Net 3 Hours a Day or More for the Gym? 
  • Without Having to Leave Your Home or Neighborhood?
  • That You Can do Every OTHER Day?
  • That Helps Wipe Away Pain? 
  • That is Tremendously Health Restorative?
  • That is Not Painful or Drainful?
  • But that Burns Fat Arguably Faster than Just About Any Other Technique? 
  • And Only Takes 20 to 30 Minutes a day?

Does Velocity BURN System Work?


The system works.  Will the user work the system is the question. Often people don't learn a system or only do parts of the system which is like learning how to use the coffee bean grinder but not knowing how much of the grounds to put into the coffee machine filter at Starbucks.  Or it's like learning how to drive a car without knowing what all those street signs mean.  Or it's like working at McDonalds (sorry for the hideous health example but it's associated with "systems"), knowing how to cook a burger but not knowing which buns to put the burger on or if you need to put condiments like ketchup, onions, pickles, mustard etc and how much of each... Sorry for the McDonalds hamburger disturbing imagery but I wanted to make a point that it's important to learn all the rules of a system and to get good at doing those rules.

  • Yes Velocity BURN works because it coordinates body's systems to trigger synergistically to release stored fat and even burn it for at the 48 hours later. So you get free fat burning.

  • It's highly efficient fat burning.

  • Helps retain muscle.

  • It's ideal for bodybuilders and fitness models you don't want to waste muscle and time taking forever on the treadmill.

  • It's ideal for the average, not so much in shape person too because the WAY we move through our Intensity Engagement MATRIX TM activates near Supernatural physiological activation of systems in the body that step up and turn on factors that increase coordination and pool on stored fat.

  • Velocity BURN helps restore agility.

  • Velocity BURN is the only cardio method that actually makes my joints feel better (after multiple knee surgeries and sitting too much).

  • Velocity BURN is a highly efficient method of exercise that lasts a around 24 minutes max that can be done at home saving a lot of time from having to go to the gym.

  • Velocity BURN gets way more fat burning done faster, maybe 3x to 10x faster fat burning in much less time versus traditional fat-burning cardio exercise.

  • Velocity BURN has become super important for maintaining health, keeping a strong immune system and helping prevent a variety of health problems.

My Strict Criteria for a Fat Burning System that WORKS & Does Not Get in My Way: 

1. No Strain or Drain!  I've Got Other Things to Do These Days Besides Blowing Our a Total of 3 to 4 Hours by Going to the Gym:  Solved!

2. No Dreariness (i.e. post gym lag where can't concentrate or focus the rest of the day...):  Solved!  

3. Retain Maximum Energy - Solved!  Solved!

4. Doesn't Make Me Miserable & Cranky: Solved! 

5. Actually and Factually Burns off Excess Unwanted Fat:  Solved!

6. Helps retain muscle mass in the process:  Solved!

7.  Reverses damage and pain caused from sitting in front of a computer too much:  Solved!

How? Through the NEW Velocity Burn High Velocity Fat Burning System!  Check This Out!

Discover My 1 Trick NEW Secret Formula "Lean Body Code", the "Velocity Spark", that Took Me Years of Researching & Testing to Find, for my Easiest, Fastest, Laziest, Most Efficient with Least Strain and NO Emotional Drain, Fat Burning, Quick to a Lean Body Method EVER!

I Finally Found That 1 Genius Solution that I KNEW Existed for that Easy, Little Time Involved, that Bare Minimum Method that Got the Results in 20 Minutes Every Other Day vs. the Old Way of Hours of Working Out & Dieting (yuck) that VISIBLY Melted Fat of My Desk Potato Belly Returning My Flat Belly and More Chiseled Look I Used to Have...  And I Want to Show You How to Do It!  Watch this Video to See How You Can Access My Secret!

  • Velocity Burn Made Me Feel Really Good Through My Whole Body
  • I Started to Have More Energy & Focus in General
  • This is Easy Going Fat Burning vs Some Excessively Exhausting Time Wasting Workout from the Gym
  • I Had Always Been Looking for My "Magic Pill" Secret Weapon Low Strain, Low Drain, Low Time Occupying Way & I Finally Found it - Velocity Burn Took Me By Surprise... I Didn't Expect it to Work This Well
  • My 1 20 Minute Workout Gave me FREE Fat Burning for Even 2 to 3 Days After
  • My Joints Became Strengthened in My Knees & Hips Which Was a Big Bonus from Excessive Computer Work Compounding and after Several Knee Surgeries
  • And I Never Strained Myself I Only Did Velocity Burn for Feeling GOOD

... And I Struck Fat Burning GOLD!    Today I'm Revealing My Secret That Took a Pudgy Middle Aged "Computer Potato" Who Looked More Like Homer Simpson Than Fabio, from Chubby Blob to Kinda Studly Looking with an Outline of Abs in 6 Weeks.  

Burn Fat Fast & Look Better FASTER

Discover My NEW Fat Burning Method for Melting Pounds Of Visible "Puffiness" the Fastest Way that I've Experienced Over 25 Years in the Heath & Fitness Industry!

  • Helped me become more productive
  • Takes little time every other day
  • Made me more productive in work
  • Boost my sense of health and well being
  • Got me looking better, fast
  • I never saw fat disappear so quickly, visibly from day to day while looking in a mirror
"You've struck fat burning gold!


Discover My Minimalist Way for Burning Fat that Took Me From Grimace Looking, Pot Belly, Pear Shaped, Love Handle Sporting, "Squishy Chest" Flopping, Slob to V Shape Kinda Studly Looking with an Actual Outline of Six Pack Abs in 6 Weeks.

Ok. Ok. So I Let Myself Get a Little Out of Shape. It's easy to do you know... (especially with a sweet tooth!) The good news is that my new "puffy" state gave me the spark to crack this NEW code I now call "Velocity BURN".

And man... this is THE BEST fat burning discovery I've made in a long time and it was so easy. So pardon my excitement because, well, I am excited that I found this way that works for:

  1. Fat burning
  2. Fat burning afterglow that last up to 3 days ("free money fat burning" as I like to call it)
  3. PAIN Elimination  - If you're like me and sit at a desk and in front of a computer too much you know the pain can add up!  Lack of circulation is a kilter.  Plus all of those muscle knots.  Ouch.
  4. Mood boost big time.  Just one of these 20 to 30 min workouts does the trick to bring a happy mood back from a grumpy day of work.
  5. Muscle retention - due to the my "intensity engagement" secret weapon muscle doesn't get wasted away as with "chronic cardio"

Yes. For me it was so easy verse all the hours in the gym and or zombie forming, mindless making miserable diets.  After you get this program you won't have to torture yourself with trying to lose weight, get rid of excess fat through dieting only, which is very inefficient.



Velocity Burn Method is Arguably the Fastest Fat Burning Method I've Ever Done & the Easiest! ...And I Have Over 30 Years in the Fitness Industry of Testing, Tweaking and Creating All Sorts of Fat Burning Programs.


And these days since I've gotten myself so busy I look for ultra efficiency in fat burning with minimal energy drain and pain. So, I've gotten smarter and smarter at getting lean, toned and ripped when required.

  • Plus Velocity Burn program actually and very interestingly fixed up a bunch of old joint issues which was near miraculously strange.
  • Velocity Burn gave me way more energy.  Velocity Burn gave me a lot more agility and I'm no spring chicken. 
  • Velocity Burn jacked up my confidence and drive.
  • Velocity Burn made me start smiling more strangely enough. 
  • Velocity Burn lifted a huge mystery cloud over my head.  I
  • Velocity Burn made me feel like I'm back in my 20's again. 
  • Velocity Burn was the fastest way of moving I ever discovered. 
  • Velocity Burn made me actually feel good while doing it. 
  • Velocity Burn made me get rid of a lot of stress.  I
  • Velocity Burn only took me 20 minutes or so every other day (you young bucks could probably do this every day or even twice a day and melt a ton of fat in a couple, few weeks).  And from my experience, your metabolism will get so high that it would be hard to not burn fat even if you ate cupcakes for breakfast, lunch and dinner on the 2x a day program! I burned embarrassing amounts blubber off without any specific diet either.  Hmm what if I actually would have added a diet...

I'm All About Lazy Fat Loss So This is Why This Discovery Is So Significant and Important to You and Your Fat Burning Efforts

Look We're Not Trying to Look All Shredded Out with 6 Pack Abs, Veins Popping Out, a Face that Makes You Look Like You're Sporting the "Skellator" Look...

(Although Bodybuilders Could Do Quite Well with this Method to While Retaining Muscle Mass...)


But How About  Some Nice Body Shape, with a V Shape Not a "Pear Shape" for Men, a Lean and Toned Shapely Body for Women, and Have a Flat Belly, No Love Handles, no "Man Boobs", No Layerd Flubbered Pot Belly, No Jiggly Wigglies, No Cellulite...  

One thing about modern weight gain is that it's hormonaly disruptive. Destructive hormones due to modern conditions have ended up creating some strange-looking body shapes that are not desirable. The great thing about Velocity BURN is that it uses an intensity engagement scale that really activates the body and can help trigger a deep down "life force switch" that can not only help us cleanse out bad fake hormones but also turn on "warrior activators" that are well correlated to more proper, attractive body shape in addition to a more active libido.

I'm Bet Most of You Guys & Girls Also Just Want to Look Good, Attractive, "Sexy"...  You Want People to Be Drawn to You and Not Repulsed. 

For most people the most important thing in regards to exercise is looks especially if you are younger. So you want to find easier methods to help you obtain those looks. Many people turn to clothes, makeup, hair and all sorts of tricks, gimicks and coverups. But when you learn how to unleash your inner beauty, reformatting yourself into the way you want to look then you'll need the methods, the strategies, the systems to make it happen.

Having a less than ideal look not only turns other people off visually but also, if you are not happy with your looks then you'll be inwardely negative, with low confidence and self esteem. And that negative state will come out in whatever you do thereby pushing people away.

Tip: in order to make it much easier to obtain the looks you want, you'll want to turn a method that works into a habit. The trick is in the habit because a habit can create results that feel automatic. When you make the exercise program a habit you don't have to think about it. And then the habit just creates what seems to be an automatic lean, toned and healthy body. Now that was EASY!

But You Don't Want to Spend 1/2 of Your Day Every Day Doing Meal Prep and Working Out!! That Super Shredded Look is Not Even Very Attractive Anyways.  Who Has the Time for all of that Nonsense These Days Anyways Right?

Yes the old school way of getting lean, toned or "ripped" (if that's for you) takes HOURS every day.  That method requires 2 HOURS of cardio, boring, chronic miserable cardio, EVERY DAY.  It's not fun. And takes a major chunk out of your life.  And it's not sustainable.  But, Velocity BURN is sustainable!  It's a fat burning lean body workout system that can make you lean and keep you lean as a habit!

Well the good news is - I have a solution that has provided me with arguably the easiest fat burning ever with the least time involved with the least energy drain too which is a perfect combo!  And today I'm here to offer you the opportunity to access my Secret Formula called Velocity Burn!

"Weight Loss" - I hear this Term used all the time. That is kind of a broad concept. When one says "lose weight" well what kind of weight you want to lose?  There a lot of things that contribute to our body weight.  Yet I'm assuming we don't want to lose like muscle mass and bone mass!

But unfortunately the way a lot of people approach weight loss actually with popularized methods end up losing muscle and bone mass while draining many other important factors that are important for health (if they even lose that much fat in the process.)  We don't want to just "lose weight".  We want to lose stored body fat, backed up cellular sewage, mucoid plaque and useless junk tissue.  

Most Diets Do Not Work and Are a Waste of Time, Energy & Misery vs. Smart Fat Burning Exercise Methods

Relying on diets along can deprive you of important nutrients that the body needs which then soon cause a diet snap back.   And that snap back usually returns to the foods and way of eating that got that person overweight in prior.  Or even worse, upon a diet snapback, it is common for a person to start eating the opposite way, voraciously, making themselves fatter before.  Have you ever done that? I have although it's embarrassing to admit.

Nothing can make up for the reparative and cleansing flow that exercise can bring.

Exercise also brings stimulation that is very much needed for the body and the emotions. It circulates lifeforce cleansing out the backed up cellular waste products.

Additionally dieting focuses on the negative which is losing. Losing is not winning! Winning is focusing on the look you want. You would do much better to Simply focus on the ideal look you want instead of focusing on "losing weight".

Understand this: Your health is out of balance your body will be out of balance and so will your looks.

If our body's health is out of line then different chain of events of problems can which can end up creating all sorts of health havoc and eventually a personal health crisis.

If you are missing nutrients and your body will crave them and it will force you to eat the foods that you know. If you are having weight gain problems right now then you are not efficient in your habitual food choices and you are not helping yourself obtain the lean body you want. On top of that you are not helping your body obtain the nutrients you need in an efficient way.

Another Note Dieting has Another Problem - Your Body Gets Used to a Diet Fast.

So unless you always change up your diet you're going to continually fall behind on a diet. Hence, there is no 1 diet 'magic solution'.  A series of eating method cycling is needed in order to achieve effective weight loss from dieting alone.   Then again, why bother trying to "lose weight' or obtain your ideal body by dieting alone when it is so much easier to use a highly effective, time efficient and good feeling exercise method like Velocity BURN!

Here is another problem with dieting: when you eat less and less in trying to lose that weight you end up making it harder and harder to lose weight. And unfortunately by eating less and less you slow your metabolism down more and more. So your metabolism down more and more you get fatter faster and faster.  So through dieting alone, if you slow your metabolism down slow and then flinch by taking an excursion of eating, off of your diet, then you will gain fat faster than ever!  That is not good.  That is what many people experience.

Also when you use a calorie-restricted type of diet you can enter a vicious cycle. This cycle is similar to the anorexic cycle whereas one slows down their metabolism so slow so any mistake makes them fatter fast. What's even worse is that usually on a calorie-restricted diet most people don't do it very well and they lose muscle mass and that makes them look more flabby. The flabby look gets mistaken as fat and the anorexic cycle kicks in.

"Skinny" is not an attractive look nor was it ever an attractive look. 

Looking like you're about to die is not attractive.  Many people have been tricked into this type of thinking. It's a vicious cycle.  It does not work.  It creates only misery.  It makes you less attractive.  And it's tremendously unhealthy.

People are attracted to lean but shapely looks. What is shapely? Shapely means you have muscle tone. Being shapely represents you being healthy and active.  Being shapely means subconsciously to others that you eat healthy and you physically work, moving the body, using it, enabling the body to be " useful" for "other" more fun activities.


On the other hand excessive body fat simply represents a state of illness two others. This state of illness can represent a poison body whereas the body retains fat in order to deal with excessive poison and imbalances.  Excessive body fat also can represent emotional illness in many different forms that can translate into excessive eating or hormonal imbalance which causes the body to retain fat.

Hormonal imbalance is a big factor these days for excessive unattractive fat gain and placement throughout the body. 

Stress causes hormone imbalance which makes our body break down muscle and store fat which is the ultimate worst for looking good.  Excessive estrogen can't get fat stored and all sorts of strange places.  Smart vigorous exercise helps diffuse stress.  Excellent exercise also helps cleanse out the internal stress factors so you can feel good, relaxed and healthy on the inside.

Excessive contaminants from the environment, packaging, foods ect... are poisons to our body that cause our body to store fat. 

There are a variety of ways to help detoxify these toxins, and we have several of those available for you but... Nothing flushes out toxins like a High VELOCITY Blood Flush that comes from a type of workout like Velocity BURN that works with you from where you are physically, to hit that peak velocity blood (and lymph) flush.  And it is quite a rush!  This is a core component of the Velocity Burn CORE System 1 that you'll be getting when you purchase fat burning course.

But with the era of chemicals, xeno estrogens, pharmaceuticals in the water, heavy metal poisoning, GMO's, pesticides, plus a bunch of other nasty things being thrown at us we Americans have been blowing up (fat and swollen) like blow fish in defense mode.   It looks terrible and it makes us all depressed.   We all need a fix for this or several fixes for that matter.  We need a solution, a method, a simple system we can do to help combat this squishy, sludgey puff we need...  Velocity BURN!

Discover My Minimalist Way for Burning Fat that Anyone Can Do That Works with Tons of Health Benefits

These days I personally need high efficiency methods for health boosting exercise and weight-loss fat burning. I need a method that does not take up a lot of time and does not make me tired but gives me more energy. I bet you're that way too! Not only has life gotten really busy for most people but who doesn't want much easier, faster and more effective ways for getting healthy and lean?

A New Discovery in Ultra Fast Fat Burning Anyone Can Do Starting Where You Are That Is Not Time Consuming & Does Not Drain Your Energy

  • The Ultimate Method for Computer Desk Potatoes that takes 20 Minutes, Activates Fat Burning for 1 to 3 Days Following, Helps Reverse Computer Desk Damage and Strengthens Joints in a Mysteriously Amazing Way... Watch the Video to Find Out More!
  • This System Has a Special Mechanism that Allows Anyone Who Can Move or Anyone Who is Even Super Out of Shape to Experience the Fat Burning Torch Effect Even if You Haven't Exercised in Decades...

I Can't Make You Promises on Future Success But... Man, Does Velocity Burn WORK WELL for Me!  And I Bet that if You Were Doing Velocity BURN that It Would Likely Work Very Well for You Too!

Hmmm... Let's Try a Little Velocity BURN!
Now That's a Lean & Toned Body!
$49.97 + Special In Cart Bonus Offers if You Order within the Next 5 Minutes!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long per workout?

20-25 Minutes was my average.  You could do more or less.

Can I do this in my home?

Yes. We have variations. You can use cardio machines, yes.  You can run in place even quite possibly. The secret is in the WAY we move in Velocity BURN in combination with the Velocity BURN MATRIX.     You could even jump rope if you can handle it.   Our favorite is running outside, but we have a lot of nice weather and sunshine so we can get a great dose of vitamin D3 while burning fat, restoring good feelings to our body and health.   We also get a lot of results simply using the elliptical cardio machine first thing in the morning. 

Is this a set of exercises?

No, you take one exercise into the Velocity Fat Burning Matrix (the matrix is the workout).  The secret happens in the WAY the program is done.  Remember that.  For example, you can have 2 guys working out in the gym. After 2 years 1 looks the same and the other looks jacked with the same trainer and same regiment:  what's the difference?  It's the WAY one lifts a weight and works out.  We are very good with the WAY, the secret head to heart to body synergy, that makes one move in a certain way that produces fantastic results.  Yes the way we teach you is the secret sauce that not many have understood before.

Is this a diet ?

No.  We do sell some great diets though.  Join our newsletter to find out. 

How Fast Can I Get Lean & Toned with Velocity BURN?

Velocity BURN is highly efficient for fat burning method that can help you get lean and toned rapidly. We have other programs that can hyper accelerate fat burning once you're ready for them. From our experience we find it's best to master Velocity BURN first then graduate to programs such as Velocity INFERNO and Velocity TORCH.

Can I Do Velocity BURN with the KETO Diet?

Yes.  Velocity BURN is arguable a perfect match with keto diet to help accelerate fat burning while on the keto diet.  Velocity BURN uses a physiological + psychological synergistically harmonious method that works with the physical body so you don't push too hard too fast too far but you do optimize your exercise to meet what your physical body wants to do a family. Number that your physical body wants to not get injured but it also wants to experience vigorous motion and intense flexation because that brings health, blood flow and lymphatic drainage (body's waste products cleansing is through the lymph). 

This also means that Velocity BURN can coordinate with your energy levels while you are on the keto diet because while on the keto diet you may or may not have the same energy levels as you're used to with other diets or no diet and you may or may not have similar recuperation levels and speeds as you would with other diet no diet.

Is This Weight Lifting

No.  Not at all.  We have some great lifting programs for shaping an awesome looking body  (join our newsletter to find out ) This is about doing exercise in the "laziest", least energy draining and time draining way possible so we can have hyper accelerated fat burning.   You just need a place where you can run, walk, crawl or hop on a cardio machine.  This method is so effective that you could even run in place just as long as you mimic actually walking, jogging, running action and burn a ton of fat.  Its the Velocity BURN Secret Method plus System that makes it SO EFFECTIVE.  My favorite method was to walk, jog, trot, run outside especially when the sun was out.  We teach you about the best types of cardio exercise that is most effective in the course.

What if I'm really out of shape?

Great! This is a perfect method to learn from starting where you are and advancing from there.  Being in shape does not matter at all.  We use a special method we invented that allows for a perfect workout if: out of shape, tired, sore, significantly overweight, "well up there in years", man, woman, kid etc... it does not matter since every single workout and every single set is relative to you at that moment in time.  It's quite ingenious how it works. 


Can I do this with a weight lifting program?

Yes.  It's quite complimentary with weight lifting and Velocity BURN can help you get ripped much more quickly.  Plus the "velocity flush" has recuperative "powers" that can help recuperate from weight workouts more quickly.  This method can be much more beneficial vs. an hour of boring treadmill walking or stair stepping which is usually done with weights when cutting.   And if you're sore, it doesn't not matter because your workout will be relative to your physical state of being's biofeedback at that moment in time. 

Also Velocity BURN is much more effective, time efficient and SAFE for body builders & fitness models who are looking to get very toned, if not ripped for a show.  Consider learning the Velocity BURN way to start making far more progress (while helping retain muscle mass in the process!) 

Disclaimer: I can't promise you future fat burning results. Can't even tell you that this program is for you because this is a system I developed for myself and I can't diagnose and prescribe for you and method of action for health or weight loss personally. But you can use this information for educational, learning and understanding purposes and either develop your own system or you can use this system after you get the approval and monitoring of your license Healthcare professional and certified personal trainer you see how that works? There is risk in exercise and there was risk and not exercising. Although our Velocity BURN Fat Burning System educates the students on how to moving more coordinated ways and avoid injury even better from our own extended experience, and although the Velocity BURN way of exercising has shown to help reduce pain & injury and personal experience that is often associated with cardio fat burning exercise there is risk in exercising which could cause you to get injured especially if you do not learn our system well and especially if you weren't paying attention while you are exercising. So therefore if you decide to do this program you are assuming any risk that may be associated with this exercise program.
Through your purchase you agree to all disclaimers on our website. Thank you.
Click Add to Cart to Get Started! Velocity BURN System & Philosophy Could Become One of the Most Valuable Health Boosters & Fat Burning Weapons Giving You a Most Efficient & High Saftey Approach WAY for Getting & Staying Healthy & Lean for Life...
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