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Velocity DETOX PROTOCOL II is a Excellent, Doable, Immediately Health Positive, Impactful Program that Just About Every Human on the Planet Should Be Doing for Making Leaps Forward Towards Superior Levels of Health, in Our Opinion...

Velocity DETOX PROTOCOL II is a series of protocols and strategies designed to provide solutions to body clogging and toxification makers.  

Velocity DETOX PROTOCOL II is also an educational course designed to point out specific hitting body health disruptors, body toxin makers while providing plans to eliminate and replace the bad with positive or at least non-toxic solutions.

You can do lots and lots of good things for the body but if you don't stop the bad you are not get very far. Modern health does not seem to understand this or care. In fact if you stop doing bad things and replace the bad things with good there wouldn't be much business left according to popular health's current business model.

In fact one of the easiest things you can do for boosting health and enabling you to better and more easily lose weight is to find the hidden bad thing, eliminate it and replace it. Such a concept is easily overlooked and yet it has enabled us to achieve near miracles over time.

In this protocol which is a series of protocols and action plans, we also provide a plan of action for taking care of our organs that detoxify the body for us.

That's another point of logic that can easily get overlooked which is that what is to identify the organs involved in the body detoxification, cleansing process and make sure we are not doing bad things for those organs. But then also start doing doing good things that support and boost the health even of those organs such as, for example, the liver.

We will also cover the concept of regeneration of the liver into healthy form using natural substances found to help support the regeneration of our liver.

We also present to you another angle of detoxification you can do on your own needing nothing else to help accelerate the entire body detoxification process in a highly effective way.

Additionally we target a specific class of toxins that has infected just about all areas of life in modern times which is become quite a health disaster. We present a protocol process for not only helping prevent but eliminate the certain class of toxins from the body.

This program is designed to give you our insight on approaches to detox and cleanse that can be highly effective of which you can take, research and bring to your own personal licensed knowledgeable health-care professional to work out your own strategic plans for you as an individual.

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  • Find out how great health is built layer by layer. Many people are so overloaded in their layers of negative health factors that they just can't seem to make much progress. Unfortunately they keep overlooking the fundamentals because they were not educated about these negative fundamentals or they were even told that these negative fundamentals were good by bad health philosophies.
  • Learn to significantly increase your detoxification abilities with many smart and lesser-known highly efficient and effective yet doable concepts.
  • Discover our creative new ways in helping you detoxify and cleanse your body thereby potentially dramatically helping you improve your health while helping you feel a lot better.
  • Learn how to improve mood and your general happiness by learning how to detox smartly with this new Velocity DETOX Level 2 program.
  • Find out reasons behind much unhappiness and emotional troubles and how they may not actually be you, but the dark toxins lurking within you.
  • Discover how you could possibly even dramatically increase your overall confidence in life by detoxing smartly with our new methods here. Once you feel better, once you start feeling good and once you start feeling more stable inside, then your average confidence levels will likely rise.
  • Find out how to be an overall better person by being in better health (less irritable) by removing, by being able to remove toxins plus backed up biosludge in a much more efficient fun and doable way.
  • Learn how to increase your athletic performance, potentially dramatically.
  • Learn how to increase your focus to much higher levels.
  • Look how to increase your ability to concentrate and get more work done in less your amount of time.
  • Learn how to free up your mood and libido so your love life can improve potentially dramatically.
  • Discover about the "Kinetic 4" - our secret weapons for detoxing and cleansing that helps accelerate and surpass even some of the greatest healthcare professional fixes out there while being all relatively doable to an individual from where they are at physically even if they can only crawl!
  • Discover strategies and techniques for helping provide cleansing of the liver and even a protocol for healthy liver regeneration.
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Velocity Detox II PRO takes us on a further adventure into cleaning out and powering up our operational processes, our systems in the body.

Every running machine needs a continual clean out, continuous cleansing, a detoxification of the byproducts due to operation. And our bodies have many submachine components that need continued, continual clean up and clean out. 

Also of course, our bodies need a continual flow of essential nutrient types that go into supplying the needs of the machine of our body and the particular sub machines.  People are not taught about the nutrients the body needs on a daily basis, as if it's kept hidden from them.

The problem is that most people don't know how the body works and arguably most healthcare professionals don't know how the body works or at least they act and talk like it.

Of course it is not in their best interest to make sure that you are so healthy that you never have a problem. But just understand that at the heart of the methods of some of the greatest natural healers since Hippocrates is the replenishment of your core essential nutrients in ample quantities.

Some have mentioned that, if you continue to supply the body the nutrients it needs in addition to continuing keeping your body cleansed out of bad materials and backed up cellular waste, you could live potentially well beyond your hundreds, with some arguing even beyond that.   

Modern-day health problems have stirred up an awareness of the concept of cleansing and detoxification because our toxin load is so heavy and so extreme these days. 

And unfortunately even to the point of this typing, so many people are absolutely clueless to the levels and the depths of the toxic bombardment they are receiving from just about every angle.   

And unfortunately genuine snake oil salesman,  or just snakes, are either ignorant the concept of toxins and toxin overload or they're just trying to keep you from understanding because lots of sick people equals lots of business. 

Now that's not good for people like you and us who would rather avoid health problems and do more productive things instead.

And as a reminder we are not trying to tell you what to do in this program. We are not your individual healthcare professional.

Seek knowledgeable, good, health care professional guidance and advice before engaging in any sort of detoxification program.

Detoxification, especially strong detoxification and cleanse programs are no joke and can get you in trouble especially if you are nutrient lacking,  have other bad habits, don't stay hydrated enough nor have enough minerals, or electrolytes.  We don't consider Velocity DETOX II an overly strong detox program since we are not fans of that approach but fans of little by little.

If you don't know how to listen to your own physical body,  if you are in a current state of physical weakness or if you were on drugs,  especially it's easy to go too far in a dramatic detoxification and get yourself in trouble. 

This is also why we like the gradual, layered approach, little by little, rather acquiring detoxification habits verses a gung ho drama detox. Yet on the other hand, if the body does not get cleaned out, detoxed out, then the body will start breaking down, you'll struggle to lose weight and may find yourself getting "diagnosed" with all sorts of disease name conditions. 

Make sure you have quick access to good healthcare professional support even emergency support and you have others around you just in case you take any sort of detoxification concept too far too fast.

Also of note, a detoxification process that is extra strong will probably cause "detox flu", flu like symptoms.  Why?  It's like massage therapists say after you get a good massage: toxins that were stuck in your cells get released into your blood and lymph, the fluids of your body.  That's good but you need to help those toxins flow out of the body by what?  Hydration primarily. Movement with moderate exercise secondarily. 

And what's really powerful, better than doing a heavy detox session, is to develop detox habits where you end up doing things that help your body detox out bad things while helping support the detoxification organs, on a regular basis, just small things that are hardly noticeable, that seem automatic to you.

We have made this product to share information and to inspire you to further investigate the concept of cleaning "the bad stuff" out of your body while looking to pursue good new health boosting habits.

Making Great Health More Systematic

We find that we have to install the good as a habit while cutting out bad habits in a very cerebral way in order to get them done. Going by feel, feelings of the moment rarely works when cutting bad habits and making the effort to install good ones.   

We've found that the most efficient and effective ways for achieving goals, for achieving health success comes by intentionally programming a new habit into ourselves. Because once you have the habit then things are easy and they feel automatic.

So in order to add a mini health superpower into ourselves we look to turn a good thing into a habit.  By doing the good thing and sticking to it with our cerebral mind until it becomes a habit, one puts themselves into a higher probability place for winning in health.

With this program we look to do the next layers of detoxification in powering up of the body for greater health towards optimal health.

In the Velocity DETOX Protocol(s) II PRO we have included several strategies and protocols that can help put you in a powerful position for raising the average health of the body.

And even sometimes simple small things can make massive positive differences in the body for correcting the problem for preventing a problem.  

So if you're looking to do some simple doable things that are pretty sharp and clever to put yourself in a logical and smartly to strategic position for better health and much higher levels of better health then learn this Velocity DETOX Protocol(s) ii PRO ! You may be very glad you decades into the future...


Velocity DETOX II is a Series of Protocols Designed for Increasing Personal Health Power.

We made this protocol of protocols to gets smart, efficient and highly organized on smart strategies to do on a regular basis, even turning some into a habit.  Technically we would argue that principles like these in Velocity DETOX II and Velocity DETOX I should have been taught in high school.  But if that were the case the health care industry would not make much money from sick people.

So lets look to do a great job with our bodies so we can position ourselves for awesome things, accomplishments and times ahead.

What's in Velocity DETOX II?

  1. Liver Cleanse and Powerup

  2. Good Thing List to Do Habitually
  3. Bad Thing Eliminator List - most health problems come from habitually doing bad things over and over that aren't even fun to do!  Give yourself a HUGE advantage by knowing these hidden hideous health hazards and how to get rid of them or replace them. 
  4. A Breathing System for Cleansing the Body and Neutralizing Toxins.  - Some health care specialists claim that a good breathing technique practiced regularly like exercise takes care of all of their detox needs.   A lot of people have poor breathing habits.  Stress causes restricted breathing which can lead to a back of up toxins in the body while starving the body oxygen and while backing up CO2.  But not many get deep vigorous exercise on a regular basis that would trigger deep vigorous cleansing breathing.  On top of that, vigorous exercise breathing from exercise and sports is mostly to detoxify and oxygenate the damage, the cellular waste, the energy production byproducts that you just caused from that exercise.  So therefore, in order to do detox through breathing, we need to do breathing technique systematically, outside of exercise.  Learn more in this course!
  5. Liver REGENERATION Protocol targeting inspiring liver recuperation and regeneration.   Optimized liver health is critical for support in toxic modern times.  All organ health is critical.  Many if not most are in a habit of overtaxing their liver and do not know it.  The first protocol above is related to detoxification of the liver, helping the liver get cleaned out so it can do its job better.  This protocol is for supporting proper liver regeneration to stimulate the regeneration of the liver and the regeneration of the liver into more optimal health. 
  6. Xenoestrogen & Excess Estrogen Cleanse Targeting -

    In modern times we have been bombarded by estrogens and xenoestrogens. These xenoestrogens in particular can wreak havoc in the body causing gender confusion issues all the way to cancer. They can do a lot of other damage as well. They're everywhere:  in your foods,  in your containers,  in your soaps,  in your furniture,  in your carpets,  in your cars,  on your receipts and other printer ink...  They're all over the place.  So therefore we target helping the body cleanse these out.  And by doing so we give the body another weapon against modern toxic times  to allow ourselves to regenerate in healthy form. 

    High Velocity Blood Flow Flush and Lymphatic Flow Flush Cleansing   -  We explain this concept of using kinetics in combination with nutrients to help the body cleanse itself and move intercellular waste through the lymphatic system out the body. There's a lot of emphasis on diets and herbs  by many successful health care professionals which of course can be highly effective.  But ultimately that lymphatic fluid which contains all sorts of cellular waste  and various toxins  that you want to move  Within the body so you can detox out of the body  various waste products  and toxins.  And the kinetic aspect of  detoxing the body by moving lymph can get overlooked because in part a lot of people really don't know how to exercise and they don't know how to move when they exercise.  

    And that's why in part we created our various exercise programs on  We have are really good exercise systems here on Velocity BURN  that teach people our methods on how to move in a much more efficient and body connected way in order to prevent injury better and maximize results more.

    The lymph system does not have a heart like the blood system. The  lymphatic system depends on you moving, you pounding, you walking and running jumping and moving around, flexing your muscles on and off and so on.

    For one common example of stagnant lymph and the toxic backup in your body:  think of  how you feel from sitting in a chair all day at work. Usually, what's the sensation?   You feel like you have "tar  in your veins"  as the expression goes although,  yes your blood could be sluggish if you're dehydrated but the "tar" sensation is backed up lymphatic system with all of those toxins and cellular waste that has a bunch of intercellular sewage which  is just  burning away and disturbing various cells throughout the body nearby.   But when you go to the gym, if you have done that before, and you work out, after you workout, usually you feel much better like going from dark to light on the inside.   

    Speaking of the dark to light concept: when your lymphatic system gets backed up, you have stagnation that starts to create havoc and acid burn within the body which then generates mucus  which then  starts to choke off cells.   You need oxygen and nutrients and the removal of waste for life to continue existing. So  by helping detox out the body in combination with an exercise program that feels good  and moves the lymph when don on a habitual basis, you'll start flushing and detoxing out toxins and cellular waste so then you can restore life to the various areas in the body. 

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