Velocity Man BUNZ Resuscitation System - Velocity Burn - Fat Burning System


Man, don’t you know that many men are able to find their ideal woman, in part, because their ideal women are strongly attracted to their great BUNZ? Women LOVE a great pair of BUNZ! Never forget that.

Also understand the whole “man as mating ‘animal'” concept. Great BUNZ on a man translate to women as such:
1. This man must be athletic, strong and agile able to protect me and hunt for food.
2. This man must have the ability for stamina! (If the BUNZ (abs and lower back too) are strong then, I bet this man has man has more stamina and control, or he can learn it!)
3. “This man with GREAT BUNZ I bet is more, well, pleasurable since with strong BUNZ hecan control themselves more and be more, subtle, more artistic. “
4. “Man, I just wanna grab them! Gimme them! “

Ladies, help your man out. Get him this program! Help your friends too!.