Velocity MAXIMUS Bodyweight Workout from Home Method - Velocity Burn - Fat Burning System

Discover the Velocity MAXIMUS Muscle Building Method and System - a No Weights Body Building Muscle Shaping Bodyweight Workout without Gravity Based Bodyweight Exercises That You Can Do from Home Standing in Front of a Mirror in 7 to 14 Minutes a Day...

Bodybuilding with No Weights. Impossible? No. Possible!

Discover How Experienced an Bodybuilder Started Making More Gains with NO WEIGHTS vs. Old School Weight Lifting.

Velocity-MAXIMUS Muscle Building System

Velocity MAXIMUMS No Weights Muscle Building and Muscle Shaping Work Out Method & System Gives You a New and Unique Way to Work Out from Home in 7 to 14 Minutes a Day for Growing and Shaping Muscle with NO Weights or Machines. Only You & Maybe a Mirror is Needed

No Machines. No Weights. Not Even a "Body Weight Workout" Don't Have to Go Outside. No Gym. No Mats (all done standing). It's Just You in Front of a Mirror Using a Creative New Tensions Workout Method that Shapes the Muscles & Can Even Grow the FASTER vs. Using Weights....

Problem: There's a massive need on the planet for people to have an effective, at-home muscle building and muscle shaping, that uses no weights and is not a reckless workout program and that is ACTUALLY  highly effective in shaping muscles while helping to burn off fat too!  

  • Shape muscles
  • Short workout
  • Manifest muscle shape.  Yes we used the word manifest.  It's pretty cool how it works.
  • 10 to 15 min workout.
  • GENIUS new method.
  • Discover how I grew my arms FASTER with MAXIMUS vs. a couple years of lifting weights using "strict form".
  • Intensity variation mechanism to fit you per day.
  • A complete workout system and workout matrix.
  • No weights!  That's right, no weights!  We'll show you how to replace weights for a VERY efficient workout. 
  • No body weight gravity based exercises like pushups, pullups, situps - no.   The average person can barely if at all do those types of exercises anymore.  Plus when they do they often get injured. 
  • What is MAXIMUS like?  Think of TaiChi meets the Incredible Hulk meets the Green Lantern.   That's as close as I can describe it for now.  We'll have to work on that comparison, it's so unique!
  • We focus on the WAY you move.
  • We focus on "shape shifting" into an ideal look whether that be an ideal you have in mind, an innate ideal or looking to imitate someone else. 
  • Great for the joints!
  • Good blood flow!
  • Help correct posture.
  • Help reshape the whole body so muscles look good together. 
  • Helps with tight muscles.
  • Helps with muscles knots.
  • Helps with aches and pains. 
  • Learn a valuable skill for life having a very flexible exercise method that is arguably the MOST flexible exercise method you could do just about anywhere.  You don't need equipment.  You don't need to get on the floor. You don't need a mat.  You don't need a special outfit.  You don't need to go to the gym.  You don't need a special room although a mirror could be helpful, although not needed.  You don't need a partner.  You won't likely sweat much if at all so you could do the workout at work in 5, 10, 15 minutes depending on if you do the full workout which should take around 15 minutes.   And with all of these benefits, you can start looking better and different fast once you do as we instruct in the course. 
  • Good lymph flow !  Move that tar and feel better.
  • You can do this workout from home, at work, in the bathroom, in the shower etc.  wherever.  You're just standing in one place, preferrably in front of a mirror.  That's it. 
  • Try it out!  Just click the add to cart button to get started.  

People of all ages need a solution they can do to build their muscles, to reshape their bodes all while counteracting daily living, strains and stagnations caused by work too .

Those who are weakened, have had injuries,  have"aging issues" and so on need a work out that will work with them. They can't have workouts require them to do exercises that herk and jerk around, that put too much strain on them due to free weights or even body weight, gravity dependent exercises like pushups and pullups.   

But they do need a way that will put tension on the muscles and joints so they will be exercised, so their muscles can be shaped and so they will grow stronger.   They need a way of exercising that will provide blood flow to nourish the cells and lymphatic movement to move out the waste in a body part targeted way. 

But what if you could also have muscle building, muscle building into the shape you want exercise that can help you even coordinate with your overall body posture and shape? That would making working out much more efficient wouldn't it!  I mean, get a workout and shape your body into a look you want, all in one workout that lasts 5 to 15 minutes a day, on the days you do workout. 

And on top of that what if you had a  method that was so efficient, that was so effective that it was literally and genuinely only take you between 10 to 15 min. a day and you could even do parts of the workout system throughout the day for a couple few minutes each.

  • You can also use MAXIMUS to target particular areas in order to help rebalancing certain muscle groups your body.  For example, it's easy to have tight chest muscles and overly stretch out back and shoulder muscle from sitting at these computers too long and typing.   You can use MAXIMUS to help you correct that, helping you reverse that hunch back troll look into an attractive posture!
  • You can also use MAXIMUS to help you correct your posture and correct the problems caused from sitting in front of the computer all day for the rest of your body which I find to be quite helpful.
  • You can also use MAXIMUS to re-correct your form in the way you move during a lifting movement so that when you go lift weights in a regular gym workout your style of lifting now becomes far more effective at getting visible results!
  • And that's an important thing for a lot of people because a lot of people go to the gym for decades and still look the same. And although they may say they're just "going for the exercise" most of those same people certainly would not mind looking more impressive.

People needed something that was more efficient as a work workout at home method that was also more safe (i.e. People getting injured from something that was too extreme like P**X). Yes on that note the Velocity MAXIMUMS work out method and system is extremely safe in our experience.

Velocity MAXIMUMS also teaches you how to activate all of your muscles, tendons and ligaments for every millimeter of movement along the way. This increases overall strength and agility which is very important in general and especially as one ages.

People also needed something to replace the gym since every trip to the gym takes so long not only in travel there and back, but the process of working out in the gym plus takes quite a while when waiting for machines too.  And then the process of cleaning up after the gym from all those nasty germs you pick up at a gym takes even longer etc.  But lets not forget recuperation time and energy from the gym.  Oh and all the socializing that usually ends up happening can take up a lot of time too. 

Velocity MAXIMUMS also offers a solution in place that some of these "new age" workout methods that no only usually take up a lot of time if you go to one of their classes, but they also can have a lot of strange baggage that you may want to avoid.

So instead, you can use Velocity MAXIMUMS to get a more efficient workout from home and get better visible results in the process. Plus you don't have to lay down on the ground and get all dirty and nasty rolling around in dirt, germs and other people's toe cheese like you do with some of those other "new age" workout concepts.

In fact you can do Velocity MAXIMUMS without even sweating so you don't even need to change her clothes or take a shower which takes up more time.

So therefore Velocity MAXIMUMS could become a highly efficient solution for you as a great exercise modality that you can use for bringing health to the body, body shape, posture correction, pain reduction, stretching that comes through the rebalancing of postural shaping that we teach you, that can bring not only these benefits but many others too, while giving you an alternative or better solution then these popular "new age" exercise methods.


Does that sound wild? It should! It goes against everything for the most part that most people have been taught about muscle building.

In my 30-plus years in fitness and bodybuilding, health and athletics it is a rare thing to find someone who can actually explain to you how EXACTLY how to lift a weight and how exactly to move while you are lifting a weight. Some come close, but no one that we have encountered, including professional bodybuilders, have been able to explain the moment by moment millimeter by millimeter instruction on different ways or even one way of moving in order to develop muscle, essentially manifest muscle in a  highly efficient way that works.

Without knowing exactly how to move and what to do every millimeter of the way in a lifting movement your results from lifting will not be very good.  You'll struggle in getting the look you want.  And worse, you'll likely end up creating a look of that muscle that you do not want, a funny looking shape of that muscle and a funny looking overall body look that will make you feel self conscious and disappointed. 

So what we have done is that we have fixed this in MAXIMUS.  We will teach you a new discovery of a very interesting technique for the WAY you move when doing a weight lifting exercise.  The thing is though, we are not using any weights!  No weights!  Isn't that crazy sounding?!   Yes but wait until you see what we discovered! topless man wearing black gloves holding towel

"What's this "way of moving" thing?  What do you mean?"  Most lifters, bodybuilders arguably only are genuinely lifting a weight maybe 30% of the time.   They are lifting in a "form" or "strict form" concept (which is usually a bunch of nonsense for the sake of building and shaping muscle.  "Strict form" usually produces some shape, that is usually awkward and not what you want.)  They have no idea how to shape a muscle into their ideal look for that muscle and much less, in coordination and in proportion to the rest of the body.   Top pro body builders do, well at least the best ones do,  in their own way - that's why their are pros.    

But this method is so cool and interesting!  It's like next level thinking. 

  • Learn how to manifest.
  • Learn how to overlay and image to fill out into.
  • Discover how to look at yourself with your "inner eye" (no, not your "3rd eye") - we'll explain in this MAXIMUS course. 
  • Learn how to identify an exact ideal image of what you want to look like overall.  
  • Discover how to picture overlay exactly what you want a particular muscle to look like so you can shape shift into it and fill it out.
  • Find out more about our systematic approach, using systems to bring the results we want. 

 And you don't even need weights. In fact, you can be your own "weight" your self. It's not a gravity based exercise like a pushup, it is a form of self generated tension in a very coordinated harmonious way.

Well what we have done is MAXIMUS is that we have thrown out the weights - at least for now. ( - and yes weights certainly have their usefulness!). Because if you can't build muscle without the weights, into the shape you want, then you're not going to be able to build muscle very well into the shape you want with weights.

Don't get me wrong here, I'm a big fan of using the weights. And fortunately I've discovered all sorts of advanced techniques for lifting weights that are much more efficient and accelerate results.

And also when I'm talking about accelerated muscle building results, I'm talking about the results you can get without using steroids. Getting extraordinary muscle building results without steroids was the challenge in part that inspired the creation of this and several other new muscle building systems. And fortunately we've been able to crack many codes that we are now making available to you one by one.

Did you know that people can lift weights for years and simply look the same? You've seen this in the gym. You may have experienced this yourself.

But now you're going to discover an awesome new method, called MAXIMUS, for actually manifesting into your ideal body shape, maximizing yourself into that shape! It works surprisingly well and it will help you hyper accelerate all of your muscle building and body shaping efforts.

Did I say "body-shaping"? I sure did. People lift weights and don't really know how to think about body shaping or shaping their body into their ideal overall shape. On that note a lot of people don't even know that is possible to shape your muscle into an ideal shape while you were lifting a weight so they just go ahead and haul off and lift weights over and over shaping themselves into some random amorphous shape that usually won't look very aesthetically pleasing nor will it harmonize with the rest of your body shape thereby making you look, well, funny...

Velocity MAXIMUS

Additional Benefits

  • Targeted Blood Flow: Velocity Cleansing for Better Health Restoration Of a Targeted Area.
  • The Generation Of Good Feeling in the Muscles Which Not Only Is Very Helpful To The Body's Health and Strength But Also Is Very Therapeutic to Mood And Emotion In Addition To Overall Health Through The Generating Of A Positive Feeling Frequency.
  • Is A Great Method For Stretching in that When You Fill Out into Your Ideal Shape, Muscles Tend to Get Re-balanced and Tight Muscles Tend to Get Stretched Out Properly.
  • Helps Loosen Up & Get Rid Of Muscle Knots to an Extent.
  • Helps Break Up & Flush Out Junk Fluids & Junk Tissue Build Up In An Area.
  • Helps Combat The Modern Sedentary Lifestyle Which Is Extremely Unhealthy.
  • Help Build Muscle So You Can Better Shape Your Own Body Into A Shape That You Like.
  • Helps Provide More Coordination By Developing a Connecting With Your Body More.
  • Helps Provide More Agility as You Develop a Greater Strength Throughout A Full Range Of Motion In A Body Movement, Even Millimetre by Millimetre and Over Every Millimetre of the Motion.

Even More Benefits

  • Helps Provide More Coordination By Strengthening The Muscles Tendons Ligaments Due To Strength Building Throughout the Absolute Full Range Of Motion.
  • Can Replace Other Popular Forms Of Exercise Cumbersome and Strange "WooWoo" Exercises for a More Efficient Workout.
  • Increased Blood Flow to An Area To Help Recuperate From Pain Or Injury.
  • Increase Caloric Burn to Help Burn Fat In Achieve A Leaner Looking Body.
  • Greater Muscle Size and Shape.
  • A Leaner Looking Body Is More Rapidly Achieved When One Does Body-shaping Movement Such As The Velocity MAXIMUS Method Due to Body Shaping and Muscle Development.
  • A Lean Looking Body Is Achieved When Areas Of Fluid & Junk Material Are Released and Flushed Out Which Comes Through Targeted Exercises That Use Certain Types Of Movements to Increase Blood Flow to a Very Specific Area Such as Velocity MAXIMUS
Velocity MAXIMUS