Velocity MAXIMUS Bodyweight Workout from Home Method

Velocity MAXIMUS Bodyweight Workout from Home Method

Bodybuilding with No Weights. Impossible? No. Possible!

Discover How Experienced Bodybuilder Started Making More Gains with NO WEIGHTS vs. Old School Weight Lifting.

Velocity MAXIMUS


VELOCITY MAXIMUMS Work Out Method & System Gives You a New and Unique Way to Work Out from Home in 7 to 14 Minutes a Day for Growing and Shaping Muscle with NO Weights or Machines. Only You & Maybe a Mirror is Needed

No Machines. No Weights. Don’t Have to Go Outside. No Gym. No Mats (all done standing). It’s Just You in Front of a Mirror Using a Creative New Tensions Workout Method that Shapes the Muscles & Can Even Grow the FASTER vs. Using Weights….

Problem: There’s a massive need on the planet for people to have an at-home muscle building and muscle shaping, that uses no weights and is not reckless, workout program that is highly effective in shaping muscles while helping to burn off fat. People needed something that was more efficient as a work workout at home method that was also more safe (i.e. People getting injured from something that was too extreme like P90X). Yes on that note the VELOCITY MAXIMUMS work out method and system is extremely safe and also teaches you how to activate all of your muscles tendons and ligaments for every millimeter of movement along the way. This increases overall strength and agility which is very important in general and especially as one ages.

People also needed something to replace the gym since every trip to the gym takes so long not only in travel there and back but the process of working out in the gym plus takes quite a while when waiting for machines and then the process of cleaning up after the gym from all those nasty germs you pick up at a gym takes even longer etc. Additionally with some of the more popular forms of exercise methods, people have noticed that there are other problems that have come about associated with what’s behind some of those exercises, such as yoga, so they need a replacement that doesn’t come with all the secret and sinister baggage. So we have a solution, and that is VELOCITY MAXIMUMS work out method and system.






Does that sound Wild? It should! It goes against everything for the most part that most people have been taught about muscle building.

In my 30-plus years in fitness and bodybuilding, health and athletics it is a rare thing to find someone who can actually explain to you how EXACTLY how to lift a weight, how exactly to move while you are lifting a weight. Some come close, but no one that we have encountered, including professional bodybuilders, has been able to explain the moment by moment millimeter by millimeter instruction on different ways or even one way of moving in order to specifically and directly with high efficiency develop and essentially manifest muscle right away. So what we have done is that we have fixed this in addition to making many other creative ways, methods of building muscle that we have been locked by combining different mind states and performance techniques.

Well what we have done MAXIMUS is that we have thrown out the weights – at least for now. ( – and yes weights certainly have their usefulness!). Because if you can’t build muscle without the weights, into the shape you want, then you’re not going to be able to build muscle very well into the shape you want with weights.

Don’t get me wrong here, I’m a big fan of using the weights. And fortunately I’ve discovered all sorts of advanced techniques for lifting weights that are much more efficient and accelerate results.

And also when I’m talking about accelerated results I’m talking about the results you can get without using steroids. Getting extraordinary muscle building results without steroids was the challenge in part that inspired the creation of several new muscle building systems. And fortunately we’ve been able to crack many codes that we are now making available to you one by one.

Did you know that people can lift weights for years and simply look the same? You’ve seen this in the gym. You may have experienced this yourself.

But now you’re going to discover an awesome new method, called MAXIMUS for actually manifesting into your ideal body shape. It works surprisingly well and it will help you hyper accelerate all of your muscle building and body shaping efforts.

Did I say “body-shaping”? I sure did. People lift weights and don’t really know how to think about body shaping or shaping their body into their ideal overall shape. On that note a lot of people don’t even know that is possible to shape your muscle into an ideal shape while you were lifting a weight so they just go ahead and haul off and lift weights over and over shaping themselves into some random amorphous shape that usually won’t look very aesthetically pleasing nor will it harmonize with the rest of your body shape thereby making you look, well, funny…

Velocity MAXIMUS



  • Targeted Blood Flow Velocity Cleansing And Health Restoration Of A Targeted Area
  • The Generation Of Good Feeling Which Not Only Is Very Helpful To The Body’s Health And Strength But Also Is Very Therapeutic Two Mood And Emotion In Addition To Overall Health Through The Generating Of A Positive Feeling Frequency
  • Is A Great Method For Stretching
  • Helps Loosen Up And Get Rid Of Muscle Knots To An Extent
  • Helps Break Up And Flush Out Junk Fluids And Tissue Build Up In An Area
  • Helps Combat The Modern Sedentary Lifestyle Which Is Extremely Unhealthy
  • Help Build Muscle So You Can Better Shape Your Own Body Into A Shape That You Like
  • Helps Provide More Coordination By Connecting With Your Body More And Well Connecting With A Full Range Of Motion In A Body Movement
  • Helps Provide More Coordination By Strengthening The Muscles Tendons Ligaments Due To The Absolute Full Range Of Motion
  • Can Replace Other Popular Forms Of Exercise Nearby Removing The Dark Religious Aspects Of Those Exercise Methods (Of Which You Can Find A Bit More Out Of Your Research).
  • Increased Blood Flow To An Area To Help Recuperate From Pain Or Injury
  • Increase Blood Flow To The Area As Well As Caloric Burn To Help Burn Fat In Achieve A Leaner Looking Body
  • A Leaner Looking Body Is More Rapidly Achieved When One Does Body-shaping Movement Such As The Velocity Maximus Method
  • A Lean Looking Body Is Achieved When Areas Of Fluid And Junk Material Build Up In Back Up Are Released In Flushed Out Which Comes Through Targeted Exercises That Use Certain Types Of Movements To Increase Blood Flow To A Very Specific Area Such As Velocity Maximus
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