Velocity Thunder BUNZ ULTRA - Velocity Burn - Fat Burning System
Velocity Thunder BUNZ ULTRA

Velocity Thunder BUNZ ULTRA

Velocity Thunder BUNZ ULTRA is a upgrade system for developing a powerful BUNZ complex with  gluteus maximus muscle maximization development program for those who look to develop a powerful set of hips. 

This entire movement of developing a muscular derrière has actually been very significant one believe it or not. At first the whole movement looks a bit ridiculous.  And some of the BUNZ sizes out there muscle wise are getting a little bit at hand.  Sure it's funny but having good proportions and can have benefits.

The BUNZ complex has been over lucks unfortunately in modern times particularly as our lifestyles have become more more convenient. Yet the core health is in the BUNZ believe it or not. It's through the bonds that we start the foremost all of our movement especially the vigorous movement that our entire body needs in order to cleanse itself, nutritfy itself, distribute proper fluids around in addition to concepts such as long-term agility and safety.


Velocity Thunder BUNZ ULTRA focuses on building powerful muscle strength and joints strength.

So we focus on power and strength in combination to density and solidity while still having agility and increased agility.  If you're looking for a set of BUNZ more in line with the backside of a thoroughbred racing horse and this program is for you.

On the other hand we feel that this program is for every body who is human on the planet because the greater you can develop your BUNZ complex the more:

  • strength
  • power
  • agility
  • bone density
  • longevity
  • ability to move around as you age
  • high libido levels
  • joint strength and health
  • posture
  • positive attitude
  • confidence
  • attraction
  • ability to avoid accidents
  • ability to help prevent getting injured
  • and of course a great visual they can be highly attractive to both sexes.